My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 30

Translated by Aletx | Edited by Zerb

A smear of complexity surged Gu Qi Qi’s heart

Even a small sense of appreciation

But less than a second have passed, the appreciation toward Gong Jue vanished completely.

“Woman, be honest with me! Could you really afford to pay for damages you caused? The blood stain on my military vehicle from your bloodied clothes, those hideous wounds of yours that I treated with medicine on, shouldn’t you have a slight sense of self-consciousness to repay for everything?”

“You recaptured me just to get compensation?”Gu Qi Qi said in the state of disbelief

“You thought I let you come to my army camp for fun leisure?” Gong Jue coldly replied

Gu Qi Qi felt that she was forced to shower affection to an uninterested recipient

This man is a big pervert, big scoundrel, not only impotent, but also mentally ill

How could she possibly feel that he was concern for her injury?

She tucked her lips, smiled mockingly “For the word impotent on the medical examination report, are you going to demand me to compensate for your mental trauma too?”

“Woman, you may be stupid, but still have a small sense of self-knowledge”Gong Jue spoke impressively, “Adjutant, for this female prisoner, calculate how much she owes me today, then sum it all up on the compensation summary that you have arranged previously.”

At the front seat driving the car, Adjutant was Dumbstruck.

Chief, since when did you arrange for compensation summary?

Could it be that you were so nervous of stripping other woman’s clothes for the first time, thus you use money as a cover excuse to hide that matter?

I am telling you chief, if you argue with a woman about money like this, it will absolutely get nowhere with woman!

You captured her, isn’t it for the sake of investigating how you could touch her despite your serious illness?

You extorting money from her, how could lady Qi Qi willingly be touched by you?

As expected, Gu Qi Qi angrily clenched her teeth:”How much are compensation?”

“Adjutant, tell her.”Gong Jue arrogantly ordered.

Adjutant probed by fabricating a number: “one…… ten thousand?”

“Adjutant, shouldn’t you be retiring? Was your vision so blurry that you missed several zero digits?” Gong Jue coldly asked.

Adjutant choked, immediately correct oneself:” One hundred……no, ten million.”

Chief, that compensation summary is non-existent, where else would your subordinate look for?

Ten million is no small number, Gong Jue should probably approve it.

Unexpectedly, the man reacted with a humph:”Wrong again! I’ll give you one last chance.”

“Reporting chief, one hundred million!”

Adjutant nearly collapsed for bursting forth said number.

Chief, does your conscience suffer when you defraud a female student like this.

Gu qi qi coldly looked on as she witnesses this scene.

Very well.

Defrauding her?

Wait and see.

She tucked her lips, raised the cuffed hands, smacked away Gong Jue’s arm which was applying the medicine, and mockingly said: “There’s no need to bother with your golden finger, I can save some money by applying the medicine myself. Also your medicine is too expensive, as a female commoner, can’t afford it!”

She took the cuffed hand, grasped the cotton ball, moistened it with alcohol. Her Backside may be unreachable, but still manage to reach the back shoulder.

As alcohol was applied on the wound, a burst of piercing pain echoed in her body.

But she bit her lips and endured , without a sound of complaint.

Gong Jue looked on with cool eyes of a bystander.

This stupid woman is experiencing pain of death, even refusing to use his expensive yet effective military medicine.

Damn it!

Seeing her endure the pain, frowning ever so slightly, pouting those pink tender lips, he could actually, even shamefully——

Became hard! ! !

Palm no longer under his control, directly held onto her delicate shoulder!

Before he realized what his own self was doing, he already took the cotton ball away from her hand and tossed it away! Then directly replaced it with the medicine.

“Adjutant, deduct one million off her tab!”

“Acknowledge! Lady Qi Qi still owes ninety nine million.”

Who can tell her that she would owe an impotent man a butt load of debt after she was reborn.

This man is mentally ill, impotent, clean freak, arrogant, hate women……wait! Doesn’t he hate woman appear in front of him and woman touching him too?

At the semen collection room, all she did was moving his little brother, and he becomes a fussy scoundrel.

At this moment, how……

Gu Qi Qi eyebrow twisted as she gives him a look: “Take your dirty hands away! Or else you will later slander and blackmail me for touching you!”

Beyond any expectation, Gong Jue replied with a sentence:

“I temporarily allow you to touch me!”

That tone couldn’t have been any more passionate and prideful.


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15 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 30

  1. There are so many closed doors here. She nor he knows what happened in the O.R. The impotence he had in the past is gone now thanks to her.And he wants to know why

    Thank you for this chapter


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