My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 31

Translated by Aletx | Edited by Zerb

In case anyone had forgotten or were confused with the names, I have added a quick unofficial character list for your reading convenience.

Gu Qi Qi had seen plenty of domineering men before, but never seen one as domineering as this!

What’s so special about him that you need permission to just touch him?

Does he pretend himself as superior as an emperor, who issued decree to subjects?

Glaring fiercely at Gong Jue with open eyes, Gu Qi Qi turned her head away and paid no heed to him.

She pondered quietly. Though she might be damped by Gu Qiu Shan and Gu Xu Xu at the hospital today, but at least the surgery for the “beaufiful sick man” was performed successfully.

As long as that esteemed man survives……

She couldn’t help herself but glanced at Gong Jue from the corner of her eyes.

As long as that esteemed man intervenes, forget about trying to resist against Gu Qiu Shan and Gu Xue Xue, even this domineering impotent man wouldn’t be able to defraud her! Humph!

As if sensing Gu Qi Qi’s thoughts, Gong Jue with a dark tone on his eyes:

“Stupid woman, don’t you dare plan to escape. I am telling you that’s impossible!”

Gu Qi Qi scoffed.

Possible or not, wait and see

Gong Jue saw her disobedient look, then coldly ordered the Adjutant: “Once we arrive at the base, immediately detain her in my own room! I will personally watch over her!”


Gu Qi Qi almost fell from the seat

This impotent man is too insane.

Five Minutes later.

The military car sped growlingly into the military base.

Adjutant opened the car door to let Gu Qi Qi off the car.

Suddenly, Gong Jue shouted: “Wait!”

He unbuttoned the military shirt……

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes widen, this can’t be happening.

If you want to act like a hooligan, then you should have acted sooner and picked a better place with anybody around.

You’re on the military compound, acting like a hooligan in front of all these soldiers, where is your face?1

Not even a tiny bit of face?

However, the next second Gu Qi Qi’s shoulder weighted unexpectedly.

A worn out military shirt, thrown onto her shoulders.

After that moment, she noticed, that her school uniform was torn apart by Gong Jue to make applying medicine more convenient.

The pain from the back wounds were so severe that her attention was distracted by it, and that she had forgotten about her exposed bare back.

She froze for a moment.

Gradually realized——

Heaven sake! She kept her back toward the domineering man for the entire trip because of her rashness from the unjust treatment.

Could it be that……. She freely let him see her bare back like a scenery?

Gu Qi Qi was so regretful and angry, that she could bit herself to death.

Gong Jue’s voice spoke coldly from the back: “ No need to be too emotionally touched. I just don’t want a shabby dressed woman ruining the military discipline!”

Emotionally touched your sister!

Gu Qi Qi was so angry that she turned around to give him a look.

But from that glance, the man’s muscular body figure entered into sight.

The light amber colored skin sent out an enchanting luster under the sunlight. His abdominals and pectorals were aggressively developed and were simply suitable.

Even more frighteningly, it is that sexy mermaid figure……

The seductiveness extended beyond to the man’s leather belt with the military uniform trousers below…… simple creating a perfect artwork, half of which was deliberately hidden away from plain sight.

Gu Qi Qi disappointedly swallowed her saliva.

Gong Jue with an immediate unpleasant look on his face: “Adjutant!”


“Take the person away!”


Inside the naval base meeting room

Gong Jue sat on the host seat, listening to military matters from the Qingcheng naval commanders.

At the Qingcheng territory showing off one’s military might, a straight row of naval commanders were standing in front of Gong Jue with their head bowed and back bent, almost like obedient shrimps were paying their respect.

Adjutant entered while gently opening the door, reported to Gong Jue in a whispering voice: “Chief, lady Qi Qi has been detained in your room.”


Adjutant heistated: “……”

Gong Jue impatiently asked: “What’s the matter??”

1. [The more accurate English interpretation would be ‘Where is your dignity?’, but since ‘face’ is a frequent term used in CN novel context, I will leave it the way it is.]

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