My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 32

Translated by Aletx | Edited by Zerb

The chapter was slightly delayed, because I got chewed by the editor for my potato tier grammar quality in the draft because I felt the translation quality wasn’t satisfying enough. Enjoy

Pressured by Gong Jue’s stern questioning, Adjutant embarrassingly handed over the two pregnancy test sticks: “These things…… I am uncertain how to handle it?

The chief tossed them into the car a while ago, but he didn’t specify whether to keep them or not. Shouldn’t they be returned back to lady Qi Qi?

Gong Jue snatched them with a disdained look on his face: “Nonsense, why even bother asking?”

Exerting small force from his slender fingers, the two pregnancy test sticks snapped in half with the sound of a click.  

Then were thrown into the garbage bin.

Adjutant tucked his lips, hesitated for a moment, then unbearably told the truth: “Chief, that’s not vibrator, it’s actually a pregnancy test stick……”

Gong Jue fiercely glared at Adjutant with a long face.

F**k,  should have said so earlier?

No wonder that stupid woman was looking at him as if he’s an idiot.

Adjutant innocently looked on with a bitter old face. He wanted to say so earlier, but he was never given the opportunity by chief to interrupt.

Trying to atone for one’s crime with a meritorious act, he hurriedly said:”Chief, during the confrontation today between lady Qi Qi and those slags, I heard that they are in possession of a video tape recording about lady Qi Qi being inside of the surgery room. Judging from the tone, it might be possible that it had something to do with the pregnancy test sticks. Do you want……your subordinate to investigate?”

Gong Jue’s face darken even further.

“Investigate what? Does that kind of dirty selfish woman have anything worthwhile to investigate about? Adjutant, do you have too much free time? Want me to send you on a work trip to Africa with Bai Lang?”

Adjutant closed his mouth.

He obediently stood behind Gong Jue and quietly listened to the military matters.

After one minute.

All of a sudden, Gong Jue with a displeased look slammed his fist on top of the desk: “Go deal with today’s matter!”

Eyes filled with puzzlement, the present military officers were unable to comprehend his word.

Adjutant responded: “Chief, are you talking about that hospital……”

Seeing Gong Jue facial expression unchanged, Adjutant knew that his guess was correct.

He immediately lowered his voice: “ No worries chief, I will send someone to take care of it. It’s just that lady Qi Qi’s beating had inflicted injuries to Gu Xue Xue, whose mother is not someone to be taken lightly…… Even though the beatings were nice and satisfying, perhaps……”

“Satisfying to butt!” Gong Jue spoke suddenly, “ Beating too soft, not memorable enough!”

Adjutant stared blankly.

Gong Jue frowned: “ Immediately shut down all electric power to the hospital! No need to consult me with any aftermath matters, you know what to do.”

Adjutant fully understood: “ Acknowledged!”

Unwilling to anger the chief further, the miserable military officers became speechless.1

On that day.

Qingcheng hospital suddenly experienced a major power outage, even the backup power malfunctioned.

Coincidently Qingcheng hospital had no other surgery scheduled on that day, except for Gu Xue Xue who’s undergoing stitching operation on her forehead wound.

However, the surgery room was left in darkness thanks to the power outage.

Gu Xue Xue’s stitching operation was only halfway completed. Without the power for cosmetic treatment, rest of the operation had to be done with simple stitching.

Seeing the zigzagged stitches, Gu Mei Feng was unwilling to reconcile with the outcome and drove to all the clinics in Qingchen. Surprisingly, all the clinics were experiencing power outage too.

Toward Gu Xue Xue’s hideous forehead wound, she had no more tears to cry.

Doctor said: “If the power is restored within 12 hours, there’s still a chance to redo the stitches. Otherwise, this stitch scar will follow her for the rest of the life.”

Isn’t that the same as disfigurement?

Gu Mei Feng wept with bitter tears and prayed for the power to be restored from the bottom of her heart. Finally, the power was restored on the second morning.

However, the 12 hour golden time frame for re-stitching had already passed.

On the same night, an accident had occurred.

Zhu Fen, daughter of surgery director Zhu for Qingcheng hospital, was hit by a nurse trolley when she was walking through the unlit hospital corridor.

The shattered glass pierced her back, and she bled over the floor surface.

Because of the power outage, she wasn’t discovered by anybody until the next morning.

As if she’s on last dying breath, she reminisced with a terrified look on her face: “Ghost! Ghost! It must be retribution! It must be retribution!”

Within the naval base.

Gu Qi Qi was oblivious to what had occurred outside.

Inside of Gong Jue room filled with man’s scent, she stayed up all night without a wink of sleep.

1. [In the raw, the line didn’t clearly mention who is speechless , who doesn’t want to anger the chief further, or who is misery/miserable. The line could imply that it was Adjutant the one who’s speechless and don’t want to anger the chief further, and he lamented that misery will come to those who have angered the chief. In the end, I went with the officer interpretation because it doesn’t make sense for Adjutant to be speechless right after the acknowledged reply.]

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10 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 32

  1. “Zhu Fen, daughter of surgery director Zhu for Qingcheng hospital, was hitted by a nurse trolley when she was walking through the unlit hospital corridor.”

    Should be “was hit by a nurse trolley”

    I wonder if she got pregnant with his kid now lol It would be hilarious when he finds out that she was the same woman in the surgery room. Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Fixed, thank you for the correction

      As for the “mystery man on the surgery table” shenanigan, I can’t say how it will be resolved but it will be mentioned again very soon 🙂


  2. It looks like our guy Gong Jue just gave payments for some unpaid debts to QiQi. He was a bit brutal…but,I like the sentiment
    Thank you for this chapter


  3. I can’t even imagine a hospital having no electricity, those poor patients who are relying on machines are surely gonna die. But anyways, let’s just have as a plot hole and ignore it.

    HEHEHEHE if hubby is so domineering you’re gonna chase away the wifey


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