My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 33

Translated by Aletx

The editor is busy, so I hope my bad grammar won’t be too detrimental to your reading experience.

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Gu Qi Qi felt that being captured by Gong Jue this time is different compared to the previous time.

Previously she was detained in a regular barrack as if she was in prison, but this time it’s in Gong Jue’s room instead!

Why does she get the sense of being sold as bed warming slave?

Gu Qi Qi stayed up all night without a wink of sleep, because she was afraid that Gong Jue would suddenly barge in and shamelessly torment her.

Unexpectedly, Gong Jue’s military meeting lasted through the whole night, and he did not return.

With the dawn of light on the horizon, Gu Qi Qi finally couldn’t endure any further and fell asleep on the side of the bed.

She could hazly recall the sound of door opening.

A tall silhouette with a crisp and clear masculine aura had arrived.

“Stupid woman, sleeping like a pig. Wouldn’t even notice if someone were to sell you off.” Gong Jue’s disdainful voice could be heard.

Through the window, golden ray of morning sun shined on Gu Qi Qi’s head.

Without the sense of vigilance and alertness while being awakened, the sleeping girl with superb silky skin gained extra bit of sweetness and tenderness.

She wore the handcuff, and her shoulders still draped over with his shirt

Small lips spouted with a dissatisfied expression, showcasing the immatureness and stubbornness of an independent young woman.

Gong Jue only took an extra glance, then suddenly his body below became fiercely agitated.

Damn it!

Why is it that everytime his eyes focused on this woman’s lips, he would uncontrollably——

Became hard!

It happened on the military car yesterday, and now it’s happening on the bed too!

This woman…… somehow can easily aroused his hidden monster down below!

The room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Beads of sweat appeared on Gong Jue’s head.

He took off his usual military gloves.

The strong and slender hand couldn’t help but stretched toward Gu Qi Qi’s lips.

Perhaps this woman could truly be touched, shouldn’t he give it a try?

Afterall, didn’t he recaptured her just for the sake of…… touching her?

Gong Jue’s throat gulped dryly.


The reasons why I recaptured her were because this arrogant and obstinate stupid woman slandered the military, disrespected the chief, even……even pushed her own sister off the stairs.

So much so that she even knocked one of his soldiers out unconscious in order to escape!

That’s correct. It was because this stupid dry good committed so much disgraceful acts, that he must apprehend her. So that she could answer for her crimes and be fiercely punished.

The chief indulged in self delusion.1

However, his body was far more honest, in which it uncontrollably scooped down and approached the extremely attractive lips inch by inch.

Gu Qi Qi slept very deeply, and her body was scorching hot. As if she had returned back to the surgery table on the moment of her rebirth.

All the sudden, she felt that there’s a giant iceberg slowly approaching toward her!

Originally, she also wanted to stick close to that ice-cold object.

However, as the giant iceberg moved closer inch by inch, the moment when her lips were about to touch it.

A fragrance of man scent had also arrived

Gu Qi Qi frowned. Her state of mind not yet cleared, believed that the mysterious pervert man from the surgery table had returned to take advantage of her.

Instinctively, her little arm swung with all her might——


Delivering an extremely sharp and clear slap.

“You dare to take advantage of me, you big pervert! I will beat you, beat you!” Gu Qi Qi murmured while dreaming, continued to swing her arm in the air blindly.

A slap mark had been imprinted on Gong Jue’s delicate face. With flames erupting from his eyes, he glared at the dream talking girl.

For the first time of his life, the domineering chief was hit by a woman! Furthermore it was right on the face.

The slender fingers swiftly gripped Gu Qi Qi’s throat!

“Stupid woman!”

Gong Jue couldn’t help but wished to strangle her to death

1. [The more accurate English interpretation of the raw would be ‘self hypnosis’, but I think ‘self delusion’ sound more funnier and fitting for the tsundere chief]

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  1. Oh dear lord….the future for this couple looks so bleak right now. Lol. thank you so much for the translation I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy New year!!!


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