Important Announcement: Project Dilemma *Updated*

Updated Jan 2, 2018

Thank you for all the comments and support. Reading them is a very uplifting experience.

After putting some thoughts into the matter, and taken into the consideration that it wouldn’t be fair to leave the readers in an unnecessary limbo/ uncertainty. Here is the final decision I have made:

I will commit in translating  the free chapters of My Chief Husband, Too Mensao, which is around chapter 104. However, just before reaching the milestone chapter and beyond (the paywall ones), I will do my best to hopefully reach some sort of permissions or arrangements for chapter 105+. There will be no plans for phasing out/dropping this project.

Here are my general rational and thoughts behind this decision:

– Of all the ongoing series I follow, I don’t think I can ever find the one I like to truly replace this series. Even if I phase out for another series, I highly doubt I can retain the motivation and passion to translate a new series. I like this series too much to abandon it.

-While there is some degree of risk associated with continuing this project, this risk pretty much applies to all other translation series. Fan Translation is considered a gray area, and there will always be an element of risk. Just because It could happen to me, I shouldn’t give up something I like that readily.

-Finally, why do I translate? Because I like the series so much that I want others to enjoy it with me. I don’t do it for money or some fancy ambition. If the worst case scenario did happen and my project did get taken over, at least I can proudly say that I am the one who brought attention and popularity to this series. Regardless of the risk or outcome, continuation of this translation would only serve to the benefit of the author and readers.

Anyway, it’s new year. So let’s put all the drama/ dilemma behind us, and focus what’s in front. My semester just started, so that should give me some more free time in translating before school becomes a juggling issue.



I have returned from holiday, and I hoped everyone else had a great time too.

Now here’s the announcement in regard to the future prospect of this translation. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, so I will get to the main point as honest as possible.

Remember two weeks ago I promised I will commit to a stable release schedule upon my return? Well, an alarming development caught my attention.

Another series by the name of 100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet, which is the same genre and publishing source site as My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! pretty much got forcefully taken over by publisher translation. (Trust me, it was not a pleasant sight)

For those who are not familiar with the web novel translation scene, Yunqi (the source site for the taken over series and the one that I am translating atm) is  part of the subsidiary of Qidian International, which is notorious for it’s “unethical” handling of fan translation of their web novels. To sum everything up, you either get invited to work under their roof, or we will take over everything you build up. While the publisher does have the right to their own work, it still leaves people like me with bitter taste.

Normally news like these doesn’t bother me as much, since this series are not as popular and relatively low profile in comparison. However, what truly bothered me was how quickly the takeover was, and the victim of the translation group also operated on the same basis as mine, aka non-monetized translation , no patron, no ad, no donation. Meaning that it could very well happen to my project eventually.

As someone who have taken translation as a hobby, I can’t really continue this project indefinitely if such looming uncertainty exists. It is a crying shame because I truly enjoyed this series (I read up to the latest raw, there are plenty of glorious moments), so I sincerely apologized for potentially dropping a novel after I picked it up

Whew, writing all those stuff did relief all the accumulated stress from this development and the holiday’s, so here are the possible outcome for the future translation:

  1. I will continue the translation as long as possible, but I will begin looking for new series to eventually phase out My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! in a short term.
  2. Telling myself that ignorance is a bliss, continue to translate My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! and secretly pray I won’t get NTR’ed

Right now I am 80% on option 1, and 20% on option 2. Leave your thoughts or comments, I am kinda curious to what the readers think. Again I apologize for another bad news.

TLDR: Another series similar to mine got taken over, Al got scared s***less, and decided to look for new projects to phase out existing one.



27 thoughts on “Important Announcement: Project Dilemma *Updated*

  1. That truly is sad, I never could understand what Qidian was until you’ve explained it. Thank you for translating this novel, we understand the hardship, sweat and tears you’ve gone through to translate such a good novel like this one. Truly respect your decision. I agree with you with option one although I do like option two very much. However it’s best to plan ahead. Looking forward to your next project (full support onboard).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never expected that would happen to 100% Sweet Love. I thought that NU’s website malfunctioned again when it showed QI as the scanlating group. No wonder the old translator and the new one overlapped.

    With the looming threat, I know that it is hard to translate, knowing that the translations that you worked so hard on will be taken away from you forcefully, but is it okay to selfishly ask for the continued translation of the series? I tried reading the MTL version and I can’t understand a thing.

    Please forgive me for my selfish request. It is just that I am happy that someone finally picked this novel up after being dormant for so long.


  3. Thank you for telling I think option 1 if that’s what makes you most comfortable, I shall just have to learn Mandarin quicker and read the draws once you stop or even just mark as I despise QI translation, quality is not the best…I guess future translation sources will be from other publisher but qidan I hope. Less likely for them to do such thing. It took QI less than 24hrs to spam out 90 chapters…

    Thank you for your hard work I shall keep on following your future works, and everything you put into this novel. 😘😘😘


  4. I am sad that you may not be able to continue. However I respect yoyr decision . I look forward to your new project. Thank you for all your hard work.🎀🎀🎀💖


  5. Please choose option 2 – I have no other recourse to reading this novel (selfish, I know) and I really want resolution. Main issue – will continuing affect you any other way? Like penalties/law suits/etc? Protect yourself first! Too many novels have disappeared that I get into, shame to have it happen here when the novel is so cute!


  6. Do what u gotta do. I’ve seen the results of qidian. Do they purposefully look at popular translation then do the take over?! I.mean is that their strategy to let fan translator build up the hype, then swipe in to collect the built in readers!


  7. Please choose option 2, you do such a great job. It would be sad to loose you, well, we wouldn’t, if you find another story…even so it is notdefinite, that q. would take up that project.
    As the Romans said:”DUM SPIRO SPERO”(as long as I live, I hope)


  8. I think if you are ready to challenge then choose 1 option. It’s safer for you.
    I guess, Q’s goal is translating almost all their novels to English and they have law rights to do it, so small fun translator has very small possibility to win (wuxiaworld is a big community so they have a chance).
    I think what they did with 100% wasn’t something good. At least in the past they have warned translators. But it shows that if novel is popular there is high possibility that it will be taken.
    I hope that you can understand my English. Sorry for my mistakes.


  9. I’m new to this but .I find this situation doesn’t give any benefit to the original translator.I will stand with what evr you decide.
    I want to finish this novel but not at your loss.

    Thank you for translation of the previous chapters


  10. Why can’t this be about the story and the fans? So much politics. Thank you for explaining the behind the scenes. It’s so easy for us on this side to read and not appreciate the pain the translator is going through. If you choose option one, would you mind putting up a summary of the remainder of the story? That might give some nice closure. Thank you for your hard work!


  11. Thank you so much for continuing to translate this! I literally just binged it all an hour and am now ready to screech like a rabid fangirl. Good luck!


  12. I think the best is option 1. After all, Qidian has the right and I will sad if they sue you 😢😢😢
    You’ve tried the best for us and freely share it with us. Thank you so much!
    If you feel comfortable with option 1, then no problem 😊


  13. I just found out that you’ve picked up this novel! I want to thank you for continuing with your translation and I hope that you won’t drop this. How about going on Patreon so you can at least get paid a little for your snacks or whatnots? 🙂


  14. Your welcome.
    While pocket money is nice, I don’t really have the desire for Patreon because I don’t feel I have qualification to justify it. I am still relatively new in translating and didn’t want that pressure/ expectation from others.

    Plus I am translating this series because I really like it. I don’t need money as motivation otherwise.


    1. even u didnt look money as motivation, but theres always readers out there would want to buy u a cup or two coffees as token of appreciation. so, put a donation link will not hurt.


  15. Your translations flowed nicely, I have read a lot of translations that seemed like they were simply sent through the google machine and posted. Your problems with Qidian is something all translators began having since they went international. Most of my ideas for my own web novel The Red Lands, have been influenced by you and other translators selfless actions. Consider yourself a pioneer in providing the western world with some quality Chinese and Asian literature. Job well done!


  16. i really wonder y QI love to do novel storyline really similar to other that already exist. same genre is understandable. but no worries, i admit that the novel has quick popularity bcoz the novel is on fast update and famous platform.

    but theres 1 thing u should focus..not all reader willing to pay. QI novels, no matter how free they r on early released, sooner or later readers will need to pay to read.

    i’m 1 of reader who willing to pay, nut recently i dropped the novel bcoz its not worthy my money. 4 stones for a damn short chapter.

    even tho i unwilling for u to drop this novel, but drop or not is not a question. i just wish that u will not disheartened bcoz of this. lets start slowly. like some of my fav chubby cheek, an ping lou, 88tangeatdrinkread, novustreasure and others.

    so, dont feel down and be proud of urself.


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