My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 35

Translated by Aletx | –Edited- by Zerb

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Gu Qi Qi trembled with fear.

Was this impotent man planning to experiment some kind of weaponized virus on her body?

A few days ago, did this man head to the border in order to destroy the enemies’ biological weapon?

A typical individual from the military won’t capture and detain her repeatedly just because of writing the “impotent” word.

Unless it is for a purpose that cannot be revealed!

For once, the normally daring Gu Qi Qi was trembling uncontrollably.

She couldn’t wait any longer, now was the time to escape.

She opened the miniature syringe cylinder on her hand.

When she took the pregnancy test sticks from the hospital, she also grabbed a powerful tranquilizer while passing by.

It was generally used to sedate mentally ill patients. It could be fired from a short distance , and it could instantly bring down a person experiencing mental breakdown.

Perfectly suitable against this domineering impotent man!

Gu Qi Qi opened a small door gap, aimed at Gong Jue——

Oh No! She seem to be aiming at……that domineering third leg, Gong Jue’s manhood.

Gu Qi Qi hesitated for a moment.

“Who’s there?”

As a veteran of  hundred battles, Gong Jue felt something was amiss.

He felt a breeze from the door gap opening.

There was no time for hesitation when Gu Qi Qi shouted by his stern voice. With a pull of her finger, the tranquilizer flew toward Gong Jue’s body.

Gu Qi Qi covered her eyes, and could not bear to look.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, impotent man. If I landed a direct hit at your little brother, then you are on your own, good luck. It’s your fault for insincerely capturing me……”

She muttered while agilely opened up Gong Jue’s military trouser on the floor, then the key to the handcuff was found.

A moment later.



She took off the torn-up school uniform, then used Gong Jue’s shirt as a dress shirt. Also took off Gong Jue’s belt from the trouser and secured it on her own waist.

This outfit might be unusual, but it felt free and easy.


One hour later.

Gong Jue woke up in the washroom.

A splitting headache.

His eyebrow frowned as he suddenly pulled out a very small needle from his thigh.

Tranquilizer dart?

Crap, it almost landed on his little brother.

Gong Jue, with a darkened face, strolled out of the washroom and discovered that his shirt and trouser couldn’t be found.

As well as the little woman who was soundly sleeping on the bed, vanished without a trace.

“Gu Qi Qi! You better not let me catch you again! Or else——”

He couldn’t guarantee what kind of things he will do against her!


At Qingcheng Hospital.

The entrance of plastic surgery patient ward.

Gu Qi Qi, wearing a beret taken from Gong Jue’s room , sat her sight on the VIP patient ward.

That ward is normally under Zhu Fen’s responsibility

Yesterday Zhu Fen slipped a word that she possessed the video tape of Gu Qi Qi in the surgery room.

When Gu Qi Qi escaped, the first thing she wanted to do is immediately obtain that video tape.

At the very least, she must find out the identity of the perverted man of the surgery table that night.

She must absolutely find and fiercely punish him. If he still wasn’t being honest, she wouldn’t even mind to severe off his little brother as punishment.

He must understand that women are not to be freely taken advantage of. Hmph!

【Gong Jue:I can feel my manhood turning tight!】1

Gu Qi Qi gently opened the ward door, while holding a fruit bowl that that was found along the corridor and pretending to be a relative visitor.

Upon passing through the door, she stared blankly.

The ward did not have any nurse on duty.

The Vip ward only has two beds.

Incidentally, She was familiar with the two patients on the two bed.

Gu Xue Xue on the left with a disfiguring forehead wound.

Zhu Fen on the right laying face down with injuries all over her backside.

She didn’t see them for one night, yet how did these two usually lively slags manage to become so miserable?

1. [This monologue line is parallel to the sneeze superstition. A character would sneeze when someone talks behind his or her back. In this case, his manhood felt tight and stiff when she threatened to severe it off.]

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9 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 35

  1. this is to much funny the karma returned to the Gu Xue Xue and Zhu Fen to kick their ass by the hand of gu qiqi husband(whits his dominering personality its almost 99% her future to marry Gong Jue)sorry if there is any spoiler this marriage is only asuposition. but karma will beat the trash to hell

    please continue whits this amazing novel

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s not a spoiler when the title of the series gives it away, but I assure you the journey from a prisoner to marriage will be an interesting read. 😀


  2. Qi Qi needs to slow down a bit. She’s in such a hurry to find out what is going on tha tshe is missing what is really going on.
    Thank you


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