February Release Update

Hello everyone, how’s everyone doing?

I think every month from now on, I will post a monthly release update/ information about what readers can expect from me. This will be beneficial to the readers and myself for few main reasons:

  • It adds more transparency and communication between the translator and readers.
  • The release update will act as my own personal goal to reach. Posting the goal publicly will give it more accountability.
  • Rather than sticking to a fixed release schedule, a monthly pledge will allow for more flexibility in my schedules.

Right now I am currently experimenting various methods to see which would work best for the translation, so bear with it xD

Here’s the info about the chapter release for February.

The start of February is very busy for me. The next chapter won’t be ready until Monday, worse case scenario, it would be released on Wednesday (after my midterm).

For this month, I will be aiming to release 2 chapters per week. In other words, you can expect total of 10+ chapters this month. 

I know 2 chapter per week is not that impressive in comparison with the other veteran translator, but I intend to make my goal a reachable, so that I can slowly increase the milestone goal gradually.

Any comments/ feedbacks/ suggestion are greatly appreciated, thanks.




4 thoughts on “February Release Update

  1. You must take care of living life issues. We enjoy your translations and will wait for you to post as you are able.
    Thank you for continuing with this novel.


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