My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 42

Translated by Aletx

This chapter probably took the longest time to translate. Also Al’s childhood might be ruined in the making of this chapter…



“What privilege would that be?”

“The privilege of returning back to the base with me!”


Gu Qi Qi clench her teeth.

She didn’t want to return back to that desolate place where no birds could lay eggs. She refused to participate in some bulls*** research, and to be tormented to death by him. Who knew if anybody would come and collect her corpse afterward.

However, if she could neither defeat him nor escape from him……

Gu Qi Qi licked her lips and said in a roundabout: “If you return my stuff, I will come with you.”

Gong Jue glanced at her with a cold look.

His high and mighty lips remained motionless. Then suddenly a sound of “Pow——” came from his slender fingers.

He ignited a lighter!

Then he unexpectedly set the thick stack of money ablaze!

“Cough cough cough……”

Gu Qi Qi started to choke non-stop from the smoke fume. She was almost in tears from the coughing.

Burning paper……wrong, burning money inside an expensive vehicle. Only the domineering impotent man would have the guts to commit such disgusting act!

Immediately afterward, the admission receipt was also burned.

Even the two pregnancy test sticks could not avoid the fiery demise.

Watching the delicate electronic display pregnancy test sticks being put on the torch, Gu Qi Qi truly wished to kill him on the spot.

Trembling with utmost anger, she abandoned herself to despair and spoke without reserve: “How unfortunate, seeing how you previously took a liking to the vibrator stick. I even took the liberty of asking someone to find two latest model of vibrator stick. I was going to give them to you as presents, yet you unexpectedly set them ablaze.”

Gong Jue glared with fury eyes.

“Tsk tsk, truly unfortunate indeed. Didn’t you see that vibrator stick even has an electronic display? It could adjust time duration, frequency, and even the power level……”

“Shut up!”

Gong Jue glared closely at that undisciplined lips of hers, and his lower half became swell and tight.

A thundering voice echoed inside his heart.

Do it!

Do it until her legs buckled and her mouth ceased talking. That will teach her a lesson for speaking nonsense!

Yet in the next moment, he calmly grabbed hold her insincere arm. Then he took out a strap and restrained the arms behind her back.

Gu Qi Qi sighed deeply.

It failed.

Originally, she intended to provoke him in hopes that he would lose his rationality. Then she would seize the opportunity to secretly take out the tranquilizer dart.

Yet somehow the impotent man was sharp enough to see through her scheme, and he did not fall for the provokation.

After Gong Jue tied Gu Qi Qi up like a rice dumpling wrapped in leaves1, and confiscated the tranquilizer dart from her shirt pocket, he coldly said: “What’s the fun in a vibrator stick? That kind of machine is nothing comparison with the real thing. If you want to play, I won’t mind playing to your heart’s content once we have returned!”

Gu Qi Qi’s surprise attack had failed completely. She couldn’t even bother to rebuke him.

She disdainfully glanced at his trouser crotch.

She truly regretted the previous time in the bathroom, when she didn’t accurately take aim at his thing!

If only she had landed a direct, otherwise he wouldn’t have such domineering vigor against her.


At the naval base.

Gu Qi Qi was detained inside Gong Jue’s room once again.

This time, she was truly in a miserable state.

She did not have any tools or means of escape.

Standing in front of the window, she overlooked the soldiers practicing drills on the training ground.

The tiny voice from the mind spilled out: “Jumping from a building is the stupidest idea ever. Your body is as feeble as those stupid human, and it could not withstand a single blow. If only you would listen to me and be willing to collect……”

“I won’t kill myself by jumping from a building.” Gu Qi Qi interrupted indifferently.

Only a person who had reborned once can truly appreciate the value of life.

With great difficulty, she had finally managed to change her admission selection. What reasons would there be for her to seek death after she just started over?

There’s still those who had deceived, insulted, and disgraced her……

She still needs to return the favor!

The tiny voice became silent, as if it had sensed Gu Qi Qi’s resolve.

A short period of time later, that tiny voice brighten up once again as it evilly giggled: “Hey, little Qi Qi. What is a Ding Dong cat?”2

“It’s an animated series. Why do you ask?”

“I see. Earlier I heard the Adjutant behind the steering wheels muttered something softly. He said that he didn’t expect you to be such bold and unrestrained like a ding dang cat.”

Gu Qi Qi was startled.

Once she understood the meaning, her face blushed in embarrassment.

What the Adjutant said was “stare crotch cat”.3

After she was informed by the little cutie with this revelation. The moment when Adjutant knocked on the door and asked her to come downstairs, her face was filled with awkward embarrassment.

She could not bear to make eye contact with this elderly man.

“Lady Qi Qi, the chief invited you downstairs for a meal.”


“Lady Qi Qi, please don’t run! Watch the stairs!”


“Lady Qi Qi, there’s no need to hurry. You are safe here as long as you don’t try to escape……”


Gu Qi Qi  sped with flying speed into the dinning hall, Then she sat upright and still.4

Adjutant scratched his head, and unable to comprehend whether he had said anything wrong. Why did it seem like lady Qi Qi  is deliberately avoiding him?

1. [Rice dumpling wrapped in leaves is a Chinese traditional food called Zongzi (粽子). It’s basically glutinous rice with fillings, wrapped with leaves and steamed.]

2. [Ding Dong Cat (叮噹貓) is the Chinese name of the blue robotic cat character from the classic Japanese manga/animation franchise Doraemon. Ding Dong is eventually renamed to Doraemon, because the term “ding dong” is used as a derogatory term to call someone mentally ill. Not-so-fun fact: Did you know that Doraemon was originally supposed to be a mere imagination of Nobita Nobi (the protagonist) who suffered from Schizophrenia. That’s why it was called Ding Dong when the franchise was first brought to Chinese audience. This disturbing detail was removed in order to make the franchise more kids-friendly. Rip Al’s childhood.]

3. [This is a pun joke. Ding Dong cat (叮噹貓) has similar pronunciation/ writing as the ding dang cat /stare crotch cat (盯襠貓). As you can tell from the English phase, stare crotch cat (盯襠貓) is an internet slag that ridicules those who looked at men’s crotch, especially men wearing tight pants. In case you still don’t get the joke, the Adjutant noticed Gu Qi Qi was starting at Gong Jue’s crotch trouser in multiple occasions, and he thought she was checking out the chief’s “asset”. Hence why Adjutant called her stare crotch cat.]

4. [Sit upright and still (正襟危坐) is an idiom to describe someone sitting rigidly and uptight, in a respectful/ serious manner. In this context, she was sitting upright and still in order to mask/ suppress her embarrassment.]


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7 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 42

  1. With all this escape and capture going on I’m not sure if things are better or worse. The chief is adamant in not letting Qi Qi go before he resolves his erection issues.Right now I think they are resolved….But, he just wants to play now. And since he a bit of competition he is unsettled.


  2. By the time this novel is translated to chapter 60 it’d be apirl or may, and this novel is a 1000+ chapter long. See y’all in 2050 when it’s completely translated.


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