My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 46

Translated by Aletx

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That is all, enjoy.

Quick attack.1

Gu Qi Qi thrusted with her hand!

The tender finger suddenly assaulted toward the “upper star hole” on Gong Jue’s top forehead.2

A sealing blow to the upper star hole could render the individual in the state of unconsciousness.

Impotent man, I don’t have the time and effort to play with your silly game of little female servant serving big military officer.

Gu Qi Qi planned to seal Gong jue’s acupuncture point, then slipped away in the night.

Yet she absolutely did not anticipate the result.

The moment when the finger almost hit Gong Jue’s forehead, that pair of tightly closed pupils suddenly opened!

The man’s eyes, filled with depthless abyssal, were glowing in the cold night. A strong hand as fast as lightning firmly gripped Gu Qi Qi’s arm.

With a body twist, he easily overturned and pressed down her body!

“Ugh……it hurts!”

Gu Qi Qi was pressed against her front into the mattress. The pain was so excruciating that tears almost spilled from her eyes.

This stupid man was not soft and gentle!

“It’s going to hurt even more! You want to give it a try?”

Gong Jue’s cold voice carried a smear of frivolous fury.

He knew that this stupid woman sleeping like a silly deer was harboring unfathomable motives.

It’s going to hurt more?

Gu Qi Qi instinctively shrinked herself.

Wretched stupid man was going to **** her!3

“You……What are you doing? I am just merely sleep walking. Don’t you dare think about……”

Gong Jue coldly looked at her as if there was an important matter that must be kept secret.

His palm grip tightened further as he directly hoisted and suspended both her arms together.

“What am I doing? It’s obviously to deliver……”

His throat coarsed.

The moonlight ray from the window shinned upon the woman’s delicate face and pink lips. Her annoyed expression and lips were resembling like a deep ocean fish that was disturbed by human’s first contact.

Gong Jue’s lower half ignited once again as he looked on.

Gu Qi Qi’s heart skipped a beat!


Deliver what?

Her escape was unsuccessful, was she going to be eaten instead?

Hold on a minute, the way how the domineering impotent roughly suspended her arms, why did it share resemblance…… of the night on the surgery table?

This feeling felt exactly the same as that mysterious pervert man? Or was this how all men act when they are in a heated passion?

Not waiting for her to contemplate further, Gong Jue lips coldly snarled: “It’s obviously to deliver……your punishment!”

He spoke as he lifted her skirt, then he delivered a hand palm slap on her little buttocks.


A sharp and crisp sound echoed in the quiet night.

“Uu! It hurts…… I am not done with you yet impotent man!”

Gu Qi Qi shamefully and resentfully yelled out.

How could a girl’s little buttocks be casually spanked by other people?

She solemnly swore that she must return and deliver retribution to him!


Outside the door.

Adjutant, who just finished running 30 laps and swatting 300 times to the point of his legs becoming crippled, wanted to knock on the door. However, he hesitated as his face flushed with embarrassment.

The chief and lady Qi Qi seem to be exercising intensely.

He could only hear lady Qi Qi screaming painfully non-stop.

The chief must have fasted for many years, so he probably couldn’t endure when he started the engine?

Sigh, it must be hardship suffering for you lady Qi Qi.

The chief didn’t have any experience, so he probably use nothing but brute force.

However, that shouldn’t matter. This kind of thing should be comfortable once it’s done enough times.

Originally, he didn’t want to disturb Gong Jue’s nighttime exercise, but there was an urgent matter that needed to attend.

After hesitating for a dozen seconds, he fiercely knocked on the door.

“Reporting chief……”

“Begone!” Gong Jue was spanking vigorously.

“But chief, it’s an emergency……”

“Then make it quick!” Gong Jue’s hand swing paused. In comparison with Gu Qi Qi’s buttocks turning red from the sore pain, his hand was becoming numb from the feeling.

“The little chief had disappeared!”

Gong Jue’s hand stopped.

Then he got up from Gu Qi Qi.

The lust in his eyes and the fierceness on his lower body vanished.

A solemn look of focus appeared in his expression as he got off from the bed to the door: “Dispatch the men and begin the search at once!”

In an instant, tranquility had returned back to the room.

As the sound of military boots become distanced, Gu Qi Qi clenched her teeth and also wanted to get off from the bed, but……

“Impotent man, my skirt!”

To prevent her from escaping, Gong Jue torn apart her skirt……

1. [The phrase in raw is 電光火石. It is used to describe object motion flashing like a lightning and spark. Interestingly, Pikachu’s quick attack was also translated like this in Chinese, so I think Quick attack is the best fit in this context. ]

2. [The upper star hole (上星穴)  is an acupuncture point  located in the top center of forehead.  It was widely popularized in fictional work as a body weak point.]

3. [The **** phrase is actually “top of her” (頂到她) in raw.  The literal meaning of this phrase means when one’s penis reached the neck of uterus. Because Al’s vulgar comprehension level is not sufficient enough, I have no bloody idea how to translate this. So I will leave it **** on purpose,  readers can decide on what to fill in the blank based on their imagination. Suggestion word included: f***, penetrate, pierce, thrust… (Of all the things I have to look up at the Chinese dictionary, it has to be this kind of things) ]


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7 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 46

  1. Little adjutant imagination is really something lol

    LMAO at the no 3 note… Good luck, Mr translator (I hope I didn’t get your gender wrong)


  2. When I was translating the line, I thought he was rubbing/ pressing on top of her (head). Then I felt something was amiss and decided to look it up in depth… Al was not prepared for the result


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