My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 47

Translated by Aletx

Al’s sanity stat is still recovering from previous chapter translation. Please ignore the date of this chapter release, it seems to be a technical bug with the calendar. There is actually 30-31 days in a typical month, not 28 days.  If anyone tried to question against it, tell them they are the crazy ones. Kapeesh?



In the middle of the night.

Gu Qi Qi could hear constant stomping noise of military boots. It seemed that lots of soldiers were being mobilized.

Around dawn time, she could vaguely hear Adjutant’s voice:

“Little chief……has been found at the Qingcheng hospital……”

“Person is unharmed. The tiny one was crouching at the hospital corridor and was crying quite pitifully……”

“Escort back to the family residence in imperial capital? Understood! I shall prepare an aircraft……”

Gu Qi Qi curled her lips.

She wondered if Gong Jue had a disagreement with a lover?

Tsk, something about “little hand palm” and “pitiful tiny one”.1

While she was contemplating, a resoundful military boot noise stepped into the bedroom door!

Gu Qi Qi shrunk into the bed sheet.


Gong Jue slammed the door in frustration.

His long fingers impatiently unbuttoned the military uniform. The leather belt around his waist fall to the floor.

Gu Qi Qi’s spine couldn’t help but stiffened in place.

Why did the impotent man return?

Didn’t he head out to comfort his little lover?

Don’t tell me……he didn’t satisfyingly vent out his inner beast to his little lover?

Her heart was jumping non-stop.

Suddenly, something heavy lay down on the bed.

A man’s fervent body leaned against her.

Gu Qi Qi was about to screech defiantly, but the man’s warm chin gently rubbed on top of her head.

An arm  wrapped around her little waist: “Behave yourself, don’t be noisy.”

Gong Jue’s tone was filled with utmost weariness.

The Little Dumpling had disappeared for a night, but fortunately he was found in the hospital. As a little brat who always proclaimed himself as a gentleman, he was cowering in the corridor corner pitifully by himself alone.

He insisted that was the only place where he can meet his beloved big sister nurse once again.

When Gong Jue coldly threatened him by saying that the nurse would never return, and tried to forcefully drag him away, the unyielding Little Dumpling instantly collapsed and weeped in full tears.

Dropless tears dripped from his big black graped eyes.

At that moment, Gong Jue who was always a cold hearted man, was emotionally moved by this scene.

Extreme pain beyond measure evoked in the corner of his heart.

He understood that Little Dumpling had longed for a mother.

He was brought into this world.

Yet he had never enjoyed a second of maternal love.

As the result, Gong Jue could feel nothing but the sense of defeat and weariness.

He used to believe that any man like him would be able to support both heaven and earth without the need for parents.2

Now it seems that he himself was an inharmonious abnormality without exception.

He tightly embraced Gu Qi Qi with his arm while sniffing the female fragrance on her neck. A thought in his heart gradually formed.

If he can truly be able to touch a woman……

Perhaps it might be possible for him to……

His hand tightened his hold. Then he commanded in a deep and hoarse voice: ‘Stop moving! Go sleep!”

Perhaps he can first try…… sleeping together.


Early morning.

Gu Qi Qi was awaken by the cramping feel of her arms.

Her black grape eyes narrowed as she tried to move her body. Dammit, this impotent man was extremely spoiled. He was embracing her very tightly that her arms were almost crippled.

Did this man ever sleep while embracing someone before?

What’s with this abnormal posture!

Gu Qi Qi with great difficulty managed to free herself from Gong Jue’s steel like arm hold. Just when she was about to get up the bed while still half naked and in barefoot.

All the sudden, a strong arm reached from behind.

And hooked around her waist once again.

“Let me go! I have to go to the washroom!”

“You may not……”3

When Gong Jue’s hazy voice sounded out.

Gu Qi Qi was instantly petrified!

This…… this voice sounded too adorable?

Her body jolted. She couldn’t help but turned her head and took a glance.

Could it be……that it wasn’t the domineering impotent man who embraced her to sleep?

Projecting into her eye sight, the first image was the man’s well built amber tone skin.

Immediately following that was……

1. [Little chief (小首長) and Little hand palm (小手掌) has very similar Chinese pronunciation. As the result, MC mistaken Little chief with Little hand palm instead. This misunderstanding would play a large role in the story.]

2. [Support both heaven and earth (頂天立地) is an idiom to describe someone with an indomitable spirit. The term was mostly applied to people who had committed heroic/selfless act, in the service of the country/sacrifice for others. The origin of the term came from Pangu, a Chinese mythology of a giant who created the world by supporting the heaven and earth for 18,000 years.]

3. [In the raw, the line “You may not” was written in a compassionate/ sincere tone. Just imagine trying to wake up someone, and the person responded in a dazy/ dreamy/ moe-like way. This is a sharp contrast to how ML normally speaks/acts, which shocked the MC.]


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9 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 47

  1. I like this chief he’s pretty clueless in things and even though he’s overbearing he hasn’t acted on his desires. plus he’s tsundere with his feelings.
    Lil dumpling don’t cry, you’ll soon meet your elder sister.
    Thank you for the chapter!!


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