My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 50

Translated by Aletx

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The naval commander1 suddenly saw the light. It turned out to be a relationship between uncle and niece. No wonder they were so intimidate with each other.

As the result, his manner toward Gu Qi Qi became solicitous.

The banquet was originally intended for flattering Gong Jue, but Gong Jue was too cold and proud to speak more than three sentences of word. Thus, the host became particularly attentive to Gu Qi Qi instead.

Gu Qi Qi felt that this was rather amusing, so she used the opportunity to irritate Gong Jue from time to time.

Naval Commander: “Lady Qi Qi, may I ask how old are you?”

“Gong” Qi Qi answered: “You can ask my uncle! Oh? Uncle, shouldn’t you know how old I am?”

Gong Jue’s face darkened: “……”

How old is a high school graduate? He never attended domestic schooling before, how should he know!

Thought he may not know of her age, he does know how big her other area is.

Gong Jue implicitly glanced at Gu Qi Qi’s bosom.

He will put her back in place once they have returned later tonight!

Gu Qi Qi with a smile on her face continued to ridicule Gong Jue few more times. It successfully caused Gong Jue’s face complexion to darken even further.

Right at the moment when the veins on Gong Jue’s forehead almost erupted.

Sound of quarrel could be heard from outside of the door.

“Let me in……don’t you recognize me? ……”

Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrow twitched. That voice sounded too familiar!

When the naval commander was about to berate about the sound intrusion, his wife whispered to him: “That’s the lady that did facial with me together. She’s here to gift us first-rated blood swallow’s nest2.”

The naval commander angrily glared at her. This woman just didn’t understand anything. Didn’t she realize that the chief is present at the moment.

He smiled bitterly: “Chief, that’s……”

Before he finished his sentence, the person outside of the door had already barged right inside!

Gu Mei Feng was holding a large crystal present box with the flawless blood swallow’s nest inside. Gu Xue Xue, who was apparently released from the hospital with bandage still wrapped around her forehead, was following right behind her mother while holding an identical present box!

Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrow raised, these no good fellows!

The Gu household was in possession of such precious blood swallow’s nest, yet she was never given a taste of it.

And now they were generously gifting them away.

Gu Mei Feng led Gu Xue Xue straight before the naval commander’s wife, and placed the presents on top of the table. Then they kneeled down together in unison!

“Madam, you must save my brother3 Qiu Shan. He had nothing to do with the botched surgery that was conducted by Zhu You. He’s innocent yet the police without explanation arrested him, and he was placed into custody without bail ever since. I am begging you and commander to please help us lobby some relations and save him. If he were to be imprisoned at his age, he would be a dead man!”

Gu Mei Feng was weeping very miserably.

In contrast, Gu Xue Xue had an indifferent look on her face as she glanced around in all direction.

When she saw Gu Qi Qi was sitting beside Gong Jue on the respected host seat, Gu Xue Xue was stunned!

How did that bookworm waste become an esteemed guest for the naval commander’s banquet?

Did that bookworm waste managed to curry favor with that handsome yet intimidating man sitting beside her?

Gu Qi Qi pondered in thoughts with her hand on her chin: Gu Qiu Shan had been arrested by the police already?

Very good!

Looks like that beautiful sick man not only kept his promise, but also took swift care of Gu Qiu Shan and Zhu You.

If there’s ever an opportunity to meet him in the future, she must give him a big big praise!

While she was contemplating, she noticed that Gu Xue Xue was glancing at her. So she coldly glared back right into her eyes!

While they were making eye contact with each other, Gu Xue Xue, who recalled the disfiguring scar on her forehead, almost erupted in flame with hatred seeping into her bones.

Gu Qi Qi looked at Gu Xue Xue with a gaze of contempt, then she spoke in lip language: If I knew you would be released out of hospital this early, big sister should have smash your whole skull!

Gong Jue didn’t say a word.

The corner of his eyes had caught sight of Gu Qi Qi’s rampant expression.

It looks like this stupid woman not only has a bad family relationship with her biological father, but also with her step-mother and sister as well. Truly beyond redemption.

If that’s the case……

“Drive them all out! Who does she think she is crying endlessly in front of the chief, drive them out now!”

The moment when the naval commander impatiently instructed his men to oust them.

Gong Jue suddenly and composely raised his arm:

“Let them stay.”

Gu Qi Qi turned her head around and glanced at him with astonishment.

This can’t be happening, she still has animosity against them.

Is the domineering impotent man deliberately tormenting her ? !

1. [In the raw, the author uses male host (from previous chapter), naval commanding officer, and commander almost interchangeably. For the sake of consistency/ clarification, male host = naval commander (he’s an unnamed minor character anyway.]

2. [blood swallow’s nest (血燕) is a high-end food delicacy made from solidified bird nest saliva that is formed overtime from mineral rock surface. The “blood” is a red color variant that went through oxidization, it is not from bloodied saliva. See wiki for further details.]

3. [Similar to “oppa” seen in Korean web-novel, the term brother used in this context is used to address someone older. Her husband is most definitely not her brother.]


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