My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 52

Translated by Aletx

Al made another minor translation mistake from previous chapter, and didn’t notice it until the 2nd line of this chapter translation. The slice of goose actually has a fancy name called “foie gras”, it’s literally goose liver. Further detail description would be explained in footnote 1. So it’s technically not my fault that Al was not exposed to exquisite food enough right?

Here’s more delicious trolling, enjoy.

Gong Jue had an unenthusiastic expression, and he declined to comment.

Gu Qi Qi scoffed with a sneering tone: “What’s so tasty about a liver from a beast?1 Only a country bumpkin would present it as a sacred food. As for the blood swallow’s nest…… that’s even more disgusting. It is formed with a mixture of bird saliva and foul blood.2 Only a pervert would enjoy eating bird saliva smeared with blood.”

Gu Xue Xue was so infuriated by the remark that her face turned white!

As soon as the naval commander heard that Gu Qi Qi was not fond of blood swallow’s nest.

He promptly tossed the two boxes of the expensive blood swallow’s nest that Gu Mei Feng delivered to the servants: “Feed them to the dogs! As lady Qi Qi mentioned, is bird saliva smeared with blood even something fit for human to eat?”

Gu Mei Feng was struck dumb.

Since when did words from that little slut Gu Qi Qi be capable of influencing the naval commander’s decision?

She couldn’t help but gave several extra glances to her.

Gu Xue Xue bit her teeth and contemplated. The naval commander might not have the eyes to appreciate find goods, but that handsome military boss most definitely should recognize one.

She had beautifully and charmingly served a dish to his plate, even profoundly put her ravine on display. If the esteemed gentleman’s soul was not robbed already, then she refused to believe it!

Gu Xue Xue self-confidently lowered her body even further, her exposed bosom close to touching the table surface: “Esteemed gentleman, why don’t you give the foie gras a try……”

Gong Jue was still expressionless.

Gu Qi Qi’s lips spouted as she inwardly glared at Gong Jue with a sharp glance. Impotent man, if you dare to eat that slice of foie gras, i will sever all relations with you.

You heard me right, sever our relationship !!!

Hold on a minute, that can’t be right. We are not in a relationship to begin with……

At that moment, nobody could guess what Gong Jue was thinking.

The person was still present, yet he disregarded everything that had transpired thus far.

The man’s slender finger was gently tapping on the table.

For every single tapping movement, Gu Xue Xue’s heart jumped a beat.

She felt like there’s an executioner blade hanging above her neck, uncertain of whether it would chop down or not. It was too tormenting.

Dear esteemed gentleman, can you please don’t hesitate any further and just accept me……

Just when Gu Xue Xue was unable to endure any further, Gong Jue suddenly opened his mouth.

His ice-cold and proud voice commanded: “Take it away!”

Adjutant immediately stepped forward and took the plate with the foie gras on it. Then he carefully asked for further instruction: “Sir…… should I feed it to the dogs as well?”

“Do you have animosity against dog?”

“No……no animosity!”

“Then why would you feed the dogs with that organ thing?”

“Your subordinate understood!”

Adjutant directly headed toward the garbage bin and throw out the foie gras along with the plate.

The eyes of Gu Xue Xue widened in shock.

The naval commander at most rejected the blood swallow’s nest based from Gu Qi Qi’s instigation, but now Gong Jue straightforwardly rejected the foie gras that she had personally served!

Even rejected from being fed to the dogs!

Gu Xue Xue who was originally full of joyful anticipation, her face immediately turned red from the shame and humiliation.

Her body embarrassingly restrained itself.

“Ah Qi Qi, your uncle has an obsession with cleaningness. I am aware that he hates it when others serve dish to him without permission……” The naval commander noticed that mood on the table was a bit cold, so he was forced to laugh out loud to mediate the scene.

However, before he even fished his words, his mouth was unable to conceal his amazement.

Because Gu Qi Qi is serving a dish to Gong Jue right at this moment!

When Gu Qi Qi witnessed the efforts of Gu Xue Xue and Gu Mei feng had gone to the waste, she was very happy. She thought that Gong Jue’s move of “dog rejection” move against Gu Xue Xue was very satisfying. So shouldn’t she return the politeness by reciprocating him?

Afterall, didn’t he order her to be at his side and server for 24 hours?

Then she shall comply by serving him a dish now.

Something light, an enoki mushroom.3

But who can anticipate that the act of flattery would lead to trouble.

What? The impotent man disliked it when others served dish to him?

Just a moment ago, Gong Jue didn’t miserably humiliated Gu Xue Xue with the good intention of helping me. Rather it was simply because he hated of being served …… oh no, if I serve a dish to him now, won’t I be humiliated as well?

Gu Qi Qi withdrew her chopsticks along with the enoki mushroom.

However, before her chopsticks withdrew for more than an inch.

Gong Jue’s chopsticks snatched the enoki mushroom from her chopsticks from mid air, then he immediately ate it.

Gu Qi Qi was petrified.

She later realized that she was overly excited about serving a dish to him, that she mistakenly used her own sticks, the one that she had licked and savored with!

Therefore, does this regard as she indirectly kissing Gong Jue?

——【Small Train Theatre】——

Stupid author: Gong Jue, are you satisfied now? Aren’t you always lusting after Qi Qi’s lips? Today I gave you a small taste of little Qi Qi’s saliva! Is it sweet enough?

Gong Jue: Why did you serve me with a tiny dish like an enoki mushroom? I want something bigger that resemble of a pacific geoduck clam4 or king oyster mushroom!5

Stupid author: cough cough, Gong Jue, don’t you already have that that kind of thick and big thing already……6

Gong Jue: That’s reasonable. Here’s your reward!

1. [Foie gras (鵝肝) or goose liver, is a luxury food product, well known in french cuisine and in worldwide. However, it is somewhat a controversial food because of the force-feeding/fattening process. See wiki for detail.

2. [As mentioned in chapter 50 footnote, there’s no real blood in blood swallow’s nest, the coloring is an oxidization result. However, there’s a wide misinformation that it’s a blood smeared variant. Counterfeiters would often pass the “bird saliva smeared with blood” as the real exotic thing to the unaware buyers.]

3. [enoki mushroom (金針菇). ]

4. [pacific geoduck (拔蚌). A large edible saltwater clam.]

5. [king oyster mushroom (杏鮑菇) [scientific name of pleurotus eryngii] is an edible Mediterranean mushroom.

6. [TL comment: I can’t be bother with suggestive/ exotic food jokes, and I am too afraid of looking them up… so here’s all the food in fine pictures above and just use your wild imagination instead.]

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  1. My thought process of translating this chapter is like this:

    -Translate 2nd line, wait, that slice of goose is actually a liver? I completely missed that from previous chapter. Ugh, now I have to to pinpoint that mistake.
    -Let’s look up all the exotic food in depth from now on.
    -Enoki mushroom, yup, I got that right.
    -Sea clam, yup, I got that right too, what a funny shape.
    -King oyster mushroom, that’s an awfully big mushroom.
    -Sees the stupid author’s last line… You got to be kidding me, this author picked those two food for an evil intent… and I just walk right into it
    -Screw it, I am not looking up the internet for potential slang/ suggestive exotic food joke. Let me just find the pictures and call it a quit.

    Nobody told me that translation can be a landmine experience.

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  2. “i will sever my relation with you” = I will sever all relations with you

    “tabbing” = tapping(?)

    “Gu Xue Xue withdrew her chopsticks along with the enoki mushroom.” = Gu Qi Qi

    Thanks for the chapter! 😃

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