My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 54

Translated by Aletx

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Why is she worrying about impotent man being touched by other woman?

Gu Qi Qi rebuked at her own self.

Although the impotent man might be occasionally overbearing and rude, but according to her own understanding, his overall manner is rather excellent.

She had deliberately infuriated him for several times, yet he didn’t take any serious action against her.

The most profound impression was the time when something had happened to the impotent man’s little lover, the so called “little hand palm”. Without raising any objection, he headed out and spent a sleepless night to comfort her.

While it seem that the impotent man was acting disdainful toward woman, perhaps his heart actually took pity in them. Naturally, herself is the only exception to him!

If Gu Xue Xue continued to pester him any further, would the impotent man eventually take part in drinking and chatting merrily with her?

An obscure fire spurted forth from her heart.

If that happened, I will sever all relationship with him!

Severing our relationship is an absolute necessity.

However, the pupils of Gu Qi Qi eyes widened in shock in the next second.

The man with “rather excellent manner” suddenly became enraged in her eyesight.

His facial complexion transformed as he coldly shouted at Gu Xue Xue who was shamelessly throwing herself toward him, and was pleading for leniency with glass of wine in her hand.


He subsequently raised his military boots.

Without pity and hesitation, he directly kicked Gu Xue Xue away!1


Gu Xue Xue’s body was like a broken kite with its string severed off.

She fiercely fell over and hit directly against the wall.

The bone fracture wounds on her bandaged arm became fractured once again!

The glass of red wine which she was holding with also shattered into countless pieces.

The scarlet liquid flowed across her face.

The glass fragments pierced into her skin, and it created an eye shocking and heart frightening scene.

Gu Mei Feng, who finally realized that the plea for Gu Qiu Shan had failed completely, cried out in fear as she stepped forward and embraced Gu Xue Xue: “Xue Xue, my baby…… how could you do this to her……”

“The chief ordered you to scram, so get a move on.” The naval commander couldn’t endure any further as he ordered the servants to drive Gu Mei Feng and Gu Xue Xue away. They even threw the dog-fed blood swallow’s nest onto them.

The nicely arranged banquet was ruined by the mother-daughter.

Gong Jue threw the utensils down: “Let’s go!”

Gu Qi Qi obeyed as she kept pace with him.

“Chief sir……” The top of naval commander’s hear was overflowing with sweat.

Gong Jue’s footsteps paused momentarily as he coldly left behind a sentence: “Some human scums who committed crimes, they deserve a thorough damnation.”

After Gong Jue had departed.

The naval commander was pondering behind the meaning of “thorough damnation”.

As he circled around the house for half a day, he clapped his head as he hastily made a phone call to the police department!

“How are you managing with the Qingchen hospital case? That won’t do! The penalty needs to be harsher! Zhuyou, who was in charge of the surgery, should be given at least twenty year of prison sentencing. Is Gu Qiu Shan going to be sentenced as well? If not, then he must pay a severe fine until he loses his family fortune!2 I don’t want to hear any excuses from you. If that chief was provoked any further, not only would we both have to take the consequences, even Qingcheng itself would trembled under his wrath!”


Inside the military vehicle.

Adjutant couldn’t help but sighed with sorrow: “Chief, those mother-daughter from the Gu household has no sense of shame. They not only bullied lady Qi Qi, but also even tried to lust after you……”

He wanted to say “charm”, but he restrained and corrected himself: “Therefore, they deserved the outcome. Chief, you had never hit a woman before, but it looks like you have set a new precedent today.”

Gah, the chief was extremely violent just a moment ago. He must provide an explanation on behalf of chief. Otherwise, lady Qi Qi could perceive the chief as a no good violent madman.

Adjutant could do nothing but picking up the shatter heart pieces for those two people.

Gong Jue declined to comment as he sat still like an ice sculpture.

Gu Qi Qi muttered in a low voice: “Who said he had never hit a woman before? He undoubtedly hit someone else’s…… little buttocks!”

There was no other conversation on the whole journey.

They had finally returned back to the naval base. Just when Gu Qi Qi was about to get off the vehicle, she noticed that something was amiss.

Gong Jue’s sitting posture was extremely standardized.

Although he was usually as cold as an iceberg, but this time around he was particularly cold, indifferent, and rigid.

She couldn’t help but gave a close examination glance at him.

Her heart skipped a beat from that glance.

“Mr Adjutant, did your chief——eat something wrong?”

She saw that Gong Jue’s forehead was scalding fervently. His colorless lips were cold, and open rashes could be seen swelling on his arm.

His motionless back was perfectly straight, but when she gently touched the corner of his clothe, his well-built body suddenly pressed down toward her!

Gu Qi Qi’s heart was starting to beat very rapidly.

It was evident that Gong Jue was experiencing some sort of intense physiological stress. His physiology function and central nervous systems were in the state of discord. Commonly speaking——it appeared to be an awful type of allergic reaction.

But all she did was serve an enoki mushroom for him!

She didn’t intend on killing him.

1. [TL’s Comment: Begone thot!]

2. [Loses his family fortune (傾家蕩產) is an idiom (or fancy old fashion way) of describing bankruptcy, to the degree that it ruined the family fortune/prosperity.]


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