Second Project Announced: Sons, Too Mensao.

Major announcement. The title of second project / side project that I have picked up is “Sons, Too Mensao“.

That’s right, it’s another mensao title but with a very sweet twists!

There are lots of reasons why I have decided to choose this particular title. Surprisingly, I actually put a lot of thoughts into it.

  • I want a title that myself can enjoy. A title that’s different, but also similiar with the current at the same time.
  • Different novel structures offer new translation challenge/ exposure.
  • The novel set in modern time with similar genres. Current readers of  “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao!” should find it fitting to their tastes.
  • The story is fast paced. It is a completed series with 170 ish chapters in total.
  • New reader experience: Instead of focusing on the MC’s journey of vengeance, the MC has found a new purpose with her three adopted sons. She will use her power to protect her new family. Thus the story is a hybrid of episodic of slice of life.
  •  MC is a 30 yr but she looks like a pretty 21 yr for a certain origin reason. The handsome adopted sons are respectively 25, 23, 18 yrs old. The mommy pampers her sons, while her sons spoiled their mom while keeping others (even among themselves) who covet for MC
  • MC has a serious side when it comes to her origin / in protecting her family. But on a family / mommy basis, she’s an airhead in a cute and fluffy way.
  • Antagonist shenanigans and rage inducing experience drastically toned down.
  • Airhead/ fluffy MC with Three Male leads, three times the character interactions, three times the hilarious/ mensao moments. 

Initial release should be around early May. I haven’t decided on the frequency of the chapter release, but it will be depending on how well it received.

I hope everyone will look forward to it .

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