Sons, Too Mensao Prologue

Translated by Aletx

The second project of Har Har translation now begins! Let the cuteness/ heartwarming / sugar flows!


A scarlet rose blossomed in the dark night. The wild rose crawled down on the ruined wall, and it carried a fatal enticement.

A black skull carved into a throne with black wings extending outward. Sitting on the the throne, a man with godlike-handsome look wore an expressionless facial complexion. He emitted an aura of underworld darkness that could envelope the entire world.

At the foot of the man was step of stairs made of white skulls. At the bottom of the stairs was a beautiful woman with golden hair on one knee. At both sides of the woman, there were a number of men and women standing. Each of them were wearing unique yet noble and elegant clothes. All their faces had the same agree by chance coldness, masking their hidden thirst for power.

The beautiful woman’s face was full of disbelief and anger. Red blood flowed from the corner of her lips, dripping on the black marble floor. The blood splash condensed into ice in an instant.

That’s her brother? That’s her uncle? Her aunt? Haha…… how ridiculous!

“Elder brother.” A voice brimmed with allure and inexhaustible charm spitted forth from the woman’s voice. It carried the sense of sarcasm and injury, but also the sense of anger and resolution, “the title of a king must be truly fascinating.”

The man did not reply. He looked on as the woman casually wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth with a hand. No one seem to be able to perceive his sister’s state of mind from the bottom of her eyes.

Suddenly, a fiery blaze enveloped around her body. Then the fire extinguished itself in an instant, and the woman disappeared without a trace. Only a sentence of words “I will return” lingered in the empty palace.

Everyone who heard of this sentence were shocked and seemingly terrified. The only exception was the man sitting on the throne who did not move a single jot.

‘My king, please give the order to pursuit the princess!” One of the man dressed in golden robe kneeled down in one knee as he spoke to the man on the throne.

“My king, the princess used blood colored flame. Her magic power should now be depleted. Now it would be the perfect opportunity to capture the princess.” Another woman who was wearing a long red dress bowed down her head.

“Please give out the order my king!” The crowd said in unison.

“Commence the pursuit… bring her back safely.” The man on the throne with his ice-cold voice paused momentarily, then spoke out the other half of the sentence.


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6 thoughts on “Sons, Too Mensao Prologue

  1. Revise the word pursuit for ‘pursue’ in this sentence: “My King, please give the order to pursue the princess!”

    A very interesting intro… looking forward to reading 😛


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