My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 56

Translated by Aletx

Apology for the lack of update last week…Al got carried away by the “final exam freedom”. Al also inherited a farmland from a certain valley, and he got himself addicted in playing it.

Also be sure to check out the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Sons, Too Mensao, the second new translation project. Although the new project was somewhat challenging to work on, I actually enjoy translating it. Hopefully some of the readers would enjoy it as much as I did in translating it.


Inside the medical room.

Gong Jue had been injected with sedative and desentizer shots. The open rash on his arm eventually faded a little.

He opened his eyes little by little, and his eyes sweeped around the room. Then his dry lips moved as he spoke with a displeased tone: “Where’s the stupid woman?”

Adjutant stared blankly, then he responded immediately: “Lady Qi Qi is resting in the bedroom.”

After contemplating for a moment, he supplemented extra sentences: “She stayed inside the bedroom for the whole night, and she didn’t make any escape attempts. Moreover, it’s fortunate that lady Qi Qi was the first person who discovered your allergy symptoms!”

The eyebrows of Gong Jue relaxed, and his tone eased down to some extent: “Doing what?”

The abrupt and listless question could be comprehended by Adjutant, largely thanks to the old subordinate’s sharp mind.

“Lady Qi Qi was behaving rather quietly, and she didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. In the middle of the night, she opened the door and came out once. When the guard inquired of her, she said that she wanted to borrow some pocket money. Before the guard could say anything else, she immediately returned back into the bedroom and closed the door.”

Gong Jue closed his eyes and spitted out several words: “Give my black card to her.”

This stupid woman, was it because he burned few of her lousy money?

A shortage of money led to this?

Trying to find someone to borrow money from, how shameless!


“The black card, can you hear what I am saying?”


Adjutant was inwardly speechless.

The chief’s black card was actually the black diamond credit card. It was issued by Swiss Bank to the individuals on the very top of the pyramid.

Within the empire, only the president, the emperor, and handful of household heads from respected clan houses would have the qualification to possess it.

That card alone could buy half of the empire?

And now it was gifted to lady Qi Qi, so that she could shop around?

Adjutant gulped anxiously.

In those old days when Gong Jue’s father was pampering his wife, it didn’t seem as excessive as this.

The chief was truly……although he might not know how to flirt with girls, but when he started doing so, it was in a very ferocious manner without any regard to capital asset.

At the front of the hospital bed, a man dressed in a white suit was semi-lying down on the couch chair.

He stroked his nose, then gloomy opened his mouth: “Hey Gong Jue, do you have a sense of humanity? I have travel afar from Africa onboard of a non-stop flight, rushing desperately back to provide a life saving treatment for you. Yet you not only didn’t respond a word to me, but you’re more concerned with that little alluring woman Qi Qi instead?”

Gong Jue reached with his hand and threw a water cup at him.

“Get lost! You can return back to Africa.”

“Hey! Now you’re just killing the donkey when the grinding is done!1
I am telling you, you cannot overlook this matter. You should have already know that if you were touched by a woman, the consequences could be severe. Although it only caused skin rash and unconsciousness this time, there’s no telling that the next repercussion would be respiratory arrest or even heart failure!” Bai Lang earnestly protested.


“So…hehe……As a responsible and diligent doctor, you should keep me here as your dedicated doctor. After all, I had known you for ten years, and there’s no other person who has a better understanding of your unique illness than me.”

“If that’s the case, you can just shut up.”

“Wait——let me finish my sentence? I felt that little alluring woman might not be dependable. You have barely hooked up with her, and now she’s already gauging for your money?” Bai Lang said with a gossiping tone.

He’s a well-known playboy who had seen all kind of women before.

There’s a kind of white lotus who specialized at pretending to have no interest in money, but then she would size the right opportunity to swindle a man for his whole fortune.

Gong Jue, who had not yet encountered such woman before, would be completely helpless against such adversary.

“Why are you meddling with my affair?”

“I am not being a nosy Parker2, hehe, I am just saying that she could have ulterior motives in approaching you. At that time in the hospital, I have undoubtedly requested for a male nurse, yet she showed up halfway in the medical examination? The more I thought about it, the more fishy it became……” Bai Lang was very confident that Gong Jue had been swindled, “If you allow me to meet with her, I will help you peel off her beauty skin!”3

There are no other woman in the world that could be a worthy opponent against him, hehehe……

Bai Lang was absolutely certain that Gong Jue would nod in agreement, by allowing his close best friend to probe Gu Qi Qi’s intention.

But he absolutely did not expect that Gong Jue would reach out with his hand, and directly pounded him with a boiling water canteen: “Shut up! I don’t need you to meddle with my personal affair!”

“Gah!” Bai Lang hopped about in panic.


Outside the door, Gu Qi QI was approaching near the medical room.

Through the little window on the door panel, she saw Gong Jue who was laying on the bed with a pale face and half-closed eyes.

Her heart was beating rapidly as if she was hit by a deer4, and her face started to turn red: “Do I really have to……give him a tongue kiss treatment……?

1. [Killing the donkey when the grinding is done (卸磨殺驢) is an idiom of getting rid of somebody once he/she ceased to be useful.]

2. [Nosy Parker is a phrase of describing someone who’s overly inquisitive or prying nature. Interestingly, this phrase actually has a unique historic origin with a certain Archbishop of Canterbury from 1559 to 1575. See phrase entry for further details. ]

3. [He’s obviously not meant in literally peeling her beauty skin (I hope). Rather, peeling beauty skin can be interpreted as exposing one’s honey trap.]

4. [The idiom phrase heart beating rapidly as if hit by a deer (心如鹿撞) can be explained in one picture. Just imagine yourself as the driver in this picture, and how fast your heart would be beating right then.


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4 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 56

  1. I wonder if Gu Qi Qi is going to proceed with the suggested treatment and who is going to be more embarrassed 🙂
    Thank you for this new chapter! I also appreciate a lot your footnotes with explanations.


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