Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 1

Translated by Aletx

If you spotted any translation/ grammar mistakes, please kindly leave a note on the comments, and I will do my best to correct the mistakes in a timely manner.

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“Bang Bang Bang” the sound of three gunshots. Smoldering smoke emitted from the tiny holes on the humanoid shaped target. Three headshots!

A woman, who was wearing a tight black leather, placed her gun down. The right hand took out the inserted hairpin from her hair. Her soft and beautiful black hair fall leisurely, covering her beautiful snow white neck.

“Master.” A man dressed in black appeared from nowhere and kneeled down on one knee. He presented a moist white towel with both hands.

“Rix.”1 The woman took the towel and wiped the sweat around her neck, then conveniently said: “The base has been compromised, destroy it.”

The man’s body shuddered when he heard the order. A red ray slipped from his black eyes as he said in low voice: “My master, please punish me.”

“Just this once.” The woman returned the towel back to the man, then she stepped out of the gun range afterward.

The water condensation rustled and slipped down the arc of woman’s beautiful body. Beneath the water mist, it was a slightly pale face with an exquisite facial features. The gentle and beautiful facial silhouette along with her pink lips would make other people lose themselves in wild and fanciful thoughts.

As she opened her eyes, that pair of beautiful black pupils emitted a bewitching light. Anyone who took a closer glimpse of those eyes would find themselves engrossed with no means of escape. The tear birthmark below the inner corner of her left eyes made her temperament much more alluring.

Clenching both of her fists tightly, Qi Yōu2 could feel the intensity of her power sealed within her body. Her fist suddenly struck the mirror fiercely on the opposing side. Not enough, still not enough. If she were to return with that kind of strength, it would lead to nowhere! No! She must reshape her strength further! So that they would pay the price!

She would not tolerate anyone to undermine her honor! Those offenders must atone for their crimes in blood!

She tossed the expensive leather clothes aside, then changed into a light blue sportswear jacket. Her fingers softly flung out the black hair that was tucked underneath the jacket. Qi Yōu faintly spouted her lips and puffed lightly with a breath of air. The bangs on her forehead was floating upwardly.

When she turned around from the shattered mirror, the ruthless woman just now was transformed into a dainty and honorific young lady. She gently stroked the tear birthmark at the corner of her eyes, the mark in which she had sealed her power.

Walking on the desolated green grass plain, a dazzling fire could be seen be behind her -- the base has been destroyed.

The early summer breeze faintly raised Qi Yōu’s black hair from her shoulder line, displaying her beauty in the open.

“Ah! What am I going to do?” Qi Yōu looked at the time on her cellphone in distress, “It’s already ten minute past nine o’clock? Oh no! Little Ao and the others are going to nag like broken records. I have to return without delay.”

After walking for a bit, Qi Yōu pathetically realized that she got lost once again…… ever since she sealed her power in order to conceal the aura, she could not rely on her intuition to accurately pinpoint direction. As the result, she’s now just a person with a poor sense of direction.

Seeing a building up ahead, Qi Yōu’s eyes shined as she headed over with a grin. She conveniently straighten out her hair while rubbing her delicate cheeks. She also took out an eye glasses with enormous black frame from her pocket. It can’t be helped, looking too beautiful is kind of a mistake.

The building turned out to be an abandoned chemical factory. Just when Qi Yōu was about to turn around and leave, she overheard the noise of someone talking. So she gently pushed open that rusted iron doors to take a closer look.

Before Qi Yōu could even react, police siren noise echoed behind her back. Then immediately afterward, an arm came forth from the opening, and she was pulled inside the building without pity. With a sound of a “bang”, two men dressed in yellow protective gear promptly shut the iron door tight.

The man who grabbed Qi Yōu by the arm then flung her down on the ground. After that, a masked man spoke with a hoarse voice: “How did the police arrive here so quickly?!

One of the man replied: “Boss, the special force is here too!”

“Tch! ***!3 Put all the hostages together before the camera!” The man who was addressed as boss ordered.

The other two men followed his order by dragging three other women, who were crying and trembling endlessly with dishevel appearances. They were unceremoniously tossed right beside Qi Yōu.

Qi Yōu pouted her lips. With her power sealed, she was not pleased of how she’s like an ordinary person. Although her body possessed great agility, being thrown to the ground with her guard down was extremely painful to the buttocks! Just you wait when this old mother goes all out, she won’t hesitate in chopping these three men up!

“Attention to the people inside, you have been completely surrounded ! Surrender immediately!” A man outside with a loudspeaker persuaded in an authoritative tone.

The boss spitted on the ground in response: “Tch, telling me to surrender, you must have a *** donkey in your brain!”

One of the men beside him also scolded loudly: “F***, they are going to send special force against prison escapees, they must be crazy!”

“Oh ! We are at a chemical factory, so they have no other choice but to send them!” Another man spoke as he placed a half meter tall metal barrel right in front of the door, and he inserted an unlit torch right in the center of the rock piles in preparation for ignition.

“Attention to the people inside, we will give you one minute to exit from the front door. Otherwise, we would enforce with the use of force!” The police officer, who was holding a loudspeaker and taking cover behind police car, yelled against the closed door.

“Turn on the camera! Let’s give the garbage outside a look!” The boss commanded.

Immediately, the image of four female hostages appeared on the screen of miniature television right beside the chemical factory entrance.

Officer Huang, the one with the loudspeaker, was startled. The intelligence report never mentioned anything about hostages in their possession?

“Release the hostages--”

The boss unpleasantly brought out his own loudspeaker and interrupted officer Huang’s words: “Tch, enough with your bulls***. If you don’t want them to die, then prepare a helicopter and thirty million in cash !”

Looking at the three women with obscured looks and a woman with a light blue sportswear jacket, officer Huang disdainfully thought to himself. The four captive women most likely had inhaled the toxic gas fume while inside the chemical factory, and now they want to exchange them for thirty million? They are the ones eating bulls***!

“Release the hostages, it doesn’t have to be resolved this way! A prison sentence is always better than a death sentence !” Officer Huang continued to persuade.

The boss coldly humphed, then yelled out: “Ten minutes! If I don’t see the helicopter and the money in ten minutes, everyone will perish with me together!” Afterward, the loudspeaker was tossed aside with a “bang” noise.

Qi Yōu kept her face in low profile as much as possible, while she was contemplating on how to subdue the three men without being seen by the camera. While she might be a woman with exceptional skills, there’s no doubt that she would attract unwanted attention from the sea of people outside! When that happened, being drafted into special service would be the least of her worries. If her three sons discovered her like this, she wouldn’t be able to get out of the mess cleanly even if she was to take a dive into the Yellow River!

Outside the chemical factory, a military hummer arrived on the scene. Officer Huang was the first one to realized it as he hurriedly ran over to receive the newcomers. Oh, by the name of his ancestors, that special vehicle belonged to the commander in chief, the one who commands the armed forces of two provinces including City A!

Although the police department is not under the jurisdiction of the military, officer Huang stood perfectly straight before the hummer’s passenger door and saluted solmely: “Good day chief !”

A man exited from the vehicle. He was wearing a well-trimmed military uniform with strong and vigorous body disposition. He had a steadfast look on his face, along with handsome facial features. His whole body was enveloped in an iron-like bloodlust, and his tight lips was a demonstration of cold-heartedness. That pair of eyes were as sharp as an eagle that no others would dare to look straight at.

Another military uniformed man also exited from the the driver side, and he quickly ran behind to his side. Even though his imposing influence had a significant discrepancy with the former, he was still considered handsome hearty.

“Chief, what’s the matter?” The man who exited the vehicle later asked the man in front.

“It’s nothing.” Qi Jie saw officer Hang and plainly asked him: “What’s the situation? Even the special force has been mobilized.”

“Reporting chief! Three criminals broke out from the prison, and they entrenched themselves inside the chemical factory. As a precautionary to prevent possible chemical leak which may endanger citizens’ lives, the police department had requested the assistance of special force.”

“What’s happening now? Why isn’t this taken care of already? Three criminals somehow managed to cause such a big mess, disgraceful!” Zhao Cheng said with a sneer.

Officer Huang’s facial complexion darkened with rage, but he wouldn’t dare to rebuke against him. Zhao Cheng might be the personal driver for the chief, but he’s nonetheless a major general in military rank.

“Actually, the criminals had taken four hostages inside. They are demanding us to prepare a helicopter and thirty million in cash. I had already ordered one of my subordinates to negotiate with the upper echelon on this matter.” Officer Huang replied.

“What? Thirty million? Even a helicopter too? Such a large appetite!” The eyes of Zhao Cheng widened as he shouted out.

Once he heard of the word hostages, Qi Jie felt something was amiss. He walked several steps toward the door and took a closer look. Just from that short glance, the pupil of his eyes suddenly shrunk ! Heaven sake! Thatt women who was wearing the light blue sportswear jacket, isn’t that his derailed mommy?

“Dammit! Why is she in this sort of place! Qi Jie cursed under his breath as he moved forward in quick steps.

Zhao Cheng had never seen the chief reacted like this before. He promptly closed the car door and followed him immediately afterward. Officer Huang was sparsely confused and uncertain of what’s happening. However, he was not slow witted and realized that it is something very important. So he hurriedly caught up with them.


1. [The Chinese name in the raw is Rui Ke Si (瑞克斯). Unlike most other character names in this series, this one actually has an English counterpart, which roughly translates into Rick. However, this character also similar spelling/ pronouncation to Met-rx, an American brand nutritional supplements. I am not certain if this is a deliberate reference by the author, but I will name him Rix for the time being. ]

2. [For the name of the female main character, I purposely added the pinging tone mark (the little horizontal line on ō ) on her first name. The reason for that is because MC is frequently addressed by her first name “You” without her surname “Qi”. For the sake of avoiding confusion, the pinging mark should help readers in differentiating between the MC first name “Yōu” and the pronoun “You”. ]

3. [In the raw, the author opted to fully censor the swear words, so I can’t really tell what **** is. Even though Al has low level in vulgar comprehension, I assure you that the translator is not deliberately censoring random s*** ]


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