My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 57

Translated by Aletx

Now that the Al has taken two translation projects, I wonder if people will start to think HarHar Translation is exclusive site host for “Mensao” theme novels? Not sure if this specialty is a good or bad thing for Al’s image  …

Also I have changed the name of MC’s younger brother from Little Bei to Xiao Bei. It’s mostly a consistency sake that has been bugging me from previous translator. The name should either remain as pingying “Xiao Bei” (小北) or literal english translation  “Little North”. A hybrid of both seem a bit awkward.

The changes has been applied to all previous chapter on this site.

Also if you crave for sugar/ fluffiness, check out the latest chapter of Sons, Too Mensao. Anyway, enjoy.


Gu Qi Qi bit her lips as she raised her eyes slightly.

Separated by a small window, she saw sudden movement with Gong Jue’s cold lips inside the medical room.

She leaned closer and wanted to hear what Gong Jue was talking about. Is he awakened already?

As the result, she didn’t catch what Gong Jue was saying. However, she overheard Bai Lang’s voice: “That little alluring woman Qi Qi……gauging for your money……”

Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrows frowned, then she quickly glanced at Bai Lang who was lazily lying down on the couch chair.

Is that his friend?

Is he speaking behind her back?

Gong Jue didn’t seem to be showing any facial expression. Could it possibly be that he’s agreeing to what his friend was saying?

While she was pondering, door of the medical room suddenly opened. Adjutant walked out: “Qi——”

Gu Qi Qi hurriedly stepped back and beckoned wildly with her arms.

Adjutant closed his mouth and zipped his lips with a hand gesture. He chuckled softly while he led her to the far end of the hallway. Then he took out a piece of black card and gave it to her: “The chief said that you may spend the money in the card as you wish.”

Gu Qi Qi didn’t take notice of that card: “Is he awaked? Is he out of danger now?”

“All thanks to young master Bai’s treatment, please rest assured lady Qi Qi. In regard to the card that you’re holding right now, Gong Jue said that he’s apologetic for setting your money ablazed last time.

The eyebrows of Gu Qi Qi faintly raised.

Why did he suddenly give money to her?

She could not believe the reasoning explained by Adjutant.

That manner of speaking simply did not belong to Gong Jue.

He’s apologetic?

How could that one of the kind impotent man possess such high level emotion of being “apologetic”?

At best, he would use the almsgiving tone of “woman, I will allow you to use this card.”

Or perhaps he would coldly said: “Woman, you still owe me one hundred million in compensation from previous time. If you use my card again, don’t even think you will be able to pay everything back; even if you work like an ox and horse for the rest of your lifetime!”1

I don’t need this card.” Without a trace of greediness, the eyes of Gu Qi Qi remained clear.

“Then without any better option, this subordinate would have to inform the chief that you personally visited him in concern of his condition. Perhaps you would like to speak with him in person……”

“That……won’t be necessary. I will just keep this for safekeeping.”

“Uhm, that’s also fine. It’s not like he has a place to spend money on. He has a simple livelihood, and he didn’t go around messing with other woman……”

“Adjutant, don’t tell him that I dropped by.”

Gu Qi Qi interrupted him, and turned away and left.

Adjutant embarrassingly scratched his head.

While he was thinking out loud: “Was there a problem with my lines? Did lady Qi Qi notice that I was doing my uttermost of sticking gold to chief’s face?2 Sigh chief, do you have any idea how much effort I put just for the sake of your happiness. I am about to become an old matchmaker……”

Gu Qi Qi returned back to the bedroom.

The clock was pointing directly at seven o’clock straight.

She reckoned that the aunty3 in the nursery home should be awake for duty.

She made a telephone call without delay.

“Aunty Liu, you gave me a phone call on that day in regard to some urgent matter? How is my younger brother?”

“How could you as an older sister be acting so irresponsible!”

“I am truly sorry for that. There was an unexpected situation on that day, and my cellphone……”

“Okay! Enough with the nonsense, quickly prepare the payment.”

‘What happened to Xiao Bei?”

When Gu Qi Qi heard of the word payment, her heart became unsettled.

Her voice carried some degree of anxiety.

However, the call receiver impatiently replied: “Your father still owns half of year worth of health expenses for Gu Xiao Bei, a total amount of 2.8 million. On this month, Gu Xiao Bei had an infection to his eyes, and he required a surgery operation in addition to intensive care accommodation. There’s a two hundred thousand follow-up cost! Ya’ll must hurriedly transfer 3 million in payment, otherwise you can wait until your younger brother’s lose his eyes for good!”

The heart of Gu Qi Qi tightened. Xiao Bei had an eye infection?

Gu Qiu Shan owed a debt?

That’s right, in her past life Gu Qiu Shan hardly provide any payment for Xiao Bei’s medical care in later stage. He’s also unwilling to permit Xiao Bei to live in a better quality nursery home. Instead, he was thrown into welfare agency, and she has to perform private surgery in order to pay for her little brother’s medical care.

Unfortunately, she only realized those hard earned money was never used for Xiao Bei’s care until she’s at death door.

And in this lifetime, Gu Qiu Shan’s heartless was much more rapid and furthless as before.

1. [To work like an ox and horse (做牛做馬) is an idiom for act of working extremely hard. Ox and horse are frequently used as labor power on farm, hence the two animals are symbol of hard work.]

2. [Sticking gold to one’s face (臉上貼金) is phrase for praising yourself or your friend to others. Essentially, you are improving others impression of certain individual, whether it’s for good or bad intention.]

3. [Aunty can be used more than just maternal aunt. It can be used to address nursemaid or childcare worker. ]


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  1. It seems to be raining on QiQi again. That piece of work for a father has hit an all time low.. Qi Qi find a way to get your brother out of that nursing home and marry the Chief.


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