Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 2

Translated by Aletx

PSA: If your sugar level ever reaches critical level from reading this series , Al highly recommend treatment methods such as insulin injection, intense exercise to burn off the sugary energy, or take a break by punching a hole on the wall with your fist.



“Chief?” Officer Huang was very nervous, and he was unsure what to do next. He could already sense the low pressure emitting from Qi Jie.

Qi Jie lifted up officer Huang by his uniform collar and roared: “What? Speak up! Dammit all!” Qi Jie released his hold on the officer’s collar and picked up the loudspeaker: “Attention to those inside,release a portion of the hostages in advance!”

When the boss heard the chief’s demand, he picked up the loudspeaker and yelled out in response: “That’s out of the question. The helicopter and cash haven’t arrived yet!”

“There is a potential chemical leak inside the building! If anything happened to the hostages’ well beings, they would have no exchange value!” Even though Qi Jie was still tensed and enraged, he still hadn’t lose his rationality.

“That…” The boss was in an awkward position. It was certain that the chemical fume had already entered into these women’s body system. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be wearing protect suits for the entire day. So much so that they even refrained from laying their hands on the females for three days!

The boss turned around and looked at the four female hostages behind. The moment when he saw Qi Yōu, his eyes flashed. Afterward, he yelled out with the loudspeaker: “We will now be releasing three hostages in good faith!”

The two accomplices understood their boss’s idea. They pulled up the three women on their feets, slightly opened the iron door, and roughly shoved them outside.

Qi Yōu trembled in fear. She was fortunate that she wasn’t the one being released. Otherwise, she would be squeezed through the narrow iron door opening. The feeling of being squished would definitely be unpleasant!

Qi Jie’s eyebrows raised as he coldly looked at the three women who were lamenting to heaven with their heads against the earth.1 Then he irritably shouted at them: “Shut your **** mouth!”

The three women were so intimidated that they instantly became silent. One of them even urinated.

Qi Jie with a resentful frown asked: “That remaining woman inside, when was she captured?”

One of the women in the middle wearing a red clothes replied in a shaky voice: “She…she was captured only just a moment ago.”

“Escort them out.” Qi Jie received valuable information. He now knew that Qi Yōu had entered the chemical factory just a moment ago, so she shouldn’t be significantly affected by the chemical fume. He was also certain that she’s detained right before the door entrance. After giving some thoughts into the situation, his heart relaxed a bit.

Once Zhao Cheng sent the three women to the hospital, he noticed that the chief seem to be showing a great deal of concern to the remaining female hostage that hadn’t been released yet. Judging by his first look at her, that woman was wearing a black frame glasses, and her hair was covering a substantial view of her face. Because of the far distance, he couldn’t tell how beautiful the woman is. However, if she’s the woman that the chief had fallen for, it is certain that she would be exceptional.

Five minutes had passed, Zhao Cheng ran over and said to Qi Jie: “Chief, the men are assembled. The helicopter is arriving in three minutes, and the arrangement for the thirty million should be completed in four minutes.

“How many men?” Qi Jie blinked as he was closely looking at Qi Yōu through the miniature television screen. She had a pouted lips, her head was slightly lowered, and both of her arms were clutching her own clothes. The way how she was clutching the sportswear jacket was similar manner to how his own nervous heart twitched at the moment.

Zhao Cheng covered his mouth and whispered: “Five airborne and Fifty ground force from the A army.” He knew that chief didn’t have much confidence with the special force, and he most certainly wouldn’t be satisfied with some miscellaneous troops. Mobilizing the A army, which was under the chief’s direct command, should be the right call.

Qi Jie was very satisfied with Zhao Cheng’s arrangement. As he nodded in approval and was about to order the men to take action, he found that Qi Yōu had disappeared on the television!

“What’s happening!”

“Eh?” Zhao Cheng was startled as he looked at the screen, then he gasped in deep breath. The chief’s important woman was gone!

As it turns out, Qi Yōu couldn’t stand the chemical fume leaking inside the chemical factory. So she ordered Rix to take her outside of the door. Rix power was considered on the elder level, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to teleport a person without being detected. Once he had safely teleported Qi Yōu outside of the door, he quickly became invisible and returned back to another base. Although his power signature was exposed just momentarily, the person had already teleported himself to Europe as a precautionary to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Once Qi Yōu’s feet reached the ground, she ran in flying speed. As it should be, her running form was not as elegant in comparison when she was in a mission. Afterall, she’s a weak and delicate good mommy, so she has to spend extra effort in preserving that image.

Meanwhile, Qi Jie was about to rush forth into the building personally. Then he saw a light blue figure who was rushing forth from the iron door entrance. That person rushed headlong into his arm embraces, whose rose filled fragrance instantly gave away the person’s identity

“Little Jie, mommy is afraid.” The sweet yet trembling voice echoed from Qi Jie’s chest.

Qi Jie’s iron-like arms tightly wrapped around Qi Yōu’s waist, and he could feel the person trembling slightly in his embrace. Realizing that she must be scared, Qi Jie hurriedly stroked her head with one hand while soothing her: “It’s okay, it’s okay. You are safe.” Ever since he had reached adulthood, he didn’t like to call Qi Yōu mommy anymore. The reason was because it would make him feel that being together with her forever would be impossible.

Qi Jie thought that Qi Yōu was afraid, but little did he realize that Qi Yōu was actually smiling with joy in her heart. When she finally smiled enough, she deliberately raised her head with tears in her eyes. Her beautiful slender finger pointed at the door and said with a pouted face: “Little Jie, they threw me to the ground, my buttocks hurts!”

That sobbing voice softened Qi Jie’s chilly heart in an instant. Looking at where Qi Yōu’s finger was pointing, his eyes turned dark and cold with a faint of bloodlust.

The people inside the building seem to notice that Qi Yōu had disappeared, as they began to panic on the television screen.

“Behave yourself, go inside the car and I will take care of it immediately.” Qi Jie softly said. The eyes of Zhao Cheng nearly fell out from their sockets just by watching this scene. He had served under the chief for almost three years, yet he had never seen the chief acting soft hearted to anyone before. Heh, this woman is truly incredible. If it weren’t for her bangs obstructing her facial features, her true delicate look would be revealed.

Qi Yōu continued to pout her lips with a displeased look: “No! They threw me roughly to the ground! It’s really painful!”

Qi Jie with a slight helpless look on his face, continued to pamper her without limit: “What does Yōu want?”2

‘Humph, life sentenced prisoners who escaped from captivity, held hostages, and threatened citizens by plotting to destroy the chemical factory. How should they be dealt with in accordance with Huaxia law?”

Zhao Cheng immediately replied: “Da Sao3, I know! Immediate execution!” Hehe, even if that’s not doable, everything the chief ordered must be accomplished. Da Sao was so incredible that she could influence the chief. From now on, he too must properly curry favor with her!

Qi Yōu frowned, the words ‘Da Sao’…it made her sound old!

On the other hand, Qi Jie actually raised his lips seemingly as he was smiling. It looks like young Zhao has the right eyesight to make discerning judgement.4

1. [Lamenting to heaven with their heads against the earth (哭天搶地) is an idiom of describing someone in deep grief. To the point that wailing could reach the heaven, and head shouting toward the ground.]

2. [As mentioned on the footnote from previous chapter, he’s calling by her first name.]

3. [Da Sao (大嫂) is a respectful title/ name with multiple meanings. It can be used to address an older brother’s wife, or sisters in law, or elder women who are married. ]

4. [The MC interpreted Da Sao as she’s being addressed as an old lady, while ML interpreted Da Sao as she’s his wife… Hence why ML is very delighted with Zhao’s judgement.]


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