My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 58

Translated by Aletx

Al was busy this week, since my semester just started. I might need to adjust my release schedule next time… not that Al really has one to begin with…

Sons, Too Mensao is released too.



Gu Qi Qi had a slight sense of regret.

Perhaps she shouldn’t send Gu Qiu Shan into prison this early.

After having second thoughts about it, the fact that Gu Qiu Shan already owned half of year worth of medical expenses clearly shown that he had given up on Xiao Bei.

Even if he’s not going to prison, it’s impossible for him to not spend anything for his son!

Haven’t she seen clearly enough of the so called morality and conduct of Gu household?

She still remembered the moment when she was being hanged on the blackboard, while Gu Xue Xue was crushing Xiao Bei’s eyes with her high heels. Rejoicing in other people’s misfortune, Gu Xue Xue delivered the last and final blow:

“Gu Qi Qi, don’t you know that your own biological father didn’t even want both of you! He will be marrying with my mother very soon, and I am actually his real daughter! He and my mother are true love, and he spent many years arranging a reasonable status for my mother, so that both of them could live together forever until old age! You are truly a fool for calling her aunt, you should call her stepmother!”

Her aunt is actually her stepmother!

That statement was really stunning.

She now realized that his father and her ‘aunt’ had an illicit relations for many years ago!

And it was true sweet love!

What about her mother then?

Gu Qi QI tightly gripped the cellphone, her finger joints were turning white from the grip exertion.

Through the telephone receiver, aunty Liu from the nursery home impatiently urged her: “Three million, did you hear me? If the payment weren’t delivered by the end of the mouth, then your little brother’s eye ought to be rotted!”

“I can perform surgery for him!” Gu Qi Qi blurted out.

In her past life, she was specialized at heart and eyes surgery.1

Although she didn’t have the current means in curing his little brother’s illness, but treating inflammation shouldn’t be a problem for her.

“Hoho, are you trying to pull an international joke with me? Gu Qi Qi, if you don’t have the money, then take your little brother and leave. Don’t be such a dog in the manger!”2 Aunty liu snarled as she hanged up the call.

Gu Qi Qi pursed her lips.

That’s right, how could she forget. She’s just a high school graduate……

Who would believe that she has the skills to perform surgery operation?

The imagine of the beautiful sick man appeared in her mind.

Perhaps only that man would believe her.

The nursery home’s staff definitely wouldn’t allow her to perform surgery, so she wouldn’t have access to a sterilized surgery room environment nor eyes equipments.

Even if she knew how to conduct a surgery, who would dare to allow her to operate in the surgery room?

Gu Qi Qi couldn’t help but felt anxious. If only she could begin her university earlier.

Perhaps she could borrow the university laboratory.

But her admission was only registered a while ago, and it would take some time for the university to accept the application……

Xiao Bei’s condition couldn’t wait any longer.

Rotted eyes……

Gu Qi Qi practically couldn’t bear to imagine it.

However, three million in payment!

That’s not a small amount.

In the palm of her hand, she could feel the bodily warmth from the black card that was given by Gong Jue.

However, Gu Qi Qi merely glanced at it once, then tossed it into the drawer.

She shouldn’t use the impotent man’s money.

If she did, then she would truly be a woman acting with ulterior motives, just as predicted by Bai Lang.

Borrowing money from Xiao Ning? That won’t do. Xiao Ning is still occupied with the possible pregnancy problem herself.

Hot about borrowing money from that beautiful sick man? Then repaid him double the amount in the future?

Gu Qi Qi’s hand trembled as she opened her cell phone contact list.

That’s strange, the beautiful sick man’s phone number unexpectedly disappeared without a trace?

Did she forget to save the number?

Or could it be that impotent man sensely searched her phone and deleted it?

Gu Qi Qi took a deep breath: “Perhaps heaven is putting me on a test, that I shouldn’t rely on anyone but myself! Borrowing money is no exception!”

Very well, it looks like she has to rely on herself.

However, how is she going to earn load of money as a highschool graduate?

That tiny voice from her mind finally couldn’t hold back and became wild with joy: “Little Qi QI, my dear master, have you finally thought through everything? Are you ready to go all out and earn lots of money?”

Gu Qi Qi frowned: “The method you mentioned about earning money, is it collecting……that fluid from man?”

That method of earning money is beyond disgusting.

But for the sake of treating his little brother illness, would it be worthwhile to try that disgusting method?

In her mind, that tiny voice was laughing so hard as if it was rolling on the ground on its stomach—— assuming it had a stomach to roll with.

“Little Qi Qi, you are too dirty minded……What I am asking you to collect is……”

1. [The proper English translation for “eye” in this line is actually ophthalmology, the medicine branch specialized at eyes. But I figured since it is not really a common word, I have decided to simplify it for reading ease.]

2. [Don’t be such a dog in the manger (別佔著茅坑不拉屎) is a phrase that is used to mock selfish person for occupying something when he/she is not paying/ using. The origin of the idiom phase is actually based on a story where a dog  is taking shelter in a horse manger and eating its feed, while it was taking the space/ food from the horse. ]


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      1. You have to think of us as addicts. We need more aand more and it will be never enought. And really thanks for this chapter


  1. It’s good to know that she has a way out in earning lots of money… I’m looking forward to meeting her brother too.
    Thank you very much for a new release of chapter!
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  2. If she could relax a bit she might see beyond the rigid actions of the chief. He seems to becoming aware of possible feelings for her.

    Thank you for continuing with this novel


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