Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 3

Translated by Aletx

Not sure why, this chapter took too dam long for me to finish. Plus Al’s semister just started, which didn’t help at all.

My Chief Husband, Too Mensao is released too.

Enjoy the fluffiness.


Qi Yōu decided to vent out her anger first, then discuss about the ‘Da Sao’ problem later, “Little Jie, you heard of what he just said, you should carry it out……my buttocks……it hurts……” Her glistering teardrops sparkled once again.

Qi Jie originally didn’t intend on letting the three criminals off the hook, but when he heard Qi Yōu was persistently emphasizing that her buttocks ached, his heart became incessantly sorrowful. Since these men would likely be given death sentence once they had been recaptured, why not just execute them on the spot for ‘resisting arrest’!

The only remaining matter--

“I will take care of it, it will absolutely meet your satisfaction. Take shelter inside the car with young Zhao.” He didn’t wish to scare the woman in his embrace with the ensuring gunfire.

“That’s right Da Sao. The chief will deal those three bastards. Let’s return inside the car and wait for him to finish everything.” Zhao Cheng saw the eye signal from Qi Jie, then he hurriedly said.

Qi Yōu softly humphed with a snort, “Then make it quick, I have return and massage my little buttocks.”

Qi Jie’s face flushed slightly red, then he coughed lightly: “Understood.”

Qi Yōu and Zhao Cheng got inside a police car not far away. Once the car doors were closed, she threw herself on the car window with excitement and watched the situation outside.

Zhao Cheng thought Qi Yōu was being curious, so he said: “Da Sao, it might become bloody later on, it would be best if you don’t look outside.” However, his mind was thinking that Da Sao was considered an outstanding woman. She was definitely not soft against those who offended her!”

Qi Yōu picked her pretty eyebrows and pouted her lips as her leaning posture remained unchanged: “Then I have to watch over him even more closely, what happen if danger befalls him?” This old mother had raised him for eighteen years, ok? If he were killed, who will she find and cry with?

Zhao Cheng wanted to laugh when he heard this. How could the chief ever be in danger? However, this woman seem to be concerned with the chief, it’s no wonder that the chief took a liking to her.

Even though the three criminals had dangerous materials in possession and be willing to perish along with everyone else, the troops led by Qi Jie are no empty boast. The five paratroopers quick and effortlessly controlled the situation, while the fifty ground forces took the initiative. Three minutes later, the criminals were subdued, but they were killed on the spot for ‘excessiveness’ in resisting arrest.

Throughout the process, neither the police nor the special forces had the opportunity to act. The men brought by Qi Jie had settled everything. Once again, he left traces of shock and awe in these people’s hearts.

Qi Jie was taking large steps while walking toward the police car. When he saw Qi Yōu who was leaning close on the window and looking at him, his lips pulled slightly into a smile. He opened the car door slowly and extended his hand to her: “ Yōu, let’s head back home together.”

Qi Yōu nodded in agreement while she was massaging her buttocks in grievance. Honestly speaking, the two bones on her buttocks did truly hurt a bit.

Holding Qi Yōu by the waist, Qi Jie picked her up and softly said: “We will be going back now, just bear with it.”

Zhao Cheng kept his head down for the whole time. He didn’t want to look at Qi Jie who was acting soft and warm hearted. He was afraid the ruthless image of his chief would be destroyed forever.


Qi Yōu lay down on the bed, with a meter sixty tall white teddy bear against her back. She obediently stretched out her arm, which was currently fiddled around by a man wearing a white coat.

Once the inspection was completed, Qi Jie immediately asked: “How is she?” Although his voice had regained its former coldness, Zhao Cheng could still hear the nervousness in his voice.

Earlier, Zhao Cheng secretly glanced around the room. This was the first time he had visited the chief’s residence. The chief’s personal file was completely controlled by himself. With the exception of the chief’s name, nobody else were aware of all other chief’s personal information such as where he lived.

It appeared that this was the bedroom for Da Sao, who had just taken off her glasses and revealed her true beauty that was beyond human comparison. It turned out that the chief and Da Sao were already living together! When Zhao Cheng saw the house blended with pinkness, he didn’t expect the chief to have preference with this kind of cute girl. It was fortunate that Da Sao looked like twenty-something years old, otherwise he would mistaken that the chief was a paedophilia.

“Reporting chief! Da Sao didn’t have any problem. The chemical fume didn’t enter into her body.” Xue Wu Hai, a military doctor that Qi Jie brought from the base, answered. He’s specialized in medicine and poison research, and was considered one of the few trusted subordinates of Qi Jie.

Qi Yōu’s lips pouted. Why is she being called Da Sao once again? Does she really look that old?

Noticing that Qi Yōu was pouting with a frown look, Qi Jie walked to the bedside and tightly embraced Qi Yōu while asking: “What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

When Xue Wu Hai heard the chief’s tone, his eyeballs widened so much that it could roll off the sockets. Then he gave an inquiry glance toward Zhao Cheng.

Zhao Cheng shrugged his shoulder, expressing that the chief you saw just now was not a counterfeit.

The eyes of Xue Wu Hai blinked, then he looked at the sunny sky outside of the door. That’s strange, if it there’s no red rain now, does this mean it will rain bullets next?

“Tell them to each stop calling me Dao Sao!” Qi Yōu tightly gripped Qi Jie’s jacket while she said unpleasantly.

Qi Jie’s body stiffened in shock. Is she not accepting even an address title? Don’t tell me that I can’t be the man that could be with her together all the time?

When Zhao Cheng and the other saw the shocked look on Qi Jie’s face, they immediately knew that it must be difficult to bear for the chief. They immediately tried to sooth the situation: “Dao Sao, our chief is only--”

“Young Zhao!” Qi Jie interrupted Zhao Cheng’s words and coldly said:” from now on, do not call her Da Sao.”

“That’s right! Da Sao? I am not that old?” Qi Yōu is very unhappy! As a woman, the most tangled problem is when others call her old, even though she’s really three hundred and thirty three years old……1

Qi Jie stared blankly, that’s the reason why she didn’t want to be called Da Sao?

As the result, he laughed. Although it was not very obvious , but to Zhao Cheng and the other, that smile was more than enough to make people frightened.

Zhao Cheng and Xue Wu Hai looked at each other and thought of the same thing: The chief finally has a bane. Looking at the chief’s appearance now, it seem that this weakness was deep. They originally thought that the chief was ruthless and cold blood, and that he did not have any weakness. But now……sigh, if the chief took a liking to a female soldier or policewoman, at least they have the capacity to defend themselves. As for this delicately pretty woman……heaven sake. If someone were aware of this woman’s existence and threatened her against chief, they would be willing to bet that the chief would not hesitate to betray the country for her!

Qi Jie brought the two men to the door and coldly said: “Keep everything that happened today to yourself!”

“Yes!” The two men solemnly straightened their legs straight with military etiquette.

“Chief, if Da Sao won’t let us call her Da Sao, what will we call her instead?” Zhao Cheng scratched his hair in distress.

“She’s called Qi Yōu, you two can figure it out.”

“Qi Yōu? …… eh? Qi Yōu? Surname Qi?” Zhao Cheng uttered in shock.

Xue Wu Hai hit Zhao Cheng on the side of his skull with a “dong”, then disdainfully said: “Enough! If her surname is Qi, so what?”

Zhao Cheng wrinkled his nose as he glared right back at Xue Wu Hai.

“I will tell you when the time is right. Now both of you return back to base!”

‘Yes, chief!”

When Qi Jie entered Qi Yōu room, the hair on his skin stiffened when he saw her false smile. He sighed with a breath. It is only a matter of time when this happened, but it’s not like he was deliberately trying to hide it away from her.

“Little Jie.” Qi Yōu patted the side of the bed, urging him to sit down, and spoke: “Come, talk with mommy. What’s with this chief position? Leniency to those who confessed, severity to those who resist!”2 She had raised him for eighteen years, yet he dared to hide something from her!

Qi Jie passed a bottle of milk to Qi Yōu, then he said: “I joined the army four years ago. I entered the special force unit three years ago, and now I have been promoted to general and appointed as commander in chief of two provinces a year ago.”

Qi Yōu’s eyebrows slightly frowned. She placed down the milk and wrapped his neck with her arm. She unhappily said: “Little Jie, the two provinces of QiZhou and FuZhou are Huaxia’s economic core. Both are considered the capital’s important provinces, especially for city A which is located at the heart of the economic region. With you being the provinces’ commander in chief, the threats you faced would reckon be risky, are you certain about it?”

Qi Jie didn’t answer her directly. Instead he gently stroked Qi Yōu’s soft hair and placed his chin on the top of her head. He softly said: “Trust me Yōu.

I have spent four years of my time developing the skills for this position. I have the full capacity of protecting you and myself.”

Qi Yōu could only purse up her lips when he heard of Qi Jie’s words. She didn’t nag like what she usually did ordinarily. The three children that she picked up eighteen years ago oversea, the way how they are concealing something, was very similar to herself.

“Then you have to be careful. I have raised ya’ll for eighteen years. If one of you lose your lives, who else is going to take care of me when I get older?” Qi Yōu half jokingly said. However, only she knew the truth of the circumstances. Her power takes a very long time to restore. It could take one year, perhaps ten years, or even few hundred years. Qi Jie and the two others would no longer be living in hundred years.

“Understood.” Qi Jie didn’t say it clearly, but what he actually means is that” he will be growing old together with her.

1. [TL Comment: … *facepalm*]

2. [Leniency to those who confessed, severity to those who resist (坦白從寬,抗拒從嚴), a 8 worded idiom phrase. Basically a lenient punishment be given to those who confessed, but a severe punishment to those who resisted from telling the truth.]


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