My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 59

Translated by Aletx

Al is alive. My family visited from oversea. During their stay, I have discovered the most entertaining way of annoying someone in an adorable/ innocent manner: by poking my infant nephew in the cheek/ palm… his reaction is priceless xD

The release drought should end in a week once the school work/ family visit are settled down.

Sons, Too Mensao will be released tomorrow, along with another chapter of Chief Husband.



The tiny voice tone carried a smear of mischief: “Darling is asking you to collect emotion! An enthusiastic kind of emotion!”

“What kind of emotion?” Gu Qi Qi knitted her eyebrows.

“For instance, the intensive passion for love……” The tiny voice sniggered.

Gu Qi Qi’s face darkened: “Be serious! Or else I will choke you to death!”

The tiny voice shivered: “No no, I am speaking truth! Darling is being serious! Love is one type of seven affections and six desires!1 Moreover, its particular intense effect could even be rated first among the rest. Using that chief as an example, if you are willing to approach him, talking with him intimately, then seducing him…hehe… you can capture his heart by becoming lovey dovey from day to night with your body and collecting profound passion of love……we will be rich!”

The eyebrows of Gu Qi Qi furrowed even further: “Explain the other alternative options.

“Oh. that was the shortcuts. Are you sure you don’t want to take that into consideration? If you fall for him, you can effortless earn lots and lots of……”

“Shut up, explain the alternatives.”

“Very well. There are indeed other options. For example, the emotion of adoration and gratefulness. Aren’t you well versed in medicine practice? You can treat disease to save sick patients. On, that’s right. The last time you saved that beautiful sick man, you have earned quite an amount of lust point.”

“Lust point? What’s that?”

“Cough cough. It’s actually called energy point. Darling got used to calling it lust point by habit. It’s probably more fitting this way.” The tiny voice laughed in a cheerful manner.

Gu Qi Qi became speechless momentarily.

This little scoundrel is a bit lustful. It keeps encouraging her to collect something. So much so that it frequently incited her to throw herself at the impotent man.

Not that there’s anything exciting about it if his allergic reaction were to be triggered.

But she’s really curious to what sort of being is that little scoundrel. Why does it keep appearing in her mind?

“What’s so useful about energy point? Also are you some kind of ghost?”

“Cough cough cough, my master. Darling is not a ghost, but it’s your little cutie, a little pet. Looking, darling is right down here!”

Gu Qi Qi followed the voice’s guidance as she bended her head and looked down.

She saw her own pair of big steamed stuffed buns, as if peaches were sticking out from her body.

Her face turned red: “You rogue!”

The tiny voice answered in grievance: “I did not place myself there on purpose. It was you the one who put me down there……”

Gu Qi Qi’s lips twitched as she suddenly aware of something.

She lowered her head once again and grab hold on the silver necklace on her bosoms.

The jewelry quality, which was hanging by her neck, didn’t seem very remarkable. It was a dull gray colored crystal sculptured into a little turtle.

When her pair of eyes looked directly into the little turtle’s crystal eyes, it unexpectedly blinked its eyes.

Gu Qi Qi was startled.

This necklace was one of the remnants left behind by her mother.

Gu Qi Qi was killed on the day of her twenty-eighth birthday.

The items that her mother left for her was kept at a safe inside the Swiss Bank. It was agreed that it could only be opened when she has the marriage certificate, or on her twenty-eighth birthday.

In past life, Mu Liu Chuan constantly seek marriage with her. However, she kept postponing it, and she didn’t respond to his marriage proposal all along because she was more concerned with her little brother’s illness.

As the result, Gu Mei Feng accompanied her to go abroad and collect the renments on her twenty-eighth birthday. She tossed this inexpensive looking crystal necklace to her. The other items will be inspected with Gu Qiu Shan together once they had returned to Gu household.

However, before she even returned back to the Gu household, she was knocked unconscious and abducted to an abandoned classroom. By which she was suspended on the blackboard and her life finally ended on the scene.

What other remnants did her mother leave for her?

She had no way of knowing from her past life.

Could it possibly be that the Gu Mei Feng and her daughter had the desire for her mother’s remnants, so that she kept instigating her marriage with Mu Liu Chuan?

Perhaps the reasons why she was killed on that day: Firstly, she was no longer needed to work herself to death by operating surgery for money because Gu Qi Qi was going to be married with Mu Liu Chuan. Secondly, since they had gained possession of her mother’s remnants, her biggest exploitation value had already been extracted!

1. [Seven affections and six desires (七情六欲) is body(?) elements, originated from Buddhism and Confucianisms teaching.  There are some degree of variation, but the seven affections are: joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments, and affection. The six desires are: lust, vanity, dignity, pleasant sounds, good life/death, and sensual pleasures. ]


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8 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 59

  1. Oh, it’s a big revelation in this chapter! It is indeed a rebirth novel :). I also hope in the next chapter we will see a little bit more of the mensao Male lead.
    Thank you for your translation!


  2. Oh, there is a big revelation in this chapter! It is indeed a rebirth novel :). I also hope in the next chapter we will see a little bit more of the mensao Male lead.
    Thank you for your translation!


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