Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 4

Translated by Aletx

Player 2 has joined the game. You know what that means…

My Chief Husband, Too Mensao also released.

Enjoy the fluffiness.


*SFX of door knob turning*, the milky white European- style door opened little by little. A man, who had a slender short black hair and dressed in a white shirt, entered into the bedroom. A woman with kitten-like sleeping posture appeared in the reflection of his pair of black pupil eyes, which could make all living things lose themselves by its brilliance. His slender body figure was concealing the sense of strength that was capable of erupting at a moment of notice. A white and beautiful finger, as if it was from a talented pianist, gently brushed the side of woman’s face. Every single movement was extremely graceful, yet fully brimmed with utmost love.

“Yōu, it’s time to wake up.” Qi Ao gently pinched Qi Yōu’s cheek. Her skin was as smooth as a shell less egg. His heart became undulated whenever he admiringly fondled with it.

Since she was in a familiar home environment, there was no need for Qi Yōu to be on her guard. Therefore she was only aware of Qi Ao’s presence until he entered the bedroom. After she recognized that familiar odor, she resumed in deep slumber.


“Ooh……” Qi Yōu brushed off the hand that was lingering on her cheek when she finally opened her eyes.

Once Qi Yōu eyes were fully opened, Qi Ao got up and pulled the window curtain open. Without the curtain’s obstruction, the sunshine ray from outside entered the room one after the other in a single file.

“Come, change your clothes.” Qi Ao entered the wardrobe and picked a set of clothes for Qi Yōu. Then he handed it over to her.

Qi Yōu nodded with her head in daze as she received the clothes. Then she entered the wardrobe.

While Qi Ao was looking at the half opened wardrobe, he could hear the rustling noise of she dressing her clothes. He hurriedly covered his nose as his nose became scorching hot. Then he spoke with an undisturbed tone to the greatest extent: “I am going to prepare breakfast, come out once you have done changing.”

“Oh, understood.” She spoke out loud while she was still changing her clothes, the ‘offender’ was completely aware of what had transpired.

Qi Ao exited the bedroom, and took a deep breath of air. Each of the three brothers took turn in waking Qi Yōu up. Telling her to get out of bed every time was always this blissful, yet suffering at the same time.1

Eighteen years ago when he was only seven years old, Qi Yōu “picked” three of them up when she was only fifteen years old. He and Qi Jie were aware that Qi Yōu’s ability to accomplish things was great. She had a smart mind, but she was a real life idiot. The three of them, who grew up with golden spoons, had basic knowledge of life, yet Qi Yōu didn’t even know what Chinese Yuan is. She didn’t even know the common sense of making a living!

Recalling the scene with the beach at night, Qi Ao couldn’t help but wished to laughed heartily. He remembered at that time when Qi Yōu abducted them in the most scoundrel yet bizared grace. Her eyes flickered with radiance, which were truly pretty to look at.

Eighteen years had passed, even though they were the ones who often times took care of her, she really really genuinely love them. Although this love was not the romantic kind of love that they desired, yet it still created warmth in their hearts.

Qi Jie entered the hall and saw Qi Ao, who was leaning against the wall. By looking at his facial complexion, he knew that he was reminiscing the past. Qi Jie smiled as he started to arrange the utensils.

Qi Ao also aware of Qi Jie, as he too smiled and helped him with the setup.

The moment when Qi Yōu exited from the bedroom and entered the dining hall around the corner, she saw the harmonious scene . Perhaps she might have been betrayed or hurted by her family from the clan, but at least she would never be betrayed in the Qi household that she had personally crafted.

“Eh? Where’s my little Xun?” When Qi Yōu pulled open the white European style chair and tapped the utensils, she suddenly discovered that her adorable little son was missing.

It seem that Qi Yōu always like to add the word “my” whenever she called that little bastard Qi Xun. Qi Ao and Qi Jie very much did not feel pleased in regard to this, yet there was nothing they could do about it.

“There’s still a month left until the university entrance exam. He went to the school early to study.” Qi Ao skillfully spoke a lie on behalf of Qi Xun.

Qi Yōu curled her lips. She was not convinced that Qi Xun would be studying obediently. She reckoned that he was picking up pretty girl.

Qi Ao was aware of what Qi Yōu was thinking just by her facial expression. However, he didn’t bother to explain anything further because he really wished that Qi Yōu would keep thinking like this. That way he would have one less love rival to deal with.

Qi Jie was obviously thinking of the exact same thing.


“Be careful on the road, remember to drive slowly.” Qi Ao stood at the doorway as he helped Qi Yōu in tying the bud on her neck.

Qi Yōu blinked as she started to ridicule him:” Little Ao, has anyone told you that you have the potential to become housewife?”

The corner of Qi Ao’s mouth drew out, revealing an almost perfect smile. With his graceful stance, handsome face, and well fitted suit, telling such excellent and beautiful man to be a housewife ought to be struck by thunder.

Qi Yōu wrinkled her little nose. She waved goodbye with her hand to Qi Ao and Qi Jie as she set in her little car. According to Qi Ao, her car was a red Corolla that was bought for fifteen hundred thousand2, which was well suited for her job.

Qi Yōu currently worked as an office clerk for the HongHui International foreign trade branch company. With a monthly salary of only four thousand, it doesn’t seem appropriate to drive a nice looking car. However, the office work was relatively relaxing, and also the entire foreign trade department staff were easy to get along with.

The HongHui International headquarter, located in Europe, was a decade old family company. The fact that one of the branches resided in the city A, the economic lifeline of Huaxia, reflected its extremely high status.

Once she parked her car, Qi Yōu picked up her little purse and elegantly worn it over her shoulder. She laughed up her sleeves as she took a look of her old sister appearance through the rear mirror. Living as a human was such a pleasant experience

Qi Yōu set forth toward the exit of the parking lot, and she brushed past a man with a dark brown short hair. Although that man was shrouded in a masculine aura, she had no interest whatsoever from Qi Yōu perspective. Other than the three worry-free sons from her own family, there’s no other man that she was interested in.

The man who brushed past Qi Yōu suddenly halted his footsteps and took off his black sunglasses. He turned around with raised eyebrows and interesting looked at Qi Yōu’s figure that was gradually becoming distant.

Consequently, the ill fated relationship of ‘you chase I dash’ began.

Qi Yōu felt relaxed when she entered the air-conditioned hall, but……there seem to be something unusual with the company today.

There’s a heap of women crowded together. They seem to be gossiping on which manager was cool looking or that director was handsome, while each of them was tearing the newspaper back and forth with hearts on their eyes?

Qi Yōu, with a puzzled look on her face, took the elevator to the third floor.

“Ah! Little Yōu, you have arrived!” Hé Mei noticed that Qi Yōu was exiting from the elevator, then she rushed forth at top speed and pulled her to the side of the office table.

Qi Yōu took a look with her eyes and saw the light: “It turns out that all of you are newspaper gossiping.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Hé Mei paused for a moment, then gave a lioness roar: “Wait what! What gossiping! We are only looking at attractive man!”

All the women who was gathered around nodded their heads one by one. The office was filled with pink bubbles as their eyes were glittering like star from reading the newspaper.

“Attractive man?” Qi Yōu understood: “Oh, then all of you can go ahead and look. I am going to tidy up a bit.”

“Hey hey hey!” Hé Mei held onto Qi Yōu while unpleasantly said: “Little Yōu, can’t you fit in with us! Although you look…… a bit outdated, but there’s no distinction for one to be beautiful and ugly to check out on attractive man!”

The corner of Qi Yōu eyes quirked, as she was seriously taking into consideration whether she should take off her big black frame glasses. Sigh, forget it, there’s no need for it. Little Ao had said that she should not take off her glasses if it was not necessary, simply because there’s too much perverts outside.

“Oi, take a look at this!” Jia Ling grabbed the newspaper from the female crowd, who were reluctant to part with, and passed it to Qi Yōu.

Qi Yōu’s hand trembled when she read it, because the newspaper with an awe inspiringly headline wrote: “Commander in Chief Bravely Rescued Hostage from Escaped Criminals”. It included a photograph of Qi Jie who just so happened to be princess-carrying her. Her face was not seen in the photograph because her lower head was buried into Qi Jie’s chest.

“My goodness! This woman is so blessed……” Jia Ling grabbed the newspaper back and looked at Qi Yōu on the photograph with a drooling mouth.

Hé Mei and the rest of the crowd clasped the newspaper and issued a sigh of love.

Qi Yōu could feel the the veins on the corner of her eyes was about to snap. She sighed as she pulled free of her purse that was tangled with the female wolves Then she walked toward her office table.

A fellow office comrade poked his head out and gave Qi Yōu a big thumbs up: “Little Yōu deserve to be called the most calm and collected person, she has the resolution! Hehe, unlike those female wolves who only strive for love.” The male crowd fiercely nodded their head in agreement, yet they all lowered their heads in terror when death ray from the female crowd eyes shined upon them.

Vertical black lines appeared on top of Qi Yōu’s head.3 It’s not that she didn’t strive for love. Firstly, the man that they were striving for was the same man that she had already seen for eighteen years, she would inevitably get tired of it okay? Secondly, every men she had seen in the past were much more handsome than these female wolves had seen before, alright?

1. [TL Comment: Such suffering? how unfortunate…]

2. [Since story takes place in China, it’s safe to assume it meant Chinese Yuan. Red Corolla for 150,000 Chinese Yuan, which is 23,000 ish USD, doesn’t seem as absurd/ triggering]

3. [Vertical black lines is a manga expression. It means someone is in mortification/ shame + embarrassment. Something like this:



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