My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 61

Translated by Aletx

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For this month release, I will separate the My Chief Husband, Too Mensao and Sons, Too Mensao, Releasing both chapter on the same day is a bit overwhelming.

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Gu Qi Qi grabbed hold on the little turtle by its tail and gave a sharp scolding: “From what I can tell, you’re just a dirty little turtle! A foul and filthy one!”

It kept thinking about tongue kissing and whatnot all day long.

The dirty little turtle gave an innocent look with its dark brown colored crystal eyes as it curled its lips: “Master! Darling is innately clean and honest. Therefore, I shall demonstrate it by offering you a clean and honest method of earning money!”

“Say it”

“While we may not have sufficient lust point to unlock special skill now, we can activate a small function.”

“What function is it?”

“We can spend a thousand lust point to activate a small medicine furnace, which are capable of cultivating, refining, and purifying medicine ingredients……”

A miraculous light flashed in Gu Qi Qi’s mind. Even though she’s specialized in surgery and didn’t have in depth background in pharmacy research, she still had some fundamental knowledge of it.

All the temperament methods mentioned by the dirty little turtle were not easy to accomplish for medicine ingredients. Only large scale drug plant with specialized instruments is capable of doing so!

If she’s able to accomplish all that by herself……

That will truly be incredible!

“I understand. What you are saying is that we can purchase low to average quality of medical ingredients, then process them at the small medicine furnace inside your tortoise shell. We will be able to resell them as higher quality medical ingredients. The profit margin from the price difference would be very impressive.”

“Master, you are truly very very bright!”

Once she received the information, the light in Gu Qi Qi’s eyes flashed once again as she contemplated deeply: “For instance, we could process wild honeysuckle1 by desiccation, purify tea tree oil2, or even manufacture dried tangerine peel3 from ordinary tangerine……”

If she was able to mass produce these high quality ingredients, then it would be equivalent to a small drug plant.

But it would take time to buy and sell the medical ingredients. Could his younger brother’s illness wait for that long?

In instant, the shining brightness in Gu Qi Qi’s eyes became diluted to some degree.

However, in the next moment.

The dirty little turtle sent out a string of laughter.

It lifted up its dark brown colored head proudly: “Master, you seem to be looking down on darling! It doesn’t take much to refine ingredients such as honeysuckle, you wouldn’t be earning as much money even if you were to process two tons worth of them.Why not aim for high end ingredients such as red ginseng or donkey hide gelatin?4 Forget about all other ingredients, there’s nothing that can compare with a five to fifty year aged donkey hide gelatin!

Gu Qi Qi drew a deep breath of cold air:” You can refine fifty year aged donkey hide gelatin?”

That’s an exotic commodity for blood replenishment.

The dirty little turtle was proud of itself: “That’s dead simple task! It’s a matter that could be done in minutes!”

Gu Qi Qi’s breathing became sluggish.

The so called small function of a medicine furnace is absolutely a money printing machine.

She practically couldn’t believe what other special skill awaits her once she had collected enough lust point.

She snatched her cellphone as she immediately headed out.

“Master, where are we going?”

“Earning some money!”

The corner of Gu Qi Qi lips lifted slightly.

After giving some thoughts, she circled back and pulled open the drawer. She took Gong Jue’s credit card along with her.

Although she did not covert for his wealth, the impotent man sat several thousands worth of money ablazed. She ought to take back what he owed to her.


Inside the medical room.

Gong Jue was resting with his eyes closed, his lips tightly tied into a line.

He remained unmoved despite how Bai Lang was hopping about on the opposite side.

“Hey Gong Jue, you are very cruel. My white suit is a custom hand made with cotton flax. It took a year for an expert craftsman to sew piece by piece! Yet you completely ruined it with a pot of water.”

If he knew that Gong Jue would viciously react this way, he shouldn’t have offer his fair and sharp evaluation of that woman at the first place.

That can’t be right, did that woman feed some sort of bewitching medicine to Gong Jue?

If he ever gets the opportunity, he must give Gong Jue a thorough body inspection.

As a comrade friend, he must take responsible and be loyal to no end.

While he was thinking to himself, Adjutant opened the door and entered: “Chief, lady Qi Qi is asking for a short leave outside, would you grant her permission for it?”

Gong Jue’s eyes which were closed the whole time suddenly opened widely.

“Where is she going?”

‘She said that she will be heading to a pharmacy.”

After taking it into consideration, Gong Jue nodded with his head: “Send someone to trail her from behind.

Given that her performance at the last banquet was pretty good, let’s give her a chance to allow some fresh air!

Bai Lang narrowed his eyes as he stoked his noses: “I am willing to bet with you that she’s absolutely not going to some pharmacy. She’s absolutely going to take your black diamond card and itching to go on a shopping spree! I am all too familiar with this kind of vanity woman……”

1. [You don’t have to really know these medical ingredients for story/plot, but for anyone’s curiosity: Honeysuckle (金銀花).


2. [Tea tree oil (茶樹精油).]

3. [Dried tangerine peel (四會陳皮/橘紅).]

4. [This particular one is important for later story/ plot. Donkey hide gelatin (陳阿膠), or commonly refer as donkey hide glue, is a medical ingredient made with skin of donkey. Mostly used for blood replenishment. See for further details.



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