Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 5

Translated by Aletx

I will be honest, I kinda lost my motivation to translate in the middle of the month. It doesn’t help that some parts of this chapter are literally stumbling blocks. No worries, Al’s motivation is slowly recovering.

My Chief Husband, Too Mensao chapters will be released on Friday.

Enjoy the fluffiness.


It seem that a big client was visiting the company today. Xu Yong Jin, the foreign trade manager, had been called to a meeting early in the morning, and that he was missing without a trace until noon. Thought this was a good turn of event because it saved her from a lot of work, especially in rejecting phone calls from women who were played with Xu Yong Jin. Even though Xu Yong Jin had his own secretary, yet he kept ordering her around to do his bothersome tasks! The one to be called by the glorified name tend to do the most work.1 From her impression, Xu Yong Jin’s brain was stuffed with nothing but straw, and he just liked to find trouble for her!

Near the afternoon, a cellphone ringtone sounded from inside the purse. The ringtone melody was《The Next Dawn》by Guo Jing.2 Qi Yōu placed down the documents from her hand and took out a white flip-top cell phone. Thinking that today was Monday, it was definitely a call from little Xun. Without even taking a look at the caller identification, she answered the call without hesitation: “My obedient little Xun, when are you coming for lunch with mommy?”

Qi Xun, who had not heard of her sweet voice for half the day, laughed faintly. Even Qi Yōu’s heart couldn’t help but to start beating wildly from the gradual masculine flavor of his magnetized voice.

“Mommy, I am a little bit busy today. Could you meet with big brothers for lunch instead?” Qi Xun spoke with an upset tone. Within five workdays in a week, he was arranged only one midday for a meal together with Qi Yōu, yet there was an important matter that he had to take care of right at this moment!

The corners of Qi Yōu’s lips fell. She depressingly said with a pout face: “……very well, I will go with little Ao for lunch.”

“Don’t be sad mommy. I will return home early today and bring ice cream for you okay?” Qi Xun coaxed her with a smile on the other side of the call.

“Excellent!” Qi Yōu rejoiced at once, then said in a whispering tone: “Don’t tell little Ao and the other. You have to bring it to me secretly!”

“Hehe, understood. Then you should hang up the phone call.” Qi Xun laughingly said.

“Hm, mommy’s little Xun is the best!” Qi Yōu nodded her head in haste as she happily hanged up the phone call. Her little Xun is the best, unlike little Ao and little Jie who wouldn’t even allow ice cream for her to eat!

Once Qi Yōu hanged up the phone call, Qi Xun smiled tenderly as he took the cellphone away from his ear. His eyebrows raised as a treacherous fox-like smile appeared in his face. All his subordinates became petrified from this scene, as the crowd hurriedly lowered their heads trembly.

Qi Yōu searched her telephone directory and connected through Qi Ao’s phone. Then she spoke with a sobbing tone: “Little Ao……”

On the receiving end of the phone call, Qi Ao’s hand which was holding the telephone shivered, then he inquired: “What’s wrong Yōu?”

“Little Xun is too occupied to eat lunch together with mommy……” Qi Yōu drank a mouthful of banana flavored milk, then proceeded to speak in a tearful voice.

“……” Vertical black lines appeared on top of Qi Ao’s head. Can’t you quiet down when you’re drinking milk, it did not sound very persuasive otherwise okay? “I have a meeting in the afternoon today, so I wouldn’t be able to accompany you for lunch. You should find Little Jie.”

Qi Yōu’s milk drinking motion paused. She remained speechless as her pouted lips started to deflate.

In regard of Qi Yōu’s silent protest, Qi Ao calmly responded: “I will allow half an hour of extra computer playtime tonight.”

Once she heard of what he said, Qi Yōu secretly clenched her fist in triumph and laughed silently, then she rearranged her voice: “How about another half an hour extra……”

“Forty minutes, no more than that.” Qi Ao was naturally aware that Qi Yōu was haggling, so he straightforwardly answered.

Qi Yōu nodded ferociously since she was not be concerned of being seen by Qi Ao. After she amusingly talked with Qi Ao for a bit, she hanged up the phone.

“Little Jie……” Qi Yōu repeated her trick as she spoke with a small sobering tone.

“……cough cough.” A stranger voice came out, “Erm, Da Sao……the chief is currently in a meeting……”

“Eh?” Qi Yōu shuddered, her sobbing tone vanished into thin air, “Who are you?”

“I am Zhao Cheng, we met before last time.” Zhao Cheng hurriedly replied.


“What are you looking for the chief for?”

“Nothing! Just go ahead and let me starve to death!” Qi Yōu with a roar hanged up the phone, rawr! Why are they all busy one by one, busy busy, you are all big head ghost!

Qi Shu who was sitting on the opposite side poked out his head and asked: “What’s wrong? Your son doesn’t have time to eat with you?”

When Qi Yōu originally interviewed for work, she filled herself in as a thirty-three years old on the information form. However, under the glaring eyes of the interviewer, she made a miserable smile and said, “I filled it wrong”, then promptly changed it to twenty five years old. Although the interview still did not believe it, she was still left off the hook.

The people in the office were aware that she had a son, though none of them knew that there was three of them. Thus, everyone assume that she was a single mother. Qi Yōu had never known that people would starve to death if they did not eat, so each of the three sons took turn to dine with her outside for lunch for the past eighteen years.

Qi Yōu with pouted lips nodded sadly: “I don’t feel like eating lunch.” as she reached toward the box of Black Forest cake3 beside her desk.

Hé Mei walked over and seized the cake with a hate iron for not becoming steel look4 on her appearance: “ Little Yōu, even though you are a single mother, you should not abandon yourself to despair!”

“Abandon…abandon myself to despair?” Unable to comprehend, Qi Yōu was looking at her cake which was on the verge of collapse in Hé Me’s evil clutches.

Hé Mei shaked the cake on her hand: “Isn’t this exact definition of abandoning yourself to despair! You will become fat if you eat this cake!”

Before Qi Yōu could even say anything, the Black Forest cake that she painstakingly took a long detour in buying were tossed into the garbage bin by Hé Mei. Afterward, Hé Mei dragged Qi Yōu to the outside.

“Let’s go. You had been working here for a year, yet you never share a meal with us at the staff dining hall!” Hé Mei along with Jia Ling sandwiched between Qi Yōu and dragged her into the elevator.

Qi Yōu looked onto to her left and right as she screamed: “Ah, kidnappers!”


According Qi Shu, the meal in the company restaurant is fairly decent. However, she was afraid that she would get a stomachache afterward……

“Hé Mei……” Qi Yōu held up an ultra-big chicken leg with her chopsticks with the urge of throwing it away.

“What’s the matter?” Hé Mei, who was immersed in eating, lifted up her head.

“Do you want to eat this for me? I don’t like it.”

“You should have said so earlier!” Hé Mei picked the big drumstick with her chopsticks and gave a bite: “Since I am helping you to eat this big drumstick, you have to thank me later for helping you to lose weight!”

“Ah! Hé Mei, your cheek is already chubby enough!” Jia Ling swiftly snatched a slice of red braised pork5 from Hé Mei and swallowed it.

“Wa……you snatched my meat!” Consequently, the food war between Hé Mei and Jia Ling began once again.

“Waaa……so handsome!” Suddenly a crowd of love struck woman unanimously burst out a voice of passionate sigh, as it successfully drew out the attention from Hé Mei and Jia Ling to the television screen.

“Heaven, an excellent quality man! There’s another excellent quality man! Hé Mei shouted: “Qi Yōu, come take a look! It’s our City A mayor Qi Ao! He’s so handsome!”

“”That’s right! But that cool brother on the morning newspaper is better, that kind of wild beauty, my god…” Jia Ling was invincible.

Qi Yōu, who was picking a green vegetable with a chopstick, became stunned when the two words Qi Ao were mentioned. She dropped the green vegetable on the floor, “He……” Qi Yōu lifted up her head and stared blankly to the television screen. An elegant and noble looking man was surrounded by crowd of media reporters on the stage. A thunderbolt struck from the blue sky.

“You don’t know him? He’s the youngest mayor in the history of City A. He took office just two months ago, and his political achievement is outstanding. I heard that it was the mayor himself who successfully persuaded Global Unification to establish a branch in City A!” Hé Mei spoke with crackling voice.

The Global Unification was a family company that had an even longer and mysterious history than HongHui International. Nobody was fully aware how big the family was, but the company was under a name of one executive chairman. Its headquarter located in New York, even though it had a large diversity of commercial trading power, it was not actively involved in Huaxia economic sphere a year ago. However, thanks to the enormous promotion effort by mayor Qi Ao, it was now finally establishing a presence in City A.

1. [ The one to be called by the glorified name tend to do the most work  (美其名曰:能者多勞) is two idioms which basically mean the ones who have the best reputation/ behavior tend to do the most work/responsibility.]

2. [《The Next Dawn》by Guo Jing was a direct reference to a Taiwanese Singer. for the singer. for that particular song/ melody.]

3. [Obligatory food picture. Black Forest is a chocolate cake.]

4. [Hate iron for not becoming steel (恨鐵不成鋼) is an idiom that resent against those for failing to meet expectation or impatient to see the improvement. It can be applied in various context, but image someone as an iron toughness who had the potential to refine into steel toughness, yet that person chose to not take the next step or giving up entirely. ]

5. [Obligatory food picture is obligated. Red braised pork is a classic pork dish from China. Why does Al keep posting picture of food? Because I am hungry, and I want to make others people miserably hungry as well. ]


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  1. I am sooooo happy that you are translating this again!! I am absolutely in love with all of her sons!!! Please keep up the amazing work!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

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  3. Qi Jie is general.
    Qi Ao is mayor.
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    1. I feel like he’s in charge of the illegal part of life. I mean: Qi Jie is police/militar affairs, Qi Ao is politic/legal affairs… Qi Xue has to be like mafia/illegal affairs.
      Al. Keep going with the good job! I love it!
      Ah! And I would like to make a translation to Spanish. Could I, please?


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