My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 62

Translated by Aletx

That moment when you realized that you have a paper assignment due on the weekend that you haven’t started yet… that’s what happened last week.

Anyway, trouble brewing for our heroine. Enjoy


Sense of coldness appeared in Gong Jue’s eyes.

His slender fingers lifted another boil water canteen.

Bai Lang, who was overwhelmed with shock, raised his hands in surrender: “Alright, I am an irksome presence, just let me excuse myself?”

He fled with hands behind the back of his head.

This was an extremely sad turn of events!

Once his friend was able to touch a woman, he started to treat him like a grass!

This would be difficult for days to come.

Right at this moment, Gu Qi Qi was following the staircase downstairs at the end of the corridor.

When Bai Lang looked over, he was instantly stunned by Gu Qi Qi’s face!

A nice looking girl!

Even a skin care doctor would envy from the spectate of a fine specimen model. Her snowlike skin was beautiful as if it was close to transparent. Her outstanding nose can be rated as perfect, and her peach-like lips were faintly arousing. The most striking of all was her clear black grape eyes, which showed off her tenderness, and her unperturbed self confidence!1

“As expected of the little alluring woman’s seductiveness! It’s no wonder that Gong Jue’s old house was set ablaze by her. This silly girl is absolutely poisonous!”

Bai Lang muttered as he fixated his eyes at the back of the girl’s distant figure.

Until the girl’s perfect figure disappeared in his line of sight, he circled around and clapped his thigh:

“That’s right, it would be wise as a godly doctor2 to follow this silly girl. Who knows what kind of extravagant she would recklessly spend with Gong Jue’s money! The moment when I had gathered enough evidence, would Gong Jue even doubt the godly doctor’s judgment? Humph! The godly doctor had inspected countless woman before, nothing good comes out froma pretty looking woman. The prettier they are, the more vicious they become……just like a poppy.”

He quickened his pace behind her trail as he was contemplating.


The most famous pharmacies in Qing Cheng were the well established Chu Clan and the newly opened national medicine hall.

All the exotic medical ingredients were monetized by the two businesses.

For the sake of saving time, Gu Qi Qi didn’t give much thoughts and headed directly to the national medicine hall closest to her.

Yet unexpectedly once she entered the store, she met few familiar people by accident.

She could see that Gu Xue Xue was accompanied by Zhu Fen. Even though her wounds were not fully healed and she was still wrapped with bandages, she still had not forgotten to put on a famous brand clothes. She was busy picking and choosing from a pile of valuable medical ingredients while sitting in front of the store counter with her high-heeled shoes raised.

“Xue Xue, this American ginseng was quite nourishing to your vitality, you should consider taking some of them.”

“My house has plenty of ginseng, is there any other ones that were better and more expensive?”

“How about purchasing this donkey hide gelatin. Take a look at its manufacture date, it’s stocked within this month and it probably must be fresh. I remember my father had said that donkey hide gelatin is effective in blood replenishment.”

Gu Xue Xue curled her mouth: “It doesn’t taste good.”

Zhu Fen tried to persuade her: “Xue Xue, your forehead wound has not been fully healed yet. You not only broke your wrist, but also your chin and arms were covered with so many small wounds from glass shard cuts. You lost a lot of blood in the process……Your vitality won’t be restored if you don’t replenish your blood……My father had bought the latest donkey hide gelatin for me, and you can tell that I am completely recovered with my reddish facial complexion, which happened to match perfectly with this season’s latest fashioned red dress. Just wait until we can attend university while looking nice and pretty……”

Both Zhu You and Gu Qiu Shan had been detained in the police station without a glimpse of daylight.

Would they be infuriated to death if they realized that the two insensible idiots were solely occupied with purchasing expensive medical ingredients and wearing famous brand clothes?

A smear of cold smile escaped from the corner of Gu Qi Qi’s mouth.

Without paying any further attention to the two petite young ladies, she arrived at the sales counter on the opposite side: “Could you bring some donkey hide gelatin for me, thanks.”

The pharmacist nodded: “Just a moment.”

Zhu Fen’s body indescribably trembled from Gu Qi Qi’s voice.

It can’t be helped. Gu Qi Qi’s imposing manner had created a severe traumatic experience for her. She was already afraid just by hearing her voice alone.

With lowered voice, she nudged Gu Xue Xue: “Xue Xue, why don’t we head to Chu Clan’s store instead, there’s no need to argue with Gu Qi Qi here……”

Gu Xue Xue’s spine went stiff as hatred rushed forth from the bottom of her heart.

It was all because of that bookworm idiot’s fault. She was responsible for her being rejected by the esteemed figure, even receiving a kick from him.

She wouldn’t blame Gong Jue for that kick, she remembered it as Gu Qi Qi’s fault!

“For what reasons should we hide away from her? I refuse!” Gu Xue Xue twitched her mouth.

She refuse to hide away from her, instead she must make that idiot pay her price, so that the hatred in her heart could be appeased!

1. [TL comment: Al is not confident with beauty description due to lack of experience/ exposure to romance. So if this sound funny/ funky in anyway, it’s totally Al’s fault ]

2. [The character Bai Lang often talked in third person, frequently proclaiming himself as godly doctor (神醫). ]


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! 😄

    Typical cannon fodder behaviour. If MC could destroy you once, then they can do it twice, thrice and more. They never learn, do they…


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