My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 63

Translated by Aletx

For readers who had experiences in the retail industry or customer service, this chapter might be slightly triggering. xD



Gu Xue Xue didn’t take Zhu Fen’s persuasion into consideration, as her high-heeled shoes stomped the floor with ferocious light in her eyes: “Give me a hand and bring me closer!”

Zhu Fen couldn’t do anything about her final decision. As she supported her by her arm, her heart started to beat rapidly as they approached toward Gu Qi Qi’s direction.

Gu Qi Qi is a poisonous one, misfortune would befall on those who provoked her.

Xue Xue, shouldn’t you be afraid?

Could it be that……Xue Xue had some sort of trump card?


Gu Qi Qi was currently at the store counter, inspecting the donkey hide gelatin brought by the pharmacist

The dark brown colored donkey hide gelatin was neatly cut into thick pieces, all of which are placed on golden velvet tray.

“How much per catty?”1

“One thousand one hundred yuan.”

Gu Qi Qi did a quick calculation in her head.

She could buy at least fifty catty with the borrowed money from the Beautiful sick man.

If she could manufacture them into fifty year aged manufacture donkey hide gelatin, she could earn a profit of at least ten thousand per catty.

That’s equivalent to five million from fifty catty.

The small medicine furnace was really a money printing machine.

His younger brother could be saved!

Just when she was about to open her mouth to confirm the purchase, a sound of pampered scolding suddenly came from behind: “What’s the matter with you? Just a moment ago I was asking you to bring out the donkey hide gelatin for me, yet now you are bringing it to other people instead? How could you conduct business like this!”

The pharmacist was dumbstruck by the stern criticism.

This injured petite young lady undoubtedly did not mention about buying donkey hide gelatin beforehand, citing that donkey hide gelatin did not taste good.

However, as a business establishment, he couldn’t reject her claim.

Let alone the fact that this young lady Xue Xue and her mother were frequent customers to the pharmacy. They were considered big clients who often bought valuable medicinal ingredients.

As the result, he courteously responded with an apologetic smile: “I am sorry, Miss Xue Xue. If you want donkey hide gelatin, I will have my colleague bring it for you, how much do you need?”

“How much do you have?”

“……That……including the ones in the storehouse, a total of twenty catty.”

Donkey hide gelatin is not suitable for everyone, it was easy to get inflammation from excessive internal heat, difficult to preserve, so the pharmacy didn’t keep much inventory of it.

Only twenty catty?

Gu Qi Qi was slightly disappointed.

However, that didn’t matter. It would be ideal to experiment with a small amount first.

However in the next second, Gu Xue Xue rushed forth: “I want all twenty catty!”

The pharmacist’s hand trembled.

Heaven sake, twenty catty worth of donkey hide gelatin?

It would be a long time before you can finish eating all of them?

Hey student, this is not some kind of junk food.

Gu Qi Qi’s facial complexion darkened.

She originally was not planning to bother with Gu Xue Xue, yet she unexpectedly overestimated her capability by confronting her.

If the opposing party exposed her face wide open, would it be insincere to not bestow a slap to the opposing party’s face?

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes remained tranquil as she asked in an indifferent tone: “Are you certain? I had already settled on that donkey hide gelatin, and now you are fighting me over it?”

The tranquil speech carried an unquestionable momentum, which caused the hearts of Gu Xue Xue and Zhu Fen to tremble in fear.

Zhu Fen was so intimidated that her feets nearly buckled. So much so that she almost wanted to turn about and escape.

Gu Xue Xue stood on her ground, maintaining her face upward and stubbornly said: “Who said that it was yours to begin with? It’s obvious that I had settled over it first!”

“Even if I pay first?” Gu Qi Qi calmly said.

From the palm of her hand, a black credit card with diamond-like brilliance impressingly flung on top of the store counter.


The sharp and crisp sound could be heard throughout the whole store.

Gu Xue Xue had never seen such a beautiful looking bank card before, she could tell it was a highly valuable by first glance.

Where did this bookworm idiot get the bank card from?

Didn’t mother and uncle never give allowance to this idiot ever before?

When Gu Qi Qi flung the card onto the storecouter, at that moment Gu Xue Xue could painstakingly feel it as if it was flung against her own face!

That feeling stirred her heart in every possible way. Gu Xue Xue’s lips trembled, refusing to accept the outcome.

She took out a large stack of money from her purse.

“A credit card? So what? I have cash right here!”

After she gave a cunning look with her eyes, she continued: “Moreever, I am a VIP regular customer. That donkey donkey hide gelatin was already reserved for me!”

The pharmacist was petrified.

She might be right about the regular customer part, but the reservation matter was non-existent.

He was in a difficult spot especially when Gu Xue Xue enthusiastically gave a meaningful glance to him.

“Reserved? Is your brain dead Gu Xue Xue? Who would put reserved goods on the counter for display?

Gu Qi Qi’s eyebrow frowned

It seem that Gu Xue Xue today would not stop until she reached the Yellow River.2

Then don’t blame her later on when she slapped her face too fiercely.

1. [A catty (斤) is about 500 gram. ]

2. [Would not stop until one reached the Yellow River (不到黃河心不死) is an idiom to describe someone with undying perseverance, who would not stop until he/she reached her goal. Yellow River is known for its fast current, so traversing through it would be considered a feat.]


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