My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 64

Translated by Aletx

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New chapter of Sons, Too Mensao also released.


The Pharmacist realized that the two ladies clearly knew each other.

Why are they fight each other over with such enthusiasm?

He tried to broker a compromise: “Dear customers, would it be good to……split in half between you two?”

“Absolutely not!”


Pharmacist: “……”

His brow beaded with sweat. In his profession career, he had never encountered such challenging moment before.

He had heard of females customers fighting over for famous brand purse, jewelry, and shoes. So much so that they would be willing to pay a hefty price for new models in limited edition. However, he had never heard of them fighting over medical ingredients before!

Gu Qi Qi coldly said: “There are family rules for family, and profession etiquette for etiquette. I am the person who inspected the goods and proposed the payment first. Thus, these goods naturally belonged to me. If you keep insisting that they had been reserved for you, then please kindly show the receipt! If not, then you can shut up.”

Gu Xue Xue clenched her teeth: “Can’t I make a phone reservation?”

Where is she going to find a receipt for evidence?

She was speaking nonsense only for the purpose of being a nuisance to Gu Qi Qi.

“You ignorant fool!” Gu Qi Qi gave a cold laugh, “You think that you are here shopping for clothes and shoes? If you are unaware of proper etiquette at the pharmacy, then stop making an exhibition of yourself.”

Gu Xue Xue’s face flushed red with scorching soreness .

What etiquette? How should she have known that!

The pharmacist awkwardly spoke to Gu Xue Xue in a persuasive tone: “Miss Xue Xue, what the customer spoke of is right. The pharmacy only accepts initial payment. Therefore, we are sorry for your convenience. This customer was the one who wanted to buy the goods first, so we have to sell them to her. If you prefer, we can immediately transfer the goods from the imperial capital. You only have to wait a bit longer……”

“No! That’s no good, I refuse! I refuse to accept this!”

Gu Xue Xue, who was rolling about making an unreasonable scene, looked as if she was a vixen. The bandages on her forehead and hand started to become loosen.

As if she wouldn’t even how of her ugliness or un-sight worthiness.

Yet to no avail, no one would pay any attention to her.

Gu Xue Xue watched helplessly as the pharmacist packed twenty catty worth of donkey hide gelatin for GU Qi Qi. Just by looking at Gu Qi Qi’s indifferent expression with victory within her grasp body gesture, her five internal organs ached in frustration.

She couldn’t bear to swallow this mouthful of rage.


Not far away from the entrance of pharmacy.

Bai Lang, with a string of stone grass1 in his mouth, was reclining sloppy against the side of the door. He captured the entire scene into the bottom of his eyes with keen interest pleasure.

“Hehe, this little alluring woman truly deserved her title. Her method was sufficiently aggressive. She knew how to properly scold someone and how to bash someone’s face……truly satisfying just from watching this……” Bai Lang couldn’t help but praise her in admiration.

Suddenly, his eyebrows frowned as he gave himself a sharp slap to his own face:

“That’s not right! The godly doctory was undoubtedly here to pick faults with her! It’s still uncertain if this was the little alluring woman’s covering disguise. Problems would arise once this woman started to take advantage of Gong Jue! This sinister, shrewd, violent, and arrogant kind of woman that is well versed in face bashing, who knows what she will do to the fresh and pure little Jue Jue!”2

“What if she gets too carried away from crushing such lowly person with little Jue Jue’s bank card. If this keeps up, what’s going to happen if she ended up going to jewelry store and spending tens of million buying diamond in a braggable manner?”

“That won’t do, I have to extinguish the little alluring woman’s flame right here and right now at the pharmacy!”

Bai Lang spitted the stong grass off his mouth and walked into the store.

When the pharmacists saw him, they immediately became sincere and respectfully bowed their heads: “Second young master, what special occasion are you coming here for……”

Bai Lang gave a meaningful glance with his eyes and told them to quiet down.

He immediately called the store manager to the VIP room.

“Did you see that little lady fighting over the donkey hide gelatin on the store counter?”

“I saw it second master! That lady brought twenty catty worth of donkey hide gelatin. We would be making a large profit of twenty-two thousand in one transaction.” The store manager said so gleefully.

“You short sighted thing!” Bai Lang rolled his eyes, “Listen to me, I want you to do such and such……”

The store manager was surprised.

Even though his instruction was somewhat outrageous, the national medicine hall is a franchise property belonging to the Bai household.

He wouldn’t dare to disobey the words of second younger master from the Bai household.


At the store counter.

Just when Gu Qi Qi was about to swipe the card and take the goods along with her.


A man dressed in western style clothes hurriedly walked over and apologetically said: “Sorry for the inconvenience young lady, I am the store manager of national medicine hall. We can’t sell these medical ingredients to you!”

1. [Stone grass (石斛草), or alternatively known as Dendrobium. In this particular context, the function of said herb is not important. It was more of a visual way of him speculating the scene]

2. [I have double checked. He literally called Gong Jue by little Jue Jue in the raw, which was somewhat amusing.]


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4 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 64

  1. That Bai Lang sure isn’t good at reading ppl but at least he is wary of his ‘friend’ getting deceived/ripped off …. but he only judged on appearances so it’s still hateful as he didn’t even get to know Qi Qi first


  2. Thank u very much.this is a good read as I myself am a medical student and I can understand her frustrations as dealing with these kind of ppl happens on regular basis.but anyways thank u very much once again and God bless u for ur hard work!!!💗


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