Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 6

Translated by Aletx

Chapter release from last week. Al is dying from heatwave, please send help.

Enjoy the fluffiness.


“Eh……little Yōu, why are you crying?” When Hé Mei excitedly turned her head around, she discovered that tears were flowing from Qi Yōu’s big eyes inside her black frame eyeglasses. She was momentarily stunned by her pretty eyes……

Qi Yōu pouted her lips as she repeatedly blinked her eyes. The spiciness from hot and sour shredded potato1 was too suffocating…… She silently placed down the chopsticks. She wanted to return home. She had to take into serious reconsideration of whether she failed her role as a mommy. She had no awareness of what her sons were doing.

Right at this moment, her cellphone ringtone sounded out loud. Qi Yōu powerlessly picked it up, “little Jie……”

“Yōu, did you finish your lunch yet?” After Qi Jie finished his meeting, he heard from Zhao Cheng that Qi Yōu made a phone call to him earlier, so he hurriedly called her back and inquired about her phone call whereabouts.

“I am going to head back home, I don’t have any appetite.” Qi Yōu depressedly hanged up the phone call, then said to Hé Mei: “Hé Mei, I am not feeling too well, please request a sick leave for me.”

“Oh? Are you feeling alright?”

Qi Yōu, who looked as if she didn’t eat her fill, exclaimed with a deep of breath air and walked out of the dinning hall while shaking her head. She must return home and make a self evaluation of her own failure!


“Who’s that person?” A man with a short dark brown hairs and azure blue eyes asked. He was looking down through the window from the top of the building, and he saw Qi Yōu who was “limping” down the stairs slowly.

The company chairman Feng ShanMang hurriedly poked his head out and replied,” Oh, that’s Qi Yōu, an office worker from the foreign trade department.”

The man looked back and chuckled: “Why would chief Feng recognize a low ranking office worker such as her?”

Feng ShanMang knew that this man had an interest toward Qi Yōu, so he hurriedly answered: “In truth, Qi Yōu is a twenty five year old single mother with a child, so I took a special note of her.”

The man frowned, so she was dragging an oil bottle?2 Not that it really mattered regardless, since he was only interested playing around, not interested in marrying her.


Qi Yōu opened the bedroom door. Then she threw herself on top of the bed with a “pomf”3 and buried her face into the pillow.

Twenty years ago, in order to evade her older brother’s pursuit, she without any magical power remaining changed herself into an appearance of a ten year old child, and she removed the red color from her pupils. Battered and exchaused, she wandered around on the Switzerland streets in constant hiding. She would never imagine herself to be in such dire circumstance.

Two year had passed, she managed to survive and restored her power slowly by absorbing human blood. Overtime, she managed to suppressed her bloodthirsty instinct, so that her elder border wouldn’t be able to detect her blood aura. She managed to completely seal her power within the tear birthmark at the corner of her eyes. At that time when she was fifteen year old, she changed the color of her hairs, and sneaked aboard a flight to an eastern country--Huaxia.

On a particular day near the beach, she felt that her level of power was still superficial and powerless. How would she be able to exact her revenge? Because she was a bit downhearted, she was completely caught off card when sea wave swept over her, causing herself to be soaking wet. Along with her tattered clothes and discorded hair for the purpose of concealing her face, she had herself look even more messy.

At that moment, she caught sight of two children. No, three children, one of which was embraced by another boy. When they coldly looked at her, their eyes were filled with vengeful hatred. That’s right, the same vengeful hatred as hers.

Perhaps she was weary or lonely, yet she unexpectedly desired to live together with the three humen. So she told them that she would be willing to take care of them.

Three children, a seven year old, a five year old, and an infant who was born recently.

She knew that the children were not from an ordinarily family background, because children from a typical family would never possess such cold expression in their eyes, would not have hundreds of million in their Swiss bank deposits, and definitely would not be opposing against her from time to time.

Yet in the next two days, she discovered that she had apparently picked up three troublesome children. They were constantly trailed by someone, and that someone would appear at night in an attempt to assassinate them.

Fortunately, her skill was decent enough to dispose the would be assassins.

However, once they realized that children were accompanied by someone with decent skill such as her, they send an even more formidable guy: “Don’t meddle in other people’s business, otherwise you would die in regret!” A man in black clothes appeared inside their hidden shelter room and spoke toward Qi Yōu.

Little Xun was crying continuously in Qi Yōu’s embrace that it was even difficult for her heart to bear with. As she patted little Xun on the back, Qi Yōu coldly said: “This young lady will handle it!” As she handed little Xun over to little Ao, she was coming up ways to stall this man. The fact that this man could appear inside the shelter room without a word was a clear indication that he was very formidable. She remembered that there was a category of power called innate force from the east. Perhaps this man also possessed it!

With no escape route in sight, it would be difficult to take the three troublesome children with her. Though she could easily escape on her own without unsealing her power. Since she was in the east, she would not be easily discovered.

When the man in black clothes heard her response, he gave a mocking laugh as he saw Qi Yōu’s fifteen year old petite body. He suddenly attacked toward little Ao with his five finger claws.

Qi Yōu was startled. Without any thoughts, she threw herself as a shield for little Ao. As the result, the sharp claws inflicted wound on her shoulder, so much so that a lump of flesh was scraped off. She shoved little Ao and the other children out of room and shutted the door tight.

“Get away from here! I will catch up with all of you later!” Qi Yōu shouted and undid her seal. That birthmark at the corner of her eyes started to flush.

The eyes of man in black clothes widened in shock, as if he could feel something was amiss with Qi Yōu’s body. Even thought he was slightly astonished, he was still confident with his own strength. He took out an iron chain from his waist and ferociously swinged at Qi Yōu.

Qi Yōu smiled bloodthirsty. As her eyes narrowed, the power gathered just now surged up violently. The astral wind severed the iron chain along with the man’s neck, and he collapsed on the floor with a look of disbelief. Though Qi Yōu had completely deleted her power in the process.

She firmly opened the door. She must leave immediately, or they would be found otherwise.

At that moment when she opened the door, three pair of beautiful eyes filled with concern, anxiety, and joy were looking at her. Qi Yōu smiled, knowing that her decision was worthwhile.

Qi Yōu didn’t know the identities of the children, but she felt that something had to be done about the constant assassination attempts. So she came up with a crafty escape plan. From the refugee district, she found three dead children bodies with an uncleared appearance and the dead body of a starved young girl. She put the bodies in the hidden shelter and sat it ablazed.

It appeared that they were convinced with the children’s death, but that was an optimistic assumption. Three days later, she took the three children and wandered across Huaxia in all direction for several years. They they finally settled down at City A.


Qi Yōu, who was laying on the bed, started to smile happily when she remiscated the past. She was thankful on that fateful year when she decided to take care of them. Otherwise, they would have all passed away.

*SFX door opening* A man entered the bedroom.

When the man remained motionless, his eyes were emitting brilliant lights and vibrant colors. His long eyelashes, crystal clear skins, and his body invoked a soft and gentle atmosphere. However, when you looked deeply into his eyes beyond your reach, you would find that this man was a fox with rigorous schemes and deep foresight.4 Anyone who was caught inattentively could find themselves without anything at all.

1. [Obligatory food picture. Sour shredded potato (酸辣土豆絲).]

2. [Dragging an oil bottle (拖油瓶) is a derogatory term of a woman who brought children from her previous relationship. ]

3. [I AM SORRY! It was too hard to resist! The accurate translation of the SFX is “Pow”, but “pomf” sounds somewhat better/ more amusing. ]

4. [Rigorous schemes and deep foresight (老謀深算) is an idiom/ fancier of way of describing someone that is astute and circumspect.]


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  1. During chapter 1 and 2, I was seriously considering dropping this. Because it seemed… kind of boring. But. ITS NOT. I really love this kind of setting. Its unique and really dynamic. And in such a short time. All the characters were fleshed out, and didn’t seem bland or mundane. I am really loving this!

    Thank you for the translations! Very much Harhar….. sama?…. these are chiniese books,…. whats respecttful in chinese…. Harhar-gege?! …. that means brother or something…… uhh,,,, I’LL KEEP IT ENGLISH.
    Thank you Amazing Harhar!

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