My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 65

Translated by Aletx

Long story short, Al had final exams, and then relatives visited from out of town. Al was forcefully drafted into a chauffeur for the entire visit. Then Al got addicted into a game where you mercilessly hunting down and turning innocent giant animals into pointy sticks and skin clothes…

Rejoice, I am back.



“Can’t sell?”

Gu Qi Qi raised her eyebrows slightly as she glanced at the store manager with an indifferent look.

Even though the store manager was in his thirties, his heart weavered unexpectedly from her glance!

This girl was not only pretty looking, but also her aura was frighteningly strong.

With great difficulty, he kept his speech tone steady and awkwardly explained: “I have inspected the record, the medical ingredients reserved by Miss Xue Xue……uh, was a special case without any issued receipt. It was agreed beforehand that she would be giving the payment today. Therefore, I cannot sell the medicine that already belonged to Miss XueXue.”

Gu Xue Xue was so delighted by this turn of event that her heart almost blossomed.

It seem that heaven was helping her, as mountain road had taken a new twist turn.1

Although she was not particularly familiar with the so called store manager, the fact that he supported her claim nonetheless was a clear demonstration that her face was still recognizable. The disfiguring wound on her forehead had no fundamental impact to her standing.

It seem that she had garnered a small reputation in QingCheng, and that she was able to wipe her face on others.2

A burst of excitement and delightfulness filled the heart of Gu Xue Xue.

The depressive gloom beforehand was swept clean. Her tone became much more resolute to some degree: “It was about time that you finally recognize me! How could you afford to offend a big client like me? Pack my goods immediately!”

The store manager tilted his lips slightly. He had hardly any favorable impression toward this spoiled young lady, so he could only helplessly instruct the pharmacist: “Provide good service to Miss Xue Xue.”

Gu Qi Qi was watching the scene with an unenthusiastic appearance.

Although the medical ingredients was forcefully snatched away from her hand.

Yet she was hardly fluctuated judging by the look of her expression!

Not far away, Bai Lang was sitting on a soft inside the VIP room with leg raised over his thigh. Through the glass window, he was spectating the scene while clicking his tongue in wonder.

“Not bad little alluring woman, you are still looking calm and collected! I highly doubt that you can truly bear with the rage any further? Why don’t you start beating her? Preferably violent acts such as hair pulling, cloth tearing, or an all out brawl… hehe, I am going to record everything when that happened. So that I could present the evidence to little Jue Jue, and finally expose your true ugliness beneath your beauty skin……”

Before he finished his sentence, he noticed that Gu Qi Qi was making her next move.

Bai Lang excitedly fumbled his hand and raised the video camera in position!

At this moment, a small crowd of frequent customers were gathering in front of the store counter while enjoying the scene. Some of which were prestigious women from the upper-class society.

Everyone were curiously watching the two young ladies fighting over the donkey hide gelatin.

Gu Qi Qi tossed the donkey hide gelatin from her hand toward the front of Gu Xue Xue, as if she was throwing out a garbage. Then she resentfully said: “You can have this trash.”

Then she pointed at another delicate looking case inside the counter display: “Give me the five year aged donkey hide gelatin.”

The pharmacist promptly fetched it for her.

At the other side, Gu Xue Xue proudly received twenty catty worth of donkey hide gelatin and asked the store manager: “How much?”

“Twenty thousand two hundred.”

“What? Why don’t you go rob——” Gu Xue Xue didn’t expect that these black colored hard sheets would be such expensive, and that its worth would be equivalent to a small diamond ring.

Her heart inevitably ached a bit.

However, under watchful eyes of the crowd, she was obligated to take it from Gu Qi Qi’s hand and to purchase it. So she took out the cash from the purse and handed it over to the store manager.

Her heart was bleeding just a little bit!

In a blink of an eye, she noticed that Gu Qi Qi was holding another pile of donkey hide gelatin, so she sneered disdainfully: “It looks like you can’t afford fresh donkey hide gelatin, so you have to settle in eating old second-handed goods!”

Gu Qi Qi coldly glanced at her while remaining speechless.

Gu Xue Xue thought that her words hit the mark, so she couldn’t help but raised her voice in higher pitch: “If you can’t afford expensive medicine, then don’t bother coming here and pretending yourself as someone with wealth. Although that bank card might be nice-looking, but it actually can’t swipe for any value? Gu Qi Qi, shouldn’t you be kowtowing me ingratitude? It was fortunate that I bought the medicine for you, so that you could have a way out of this situation?”

Gu Qi Qi smiled dully and didn’t pay any attention to her.

But on the contrary, prestigious women who were spectating couldn’t help but rolled their eyes at her:

“Isn’t Miss Xue Xue acting too ignorant? Doesn’t she know the saying in Chinese medicine ‘new ginseng is valuable, old donkey hide gelatin is valuable’?”

“It seem that Miss Qi Qi has the knowledge to appreciate fine goods. Donkey hide gelatin is more valuable the older it aged!”

“A person who can afford five year aged donkey hide gelatin would be considered penniless? Don’t be absurd……”

Gu Xue Xue’s body turned stiffed!

How should she know of such underrated medical knowledge beforehand.

1. [Mountain road had taken a new twist turn (峰回路轉) is an idiom/ fancy way of saying an opportunity has come unexpectedly, like a turn of a corner in a mountain road.]

2. [It doesn’t literally mean wiping her face at someone. In Asian culture, face is an individual self reputation to the society. It is something that you can lose/ embarrass easily, but someone with “high” face would exert their influences on others. Kinda like stroking your ego at someone, in a rightfully manner…?]


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    1. It does feel a bit drag on (mainly because my release rate is pitiful), but I promised that It will become interesting very soon.


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