Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 7

Translated by Aletx

This chapter was extremely confusing to translate. For some reason the original raw source was missing, so I took the raw from an alternative site. However, there was multiple alternation in the raw. Like half of dozen of lines were either missing, or there would be additional lines (4th wall breaking). I am still not certain why it was like this for all the raw sites, perhaps there was multiple version?

Anyway, enjoy the fluffiness.

PS: The next chapter won’t take this long to release, expect the next one within a week or less.


Qi Xun entered into Qi Yōu’s bedroom while holding the purchased ice cream. When he saw Qi Yōu who wrapped around herself bed sheet, he gave a smile as he placed down the ice cream and pulled open her bed sheet.

“Mommy, I am back.”

Qi Yōu pouted her lips, then she spoke in a depressive and grievance tone: “Little Xun……”

The moment when Qi Xun entered the bedroom, he already knew something was amiss. Taken into consideration of Qi Yōu’s personality, she would normally be jumping and hopping about when she heard of his return arrival. Yet Qi Yōu seem to be on the verge of tear judging by her tone. Even though he knew that most of the time Qi Yōu was feigning it, he still felt tensed by it……

“What’s the matter?” Qi Xun asked as he gently stroked Qi Yōu’s back.

Qi Yōu stood up as she extended out her arms to embrace Qi Xun. Her scattered hair on the pillow was following her motion. Then she started to cry loudly on Qi Xun’s chest, releasing the grievance inside of her.

“Little Xun……” Once Qi Yōu had ‘cried’ enough, she said: “Little Xun, little Ao and the other are all grown up, yet they are all concealing something from me……”

Vertical black lines appeared on top Qi Xun’s head, she was crying over that? Weren’t they concealing their matters so that she could live happily without worries.

While he was thinking about that, his mouth had to coax her the other way. Otherwise, Qi Yōu’s crying would get out of the hand: “Let me call them back, so that you can scold them alright?” He firmly decided to sell out his two older brothers!

“Hm, very well!” Qi Yōu was smiling like a cat that just stole a fish: “That’s right, now that you are here, did you bring my ice cream?”

Qi Xun stared blankly while looking at her alluring eyes moistened with glittering teardrops. His heartbeat unknowingly started to jump very rapidly. That sense of sour yet sweet feeling started to rush forth in his heart satisfyingly.


While Qi Yōu was holding her little darling1 with her chin on top of its big head, her three sons were sitting upright and still in front of her. Then she began the court hearing inquiry: “Stinking little Ao! Admit your wrongdoing!”

Vertical black lines appeared on top of Qi Ao, then he admitting said: “I was wrong, I should not have conceal it from you.” In the past, Qi Yōu never watched the news broadcast before, therefore Qi Ao didn’t expect that she would discover his occupation matter. This was all her company restaurant’s fault. They should stick with soap opera, why would you switch to news channel!

“Bad little Jie! Admit your wrongdoing!”

“Huh?” Qi Jie could not comprehend: “Didn’t I admit my wrongdoing already?”

When Qi Jie saw Qi Yōu’s glare, he promptly changed his tune: “I was wrong.”

“Humph!” Qi Yōu gave a satisfying snort, then turned her face toward Qi Xun.

Qi Xun immediately raised both of his hands in a surrender posture: “I didn’t do anything wrong, I even brought ice cream for you!”

“Ice cream? Didn’t we say that you’re not allow to eat ice cream until midsummer?” Qi Ao’s eyebrow twitched as he looked toward Qi Yōu.

Qi Yōu sticked her little tongue out, then she fiercely glared at the stinking mouthful little Xun. He was doing this deliberately! She put her hands on her hips and said: “As if you still care for me! You have become the city mayor, yet you didn’t mention anything to me! Did your heart take into consideration of how mommy suffer every possible torment in raising all of you?” She took this line from a certain television show.

Vertical black lines appeared on all three sons.

Like a deflated ball, Qi Yōu rested on the little darling body and looked at her three sons with griefing eyes: “I understand that each of you have your own reasons to be involved in such matter. I am not against your decisions, but I wish that you will tell me the next time when important matters did happen. Now that City A military and political affairs were under our Qi household control, it would only be a matter of time before something happened later on……”

Qi Ao stood up, walked forward, and embraced Qi Yōu. He said in a quiet tone: “We will handle these matters, there’s no need for you to worry. Just be at ease and live well as Qi old lady.”2 3 Even if their own family’s matter or Qi Ao’s record were exposed publicly, City A is still firmly in their hands. Is there anything they couldn’t do? They could always rely on each other in preserving their positions!

Qi Yōu nodded her heads sluggishly. The moment before Qi Ao even realized, she suddenly gave him a soft punch: “****! You dare call this mother Qi old lady! You must have a death wish!”



The early morning sunlight was obstructed by the window curtain. Inside the bedroom, a sleeping beauty was having a fragrant and sweet dream..

Qi Xun opened the bedroom door and arrived at Qi Yōu’s bedside. He smiled little when he felt the fondful coldness on his fingertip. When was the moment when he started to feel unsatisfied with just being her son?

Qi Yōu pouted her lips, unwilling to open her eyes.

“Are you truly my biological mommy?” Qi Yōu woke up at once. Meanwhile, Qi Xun’s handsome eyebrows twisted as he fiddled around with his mommy’s flawless cheek. It truly felt very smooth without any makeup applied. An appearance of thirty-three year old who looked as if she was still in her early twenties.

“Nonsense! I gave birth to you after tenth month pregnancy!” Qi Yōu was fully awaken at this moment. She swiped his finger away from her own face and roared. At that time, she had collaborate with little Jie and little Ao that they would be concealing the truth from Qi Xun. That’s why she said so in a right and self-confident tone. Unfortunately, it was clearly obvious that those two had betrayed her……

“Where’s the hospital birth certificate then?” Qi Xun refused to back down.

“Erm…” Qi Yōu rubbed her nose and coughed lightly: “It seem that it had been thrown away…”

Qi Xun’s graceful eyebrows raised as he laughed splendidly: “Liar, that’s not possible.”

Qi Yōu opened her eyes widely and performed a killer move. She took the household register from the bedside cabinet, pointed at the name of the household head and shouted wildly: “Go to hell! This old mother is the head of the household! You’re my son, it’s no use even if you don’t believe it!”

“……” Forget it, the future is long.4 He will allow her to be pleased with herself for the time being……Qi Xun was contemplating like this.

Ever since he had become self aware, both Qi Ao and Qi Jue had revealed their life history to him. At that time, once he realized that he was not Qi Yōu’s biological son, he breathed with a sigh of relief. How could someone as brilliant as him be having such an idiotic mommy?

After breakfast, Qi Yōu slowly entered the company’s parking lot in her little car. Hm? Why is the parking lot fully packed today? It appears that foreign clients are visiting today. Oh, there’s one free parking space remaining.

Qi Yōu called out lucky out loud as she drove toward that parking space. At that moment, she heard the sound of car horn echoing. She extended her head out of the car window and looked around.

A woman, who was driving a BMW and was wearing bosoms revealing red dress, also extended her head and looked at Qi Yōu. She disdainfully twitched her mouth, cursed silently, then arrogantly said: “You there, back your car out.”

Qi Yōu blinked her eyes: “What for?”

“What for? Don’t you see that there’s a parking space here?” The woman in an inevitable and right manner released a sound of“tch” ungracefully.

The eyes of Qi Yōu glared. Although she had advocated for living in low profile for the past three hundred years. Even if she was pursued by her older brother, she had never been treated like this before! At that moment, she narrowed her eyes, started her car, and steadily parked into the parking space. Then she picked up her purse, got out, and smiled at the livid woman: “I am sorry, what did you say just a moment ago?”

“You!” The woman get off the car, angrily slammed the car door closed: “Country bumpkin! Do you know who I am!?” As the chairman assistant, Fan Sha had always been acting arrogant. When she saw Qi Yōu’s black frame glasses, her heart felt strong sense of disdain. She seem to be merely a university student that was graduated. Although her clothing style seem pretty good, who knows which ground street stall she got them from.

Qi Yōu shaked her head in honesty as she started to walk away. However……the words country bumpkin, it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

When Fan Sha realized that Qi Yōu was not paying heed to her, she felt that she was losing face. Just when she was about to storm forward and grabbed her, she was blocked by another arm.

Qi Yōu faintly stirred her eyebrow, as she calmly and collectively lowered her own arm. If it weren’t for this man’s intervention just a moment ago, this barking woman would find herself be crippled. While she didn’t like to cause trouble, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be fighting back!

Fan Sha opened her mouth in disbelief when she saw a handsome man with an enticing blue ocean like eyes. Hold on, why does he look so familiar? Oh! It’s him!


1. [The raw didn’t mention it specifically, but “her little darling” is presumably the stuffed toy animal in her room, as mentioned in previous chapter. ]

2. [In the raw/ Chinese, the word “old lady” (老夫人) is a respectful title. It was used to address someone in a matronly manner. MC misunderstood the title by taking old lady in a literal / triggering way.]

3. [The “old lady” could alternatively be interpreted as “Mrs” title in the English equivalent title. If you use the context, he’s subtly telling her to live old as a married wife lol.]

4. [The future is long (來日方長) is an idiom of saying there’s amble time for that later.]


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