My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 66

Translated by Aletx

For people that consider getting Monster Hunter World on console/ pc, be warned that it is highly addicting.

Anyway, enjoy.


Gu Xue Xue fiercely glared at Zhu Fen for the fault of not telling her beforehand.

Zhu Fen also felt wronged. Although her father was the hospital director, she was still an underachieving student.

The two of them had lost their faces in a spectacular way.

The scorching pain on their cheeks, which came from the sneering crowd’s gazes, was an unbearable sensation.

At this moment, Gu Xue Xue now realized——

That a while ago, Gu Qi Qi wasn’t deliberately ignoring her remark in shame.

On the contrary, she was merely waiting for her to embarrassing herself in front of the crowd, so that the crowd would hit her face!

Such a sinister move!

The worst of all was that she spent twenty thousand just to snatch donkey hide gelatin from Gu Qi Qi, but that didn’t accomplish anything?

Moreover, she snatched the goods that had little inherent value!

A smear of shame and anger appeared on Gu Xue Xue’s face as she gave a hateful gaze at the aged donkey hide gelatin in Gu Qi Qi’s hands. Unwilling to reconcile with the end result, she said to the store manager: “I also want this second handed aged goods!”

The store manager was almost driven crazy!

Why are they fighting over it again?

As the crowd were gathering more and more, he scratched his head at a complete loss while looking toward the VIP room direction.

With a smirk on Bai Lang’s face, he waved his hand.


Through the glass, he gave the hand signal of “keep going, don’t stop” to the store manager.

Did the little alluring woman think that she would be able to escape from his turf without revealing her true self?

Humph, once he unmasked and exposed her true color, she would be unable to cause any more trouble for little Jue Jue.

Bai Lang felt that it had been a while since he carried out such provocative yet……righteous action before.

He couldn’t deny that it was very fun and exciting as well.


Once the store manager received his instruction, he resisted against the pressure: “Since Miss Xue Xue wants it, we shall wrap it for you.

“Hold on.”

A silk-like finger pressed on top of the aged donkey hide gelatin.

“What are you doing Gu Qi Qi? I have reserved all the donkey hide gelatin in the store already. Do not think that you will be able to grab a single bite!” Gu Xue Xue was originally planning a humiliate Gu Qi Qi a bit.

But now, she was itching to put Gu Qi Qi in a tight spot.

She stubbornly refused to allow Gu Qi Qi to obtain the things that she desired for.

Facing against the troublemaker Gu Xue Xue, Gu Qi Qi merely extended her slender finger and tabbed at the black letters sale description near the sale counter——

“High end medical ingredients are subject to auction. The rule stated that the goods go to the highest bidder. It’s useless even if you reserve them.

“What? An auction?!”

“What’s the matter? You wouldn’t dare?” Gu Qi Qi teased.

“Who, who, who said I wouldn’t dare?” Gu Xue Xue said in an outwardly strong and inwardly weak manner.

Gu Mei Feng provided her twenty thousand worth of cash.

That cash was originally reserved for facilitating relationship for Gu Qiu Shan’s case, yet nobody from the military accepted it on that day. Dejected and depressed, Gu Mei Feng in a fit of pique passed the cash to Gu Xue Xue for buying supplements.

She pinched her purse which still held eighteen thousand worth of money remaining, thinking that if she could afford ginseng, then why should she be afraid of a bidding war against Gu Qi Qi?

Moreover, her fancy looking bankcard was definitely fake. Where would Gu Qi Qi get that kind of money from? She was probably pretending right?

If that’s the case, she could not hesitate to teach Gu Qi Qi a lesson.

“Let’s bid!”

Once Gu Xue Xue blurted out those words.

The store manager’s facial expression became distorted, and that he could almost cry.

Could you stop acting so impulsive Miss Xue Xue?

I was under the second young mater’s direct order to sell the goods to you at its original price, so that it could help you in ridiculing lady Qi Qi further.

But now……

The upper-class women, who were standing in circle and watching, started to become lively. They were all shouting one by one in anticipation: “Hurry up! Start the auction!”

He couldn’t defy the store roles in front of so many people right?

Not daring to raise his head to look at the second young master’s eyes from afar, he sullenly said: “Ladies, please start your bid!”

“A thousand and five hundred!” Gu Xue Xue seized the initiative and pridefully shouted out.

However in the next second, Gu Qi Qi’s cherry-like lips gently opened with a smile: “Ten thousand.”

“What?” Gu Xue Xue’s facial expression darkened.

The store manager promptly explained in helplessness: “Miss Xue Xue, the original price for the five year aged donkey hide gelatin is five thousand per catty……”

The corner of Gu Xue Xue’s lips twitched.

Damn it, should have mentioned that earlier!

“Ten thousand and five hundred!” She stubbornly said.

Gu Qi Qi replied as if the thin clouds were blowing softly1: “Fifty thousand.”

“What? How did the bid jump so high? That’s against the rules!”

“One hundred thousand.” Gu Qi Qi continued with a smile.

The black diamond card on her hand once again issued a sharp and clear sound on the table.

Triggering a mental provocation to Gu Xue Xue!

She was not convinced that Gu Qi Qi would have the guts to make such high bid.

So she grinded her teeth and said: “Two hundred thousand!

Humph, she did not believe that Gu Qi Qi had such amount of money in possession?

If she wanted to keep bidding with her? So be it!

The moment when Gu Qi Qi foolishly raised the bid up to a million, she would get to witness the tragic conclusion of this poor girl.

1. [As if the thin clouds were blowing softly (雲淡風輕) is an idiom of someone acting calm and compose, without regard to the environment. Just imagine yourself in a hurricane, but you’re acting as if the clouds/wind were still blowing softly.]


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11 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 66

  1. I guess she (Qi Qi) will “lost” after raising the bid to extravagant price to make Xue Xue lost another face?

    Also,whats with all this repeating name in Chinese WN? I keep finding those kind, like this Qi Qi, Xue Xue, Nan Nan, Shui Shui, Qiu Qiu, Xiao Xiao and others. Is there significance to repeating names? Like, good luck or such? Or it just sounded, cute?


    1. As a translator, I don’t want to give out spoiler on the comment section… but the outcome was foreshadow/ inevitable, that I can’t help but agree with your prediction xD

      As for the repeating names in WN, the practical reasons consisted of: it’s simple for authors, and it does sound somewhat cute. However, family surname do double up for certain family traditions/ values. Cao Cao, the famous warlord/ historical figure from the Three Kingdom is the perfect example of this.

      But the in depth reason, Chinese language is traditionally rhetoric in Chinese literature. The “double word” actually goes beyond person’s name. In poem/ songs, they are commonly used to describe appearances, sounds, scenarios and emotions. Think of it as a means to emphasize the intensity in music/ emotion.

      It’s kinda complicating to explain, simply because it was deeply rooted in Chinese literature. But yes, there is significance in repeating names. Though the authors probably used it for a more practical reason than a literature/ art reason.


      1. Woah, that’s long explanation. Thank you.
        “Think of it as a means to emphasize the intensity in music/ emotion.” So it’s like “Beautiful Beautiful” just means “Really Beautiful”?

        Ops… I guess I’m spoiling…. Sorry!!! Feel free to add spoiler tag or hide my comment.


    2. The simple breakdown:
      1.It’s an expression of endearment/intimacy, equivalent/comparable to putting “little” in front someone’s name (Usually, but not always the last word/character or syllable.).
      2.It’s used to amplify the meaning of the repeated syllable/word. If Qi is read as “Pretty”, or “Outstanding”, then QiQi is “Very Pretty”, or “Very Outstanding”.
      3. Chinese people find it cute and/or pleasant to the ears and eyes (when written).
      **It’s actually uncommon/rare to be born with a double character/word name, like Actress Fan BingBing.


  2. thanks for chapter..BL is stupid and those trick will eat him..qq sure know it later on…qq, bid higher and trick xx to pay it..
    pardon me translator “ that it could help you in ridiculing lady Xue Xue further.” should be Qi Qi right🤔😊

    Liked by 1 person

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