Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 8

Translated by Aletx

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“Leng…Executive Leng!” Fan Sha straightened out her dress in a hurry, then she adopted the most standard……seductive smile. She spoke in a childish kind of voice: ““Good morning Executive Leng. The company chairman is awaiting for you on the top floor. Please allow me to lead you the way.”

When Qi Yōu listened to her voice, her whole body started to trembled. Stinking little Ao, you ought to listen to this kind of voice which could truly stir goose bumps in others. Her own voice was far more sweeter and pleasant in comparison!

“There’s no need, you go first.” Leng Mu didn’t spare any moment of his time to look at Fan Sha.

Fan Sha glanced at Leng Mu, then glanced back at Qi Yōu again. Clenching her teeth, she walked away while swing her big buttocks, believing that she left a glamorous and charming impression.

“Hello, my name is Leng Mu.” The short dark brown hair on Leng Mu’s forehead fainitly rippled through the air. His eyes were evoking an enticing charm, which could sufficiently bewilder thousands of young women. Unfortunately for him, it was not very effective against Qi Yōu. If she wanted, she could find a much more charming eyes by simply looking at herself in the mirror.

“Hi.” Qi Yōu nodded as she made a detour around Leng Mu and left the parking lot.

Leng Mu gave a crooked smile as he took out his cellphone: “Chairman Feng, I have considered in working together with your company. Though a change to your secretary might be necessary. I think that Qi Yōu is a suitable candidate, what do you think?”


Qi Yōu arrived at her office desk upstairs. She placed down her purse as she was preparing herself for work.

“Little Yōu, were you alright yesterday?” Hé Mei poked her head out and asked.

Qi Yōu replied with a smile: “Everything is fine.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear.”

“Humph! This is so infuriating!” Jia Ling entered the office in a fit of rage. When she reached the office desk side, she fiercely threw her purse on the desk and shouted.

“What’s the matter Jia Ling?” Qi Shu paused his work and asked.

“It’s that chairman’s secretary whose eyes are grown on top of her head!” Jia Ling spoke in an annoyance tone. A fellow colleague handed her a glass cup of cold water. She took it and drank it in a single gulp. Then she continued: “That wretched nose parker1 who crawled to a man’s bed!”

“What did she do to you?” Hé Mei suddenly became gossipy.

Jia Ming rolled her eyes, then bestowed a chestnut to her as reward: “Here, you are interested in gossip too? Humph, that Fan Sha, the stupid nosy parker! You think that it was already difficult for me to carry a large stack of document papers? She went as far as ordering me to step out of the way for her?! ****! Who does she think she is! Someone who crawled to the chairman’s bed! There’s nothing extraordinary about that!”

“Hush!” Hé Mei covered Jia Ling’s mouth: “Quiet down, we are in the company office! If the chairman finds out, we’ll have to suffer the consequences!”2

Filled with lingering fear, the shoulders of Jia Ling contracted. When she noticed that Qi Yōu had passed her a piece of cake. she was beaming with joy: “Nevertheless, it was good to have little Yōu around. Although little Yōu might be a little unsophisticated in appearance, but she is a good person who knows how to handle things well.”

Hé Mei nodded her head in agreement. Reminiscing about Qi Yōu’s pretty eyes which she saw yesterday, just when she was about to speak, a screeching tone could be heard from the doorway.

“Qi Yōu! Who is the slut named Qi Yōu!” A woman with a red dress was standing at the glass doorway while shouting toward the people from the foreign trade department.

Both the eyes of Hé Mei and Jia Ling widened in shock. They could not comprehend the connection between the meaning of the word ‘slut’ with Qi Yōu.

“How could you say that! Calling someone with such an unpleasant language! Apologize to our little Yōu!” The instant when Jia Ling saw Fan Shan’s face, the suppressed fury was evoked once again.

The eyes of Fan Sha blinked, it turned out that this country bumpkin was Qi Yōu afterall!

“Tch!” Fan Sha crossed her arm as her eyes glanced at Qi Yōu from top to bottom: “You country bumpkin. While your body figure might be decent, but take a good look at your face and hair…so damn unsophisticated! How did you manage to seduce the chairman with such appearance? The chairman must truly be blind!”

“What? She seduced the chairman?” Hé Mei’s mouth was wide opened as she gave a disbelief look at Qi Yōu, who had unsophisticated appearance of black glasses and black hairstyle that covered the outline of her face, “Heaven sake! Little Yōu! Well done!” She gave a congratulatory slap at the back of Qi Yōu’s shoulders, which only provoked Fan Sha even further.

“Fan Sha!” Feng Shao Ming stood at the doorway with an ashen-face.

“Good day chairman!” The crowd was startled by his appearance, and so they hurriedly shouted in greetings.

Fan Sha was also startled, but since that stinking man no longer wanted her, she shouted out in defiance: “What’s matter? Was I wrong ? Didn’t you give the secretary position to her after she crawled to your bed?”

“Smack--” The resouding slap on the face echoed across the office. The corner of Qi Yōu’s lips faintly raised as she gracefully withdrew her hand: “Stop opening your mouth and yelling slut at other people. I am not happy about it.”

Everyone on the scene was staring blankly. Qi Yōu, who might have a slightly unsophisticated appearance, was always smiling dully in normal times. Yet why did she decisively slap other person in the face?

Fan Sha was stupefied as the scorching pain on her face started to hurt. With a loud screech, she was about to throw herself at Qi Yōu to pull her hair.

With a frown on Leng Mu’s face, he held back Fan Sha with an arm, causing her to fall down on the floor: “Miss Fan! Watch your manner!”

Everyone became silent……seeing such disparity in treatment……however……their hearts felt very satisfying! A girl such as Fan Sha ought to be treated like this! That’s what she get for constantly acting arrogantly in front of them!

On the other side, Qi Yōu was at a loss. Why did people keep calling her unsophisticated in the last few days? She was beginning to doubt the truth of Ao’s remark that she looks good with her glasses on.3

“This…this is too excessive!” When she saw the people in the surroundings were giving a cold look at her, her face reddened as she immediately started to cry: “I am going to sue all of you!”

“So you are allowed to call little Yōu a slut, yet you won’t allow others to touch you?” Jia Ling snorted with a humph, which was followed by ferocious nodding from Hé Mei.

“Jia Ling……”Qi Yōu uttered.

Jia Ling thought that Qi Yōu was feeling sorry for her own action, so she promptly said: “Little Yōu, there’s no need to sympathize with this kind of woman. You must not……”

“Jia Ling, Am I really that unsophisticated?” Qi Yōu ultimately asked the question at a complete loss.

These words were followed with an awkward silence in the office.

“Pfff……” Leng Mu couldn’t endure any further as he started to laugh out loud. Without considering any taboos, he advanced forward and embraced her by her waist: “How could you be so adorable, you little kitten?”

The corner of Qi Yōu’s mouth twitched. The question that she asked was extremely serious and important! In addition--”Could you be mindful with your hand?”

Leng Mu didn’t let go, he embraced by her waist even tighter instead. With a laugh, he blew into the side of her ear and said: “Become my girlfriend?”

“Wow……” Everyone in the present was in uproar. Each and every one of them had different expressions. Some were still in disbelief, others were either happy or jealous of her. Though some were just enjoying the drama.

“Judging from your manner, you don’t seem to be a good guy. Leave me alone.” Qi Yōu effortlessly separated herself from Leng Mu’s pincers as she spoke with her eyebrows raised.

Leng Mu’s eyebrows stirred slightly. As a man who had tasted all kinds of flowers, he was even more intrigued by a mysterious woman with seemingly excellent agility: “Women love bad guys afterall.” His speech was smeared with coquettish glances, which promptly electrified the crowd of female wolves from the foreign trade department.

Qi Yōu nodded in agreement: “Some women do love men who are bad. However, that doesn’t mean that they all like men who were bad and spoiled.”

Leng Mu’s face was slightly stiffed. So he replied with a smile: “You are also not a good woman, which makes us a fitting couple.”

Although Jia Ling was fond with this handsome man, Qi Yōu was still her friend after all. So she promptly refuted: “Mister Leng, please be respectful with your words. How is our little Yōu not a good woman?”

“She’s wearing a set of designer clothes from a famous British designer. That ruby necklace, if I recalled, was a limited edition from this year’s French jewelry exhibition. Do you believe that a foreign trade office worker could afford all that? In other words, you are probably a mistress of another wealthy man. Thus, can’t I simply buy you over with more money?”

When Leng Mu finished his remark, all the other people started to look toward Qi Yōu in a different light. She was keeping at her own counsel because she was being provided as a mistress? Their glances were filled with a degree of disdain and despise.

Except for Hé Mei and Jia Ling, because they knew that Qi Yōu was not that kind of person. However, if she’s not that kind of person, then where did she get all that money from?

“See! This slut knows how to seduce man. She’s nothing more than a woman who crawls to a man’s bed.” Fan Shan stood up and started to hoot recklessly.

Leng Mu frowned. His spoken remark was for the sole purpose of trying to persuade Qi Yōu to be together with him obediently. It was not meant for Fan Sha to humiliate her further.

Qi Yōu merely raised her eyebrows. In truth, she was also unaware that she was wearing some sort of famous designer clothes. The only thing she knew was that these clothes were all prepared by Little Ao and the others.

“Smack--” The resounding slap on the face echoed across the office once again, accompanied by a terrifying scream from Fan Sha. As if it was under a ruthless hand.

1. [While nosy parker (八婆) doesn’t sound very insulting in English, but the Chinese term had more boarder range of application depending in the context. In this scenario, she was essentially calling her a b**ch. While I originally planned to translate the insult as b**ch, it also felt a bit out of place, since the term could be used in a less settle/ vulgar means. ]

2. [I normally try to include all Chinese idioms in my translation, simply because I felt that Chinese idioms in general had a much richer meaning / stories behind them. Unfortunately, I could not fit this particular idiom in her dialogue due to flow issue. In the raw, she actually said “If you can’t eat it all, you’ll have to take it home” (吃不了兜著走). It’s basically a fancy way of saying you will have to bear the consequences if you overstep your boundary.]

3. [TL Comment: What a sinister way to monopolize your mother/ would-be lover to themselves.]


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