Announcement: I am still alive

Yup, I am back. No, I did not reanimate as a zombie. In case anyone wondered why I disappear without a trace, here’s what happened:

I graduated, I had my convocation ceremony on early October. Since my family/relatives were in town, I was pretty much occupied for the time before and after the ceremony.

Since my translation operated in a motivation-based effort as a procrastination to school work, my graduation sorta took that motivation away. Of course, I still enjoy translation as a hobby, but I inevitably took a long break as the result.

Then there’s the job searching / interview. Al is also busy playing cowboy simulator and other games to distract himself.

And that’s what happened. Sorry about the long absence. I might be slightly busy with life, but there are no plan to end the translation.

12 thoughts on “Announcement: I am still alive

  1. Yehey! Thank you for sticking to this book. It’s a very fun read! 😘😘
    I know translating is no picnic and aLOT of people don’t think about the effort and time you sucrifice just for it and just cares for more chapters.

    Anyway, keep up the good workπŸ€—


  2. So glad you are back Al. I almost cry when I refresh this page and saw your posts. Now I can read these babies again. Yaiy!!!! Thank you for your hardwork.


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