Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 9

Translated by Aletx

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Through the glass window, a bright light was shining down upon a handsome young man dressed in a white casual shirt. As he lowered his right hand, he noticed that his own hand was smeared with Fan Sha’s blood. With a disgusted frown on his face, he wiped his hand with a white handkerchief from his pocket, then tossed it at Fan Sha’s face. Even though he was carrying such act, his movement was as elegant as an European noble from the medieval time.

“Little Xun?” Qi Yōu was looking at Qi Xun in astonishment. How strange, why is Little Xun here? Isn’t it Tuesday today? Why is he not at school?

When the arrogant yet noble looking young man heard of what she said, he promptly gave a brilliant smile. Passing through Leng Mu and Feng Shao Ming, Qi Xun arrived in front of Qi Yōu and protectively embraced her with his arms. Now that he had grown taller than Qi Yōu by a head, he lowered his head and softly asked: “Mommy, what’s the matter?”

Mommy? The crowd looked at each other face to face. This seemingly eighteen year old young man is Qi Yōu’s son?

Both of Leng Mu’s eyes blinked, his eyebrows raised.

Fan Sha, who was slapped twice to the point of bleeding, couldn’t even sit up straight. Her rationality overwhelmed with fury, she yelled out in a sharp voice: “I am going to sue all of you! You injured me on purpose!”

Qi Xun frowned faintly, not pleased that someone interrupted his conversation with Qi Yōu. He replied with a sneer: “Go ahead. My name is Qi Xun. My lawyer will be contacting you.” When that time comes, he will make sure that she gets a taste of prison. She dared to call the woman, that the three brothers carefully treat, a slut? She must have a death wish!

“Humph! Just you wait and see!” Fan Sha fiercely clenched her teeth, then she grabbed her purse and rushed toward the elevator.

“Qi Xun?” Leng Ma suddenly said: “ Isn’t that the same individual in charge of Qi Corporation from our city?”

“That’s right, and you are?” The whole body of Qi Xun turned stiff, as he could clearly sense the intense resentment from the woman in his embrace.

“My name is Leng Mu.” Most people were unaware that his Chinese name is Leng Mu, but he believed that Qi Xun knew his name already.

It goes without saying that Qi Xun was only surprised briefly.

“As the Qi Corporation chairman’s mother, I think she has the qualification and means to obtain these items.” Qi Xun suddenly said in a stern voice: “Therefore, shouldn’t executive Leng be apologizing to ‘my mother’?”1

Qi Yōu winced. The term ‘my mother’ is much more older than Da Sao!

When Leng Mu noticed the distorted expression on Qi Yōu’s face, he held back his smile with a hint of interest to the tip of his mouth: “So it turns out this, my apologies Qi madam.”2

“Pttf……” It was uncertain who started to laugh first, but the entire department were laughing in a snickering manner. To the point where blue veins were jumping about on Qi Yōu’s forehead.

As the result, Qi Yōu fiercely suppressed her anger, then she distressly said: “ Little Xun, mommy is hungry.”

“Didn’t you just have breakfast just a mome--hm, okay. We can get something to eat downstairs.” When Qi Xun saw Qi Yōu’s squinting eyes, he promptly changed his tune. Then he nodded toward Leng Mu: “Executive Leng, we will meet again.”

“I am sure we will meet again someday.” Leng Mu smiled as his interest in Qi Yōu grew bigger.

“Heaven sake, that eyeglasses girl turns out to be a wealthy woman?” Woman-A sighed sorrowfully.

“That’s right, this must be a fantasy world……” Woman-B nodded.

“God, please let me partake into fantasy world too……” Woman-C sobbed spasmodically with envious regret.


With a smiling face, Qi Xun passed Qi Yōu’s favorite Black Forest cake to her: “Please don’t be angry mommy, as a matter of fact, I… I was planning to confess everything to you……”

Qi Yōu snorted as her fingers on the dining table crawled toward the cake. Then she started to eat while feigning in anger.

Realizing that the crisis had been averted, Qi Xun took out a small deep blue case: “Mommy, I will be travelling abroad in the afternoon flight.” Now that Qi Yōu is fully aware of his business, there’s no longer the need to find other cover excuses. However, there’s some remaining matters still concealed from her, and that he was uncertain of whether he should confess everything to her now. It can’t be helped since he’s not the only person aware of it. If Qi Yōu were to find someone to blame, then all three of them would have to take the fall together.

“Oh, so that’s why you came early to my company.” Qi Yōu nodded, then shouted afterward:” Wait what! You’re travelling abroad? No, that’s too dangerously!” Luckily they were inside the restaurant private room, otherwise they would have earned a lot of attention.

“It wouldn’t be dangerous. Nothing had happened in all these years, so it should be safe as well.”Qi Xun smiled appeasingly as he opened the small case and said: “Take a look, I heard that a pair of earing is being auctioned in Italy, how about I buy it for you?”

The deep blue case opened, displaying a silver feather necklace in the center. A smooth sapphire was embedded in the silver necklace, with two elegant silver white wings on its side. Qi Yōu had seen it online before, it was called Marilyn’s favor. It was said to be one of a kind in the world, but it was already purchased by a buyer. She never imagined that her son would be the said buyer.

Qi Yōu gleefully held the necklace with a big smile. She was extremely fond with the gem’s bright luster.

Now that Qi Xun knew she wouldn’t be opposing his aboard trip for the purpose of obtaining the exquisite pair of earring for her, he helped her by taking off the ruby necklace and swapping it with Marilyn’s favor. Perhaps Qi Yōu was unaware, but Marilyn’s favor has another deeper meaning: To love someone dearly is to hold it tightly in your hands, even if the love is unrequited.3

“Little Xun, be sure to come back soon!” Qi Yōu said with an adorable look on her eyes.

“I will.” If it weren’t for someone’s mishap in New York , then he wouldn’t even need to take care of it personally. However, those who were responsible for separating him from Qi Yōu, he will definitely ‘handle’ them properly.


“Wow! Little Yōu Little Yōu!” When Qi Yōu returned, several gossipy women promptly rushed over and began to chatter buzzingly.

“Little Yōu, didn’t expect that you would be this rich!”

“That’s right that’s right, we would be relying on you from now on!”

……When the bombardment had ended, Qi Yōu dizzily returned to her office desk.

“Little Yōu, shouldn’t your son already be eighteen years old?” Hé Mei

asked: “Could it be……that you’re his step mother?”

“Pfff……” Qi Yōu unceremoniously sprayed the water from her mouth: “Cough Cough, what step mother! I am his biological mother!”

“But you’re already twenty-five years old! Is it possible that you give birth when you’re just seven years old?” Jia Ling blinked her eyes in puzzlement.

“Pfff……” Just when Qi Yōu was about to drink another mouthful of water, she sprayed it out once again by Jia Ling’s word. Unfortunately for Qi Shu, who joined in the conversation, caught the water spray right into his face……

“Cough, actually… I am already thirty-three years old……” Qi Yōu faintly said.

Liar! We might reluctantly believe you if you claimed to be twenty-five year old!” One after another, a look of disbelief appeared on Hé Mei, Jia Ling and Qi Shu’s face.

Now that it turned out like this, Qi Yōu could only sighed and said: “ I am truly thirty-three years old. As for why I still look this delicate, natural beauty was something difficult to give up……”

The three people were petrified. It turned out that Qi Yōu without her outer shell was actually a narcissist individual.

“If your son is that handsome, then you must have a decent look as well.” Hé Mei watched attentively at Qi Yōu’s eyes, recalling the beautiful eyes that she saw yesterday.

“That’s right. Come, take off your glasses and let me see!” Jia Ling reached out with her hand toward her glasses.

“Hey, wait, you can’t take it off--” Before Qi Yōu even finished speaking, Jia Ling had already took her glasses off with a dumbstruck look on her face. Both Hé Mei and Qi Shu opened their mouth in gasp. She had a very very beautiful face. Her facial features were all delicately soft and tender. Her pink lips were exceptionally sleek. Her unobstructed eyes were pretty and flirtatious, so much so that a person could become intoxicated by looking into them. This kind of appearance absolutely did not belong to humanity! Such a pure and alluring mix of traits could be a lethal weapon to both man and woman! That’s right, her appearance is a lethal weapon to both man and woman! For Hé Mei and Jia Ling who were women themselves, even their hearts couldn’t help but started to thump rapidly.

Qi Yōu took her glasses back and said with a pout face: “See, I already said that my glasses should never be taken off. My son had said that if I did take them off, I would be snatch away by bad guys.” Even though she really wanted to play with the notion of being snatched away, she still hadn’t encounter such opportunity yet……4

“AH--!” Jia Ling abruptly shrieked, drawing further attention from the office. Consequently, the entire office had descended into severe silence. The degree of difference was…too…extreme!

The moment before Hé Mei fainted away, she came to the realization that eyeglasses have such a strong capacity in concealing beauty.

1. [Chinese language has a elaborate set of titles for family members in certain appropriate context. For instance, mommy is the casual/ childish/ adorable tone. Mom/mother is the common/ simple role title, but ‘my mother’ could be used as a respected mean to address an esteem figure of a family . While the direct English translation is simply ‘my mother’, in this context, ‘my mother’ is more of respectful address to someone in an elderly position. If some of you feel that it is unnecessarily complicating, that’s because it is.]

2. [In the raw, he actually called her old madam/ lady (老夫人). While this might seem rude in English, but it’s also a respectful way of addressing someone in Chinese. I chose to leave it as madam, because it would sound strange otherwise.]

3. [Due to Al’s low level in romance/ poem, I can’t really phrase it elegantly. So I just make the meaning as literal as possible. Just imagine the screen by sprinkling as much pink powder as possible.]

4. [TL’s Comment: Chapter 1-2? ]


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