Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 10

Translated by Aletx

This chapter took a while. Made various changes from the raw so that it flows better. I hope the effort will be worth it.

Anyway, enjoy.




Under the sunshine radiance, a white villa could be seen on the grass hill. It was also the current home of Qi Yōu.

Qi Yōu opened the white painted fence gate. She softly tread on the green lawn and arrived at the the villa’s front door entrance. She unlocked the front door with a key, entered into the building, then changed her shoes afterward.

Whew--Only four days left until she was officially promoted to the chairman’s secretary. She had already familiarized herself with the secretary’s duties and responsibilities, yet she was insisted to not wear her glasses during work. However in the last three days, her fellow officer workers seemingly hadn’t adjust to her appearance, and that they kept on staring at her for a long time.

In addition, she had not seen the person named Leng Mu for the last few days. So she inquired Hé Mei about his identity. According to what Hé Mei had said, Leng Mu was apparently one of the high ranking executives of a large commerce cooperation. With Qi Yōu acting as the new secretary, she would likely be meeting him frequently from now on. This would further created new opportunities of igniting love sparks. When she thought of this, Qi Yōu couldn’t help but to despair soulessly! The sudden realization that he would be calling her “old madam” again and again!

It was not long after Qi Yōu laid down on the couch, Qi Ao was the first person to return home.

“Yōu, how was your day? Did you have a good time?” Qi Ao undid his necktie, took off his jacket, and sat beside Qi Yōu. He placed his arm around her waist.

Qi Yōu nodded as she rested her head against Qi Ao’s shoulder: “Little Ao, little Xun’s birthday is coming up in the next few days. We will need to make party preparation for his birthday celebration, but should we organize it at home or elsewhere?”

“Anywhere is fine. It’s up to you to decide.” Qi Ao gathered closer to the side of Qi Yōu’s fine black hair, and spoke into her ear in a soft and gentle tone.

Qi Yōu didn’t particularly feel anything in regard to her son’s intimacy. All she knew was that when her sons stood up for her, it was her most joyful moment. When that happened, there was nothing for her to be afraid of! Even though she was most afraid of her elder brother’s soft and gentle act, she was least afraid to little Jie. Even though little Jie tend to act cold and silent normally, she actually felt most at ease when she was in little Jie’s embrace. That sense of security felt like an impenetrable shield.

“Yōu, I am back.” Five minutes later, Qi Jie was the next one to return home. When he saw that Qi Yōu was leaning on Qi Ao’s shoulders, his eyes flashed meaningfully.

When Qi Yōu saw Qi Jie’s return, she promptly rose from Qi Ao and threw herself into Qi Jie’s embrace. While holding his waist with both her arms, she lifted her head and spoke in a spoiled tone: “Little Jie is back, did you miss mommy?”

“Yes.” Qi Jie replied while kneading Qi Yōu’s hair.

Qi Yōu merely blinked her eyes happily to his touch as she continued to hug him.

“Tch, aren’t you too old to intimate in other people’s bosom.” When Qi Xun, who just arrived home, saw that Qi Yōu was still hugging Qi Jie, he tossed his book bag from his shoulder to the couch, then said in a disdained tone.

With a pout on her face, Qi Yōu separated herself from Qi Jie’s bosom and faced against Qi Xun with hands on her hips: “I can do whatever I want! Why should you care! Stinking little Xun! Not adorable at all!”

Qi Xun wrinkled his nose and snorted at Qi Yōu. He revealed a box of cake from his back. Then he flung around with it as he walked away while whistling.

Qi Yōu shuddered for a moment, then she instantly shouted “my dear little Xun” as she scrammed toward Qi Xun.

Qi Xun naturally slowed down his pace on purpose to let her catch up.

Qi Yōu grabbed hold of Qi Xun’s back, yet Qi Xun raised his hands in order to not let her get the cake.

“Little Xun, mommy’s obedient little Xun……” Qi Yōu was acting in a pitiful manner with her mouth shriveled. When Qi Xun saw her appearance, he painstakingly succeeded in holding back his laughter. Then he asked in a feigned annoying tone: “You still want it?”

Qi Yōu bit her lips as she hurriedly nodded. Glistering tears could be seen from her beautiful eyes: “Little Xun is the best, the most adorable one……please let mommy have the cake. Mommy didn’t have a proper tasty lunch today……still very hungry……”

Vertical black lines appeared across Qi Jie’s face, who happened to accompany Qi Yōu for today’s lunch. Who was the person that devour two piece of steaks in the afternoon today?

Qi Xun certainly did not believe in Qi Yōu’s excuse. However, he had teased her enough, so he replied: “Certainly, you can have it.”

The pair of Qi Yōu’s eyes widened. Her black pupils were glistering brightly, and her cherry-like lips opened. She closely resembled like an adorable kitty.

“Give me a kiss.” Qi Xun suddenly lowered his head and said.

*SFX Triggered*1 The two men, who were sitting on the couch reading newspaper and drinking coffee, abruptly stood up and fiercely glared at Qi Xun.

Qi Yōu didn’t find anything unusual in regard to his request. With a giggle, she gave a kiss at Qi Xun’s cheek and took the cake. Then she quickly slipped away into her room. Oh, she had to be alone to fully enjoy the cake.

“Qi Xun!” Qi Ao narrowed his eyes and said in a deep tone.

As if he was not any paying attention, Qi Xun turned around and gave a provocative smile: “Elder brother, second brother. From now on, we rely on our own ability.”

This was the very first time that the three brothers had talked frankly and openly between themselves. It was as if the glass had finally been broken through. That’s right, the three of them had fallen in love with Qi Yōu. Whoever Qi Yōu picked at the end depended only on their own strength.

“Very well.” Qi Jie stepped away from the couch : “We unite as one against any outsiders, but each of us rely on our own strength.” As expected of the military chief, each of his words were sparked with extensive meaning.


“Agreed!” The other two brothers slapped the table in agreement.

The eyes of Qi Jie narrowed as he gave a quick glance to Qi Ao. Once they had exchanged looks, the two men simultaneously pounced on Qi Xun. Qi Jie’s hands were restraining and silencing Qi Xun, while Qi Ao relentlessly started the beating……

While a certain person had successfully stolen the kiss, yet he was beaten up in retaliation…… However, the same person will always recall this moment of experiencing both joy and pain at the same time……


*SFX door knocking* Qi Jie stood outside of the door and yelled: “Elder brother, I am out of shampoo.”

“Come in, help yourself.” Qi Ao, who was top half naked, was busily wiping the hair.

Qi Jie was also top half naked because he was taking a shower a moment ago.

He happened to notice the emptied shampoo in the middle of the shower. However, it was also the beginning to the series of misfortune.

At that moment when Qi Jie passed by Qi Ao; Qi Ao, who happened to reach for the hair dryer, slipped on the puddle of water on the ground. Because of the narrow corridor space in the door, they both bumped into each other and fell on the ground. They couldn’t break the fall in time, as the result their lips happened to touch……

“Little Ao, my bath towel is gone.” Qi Yōu yelled out as she opened Qi Ao’s bedroom door.

*SFX door opening* As the door was opened, a sharp and clear noise could be loudly heard in the room.

“Oh--” Qi Yōu was silent for a moment, after that she shrieked out in shock. Her finger shakingly pointed at two top half naked handsome men, both of which were laying on top of each other on the floor.2

“Cough! Yōu, this is not what you think it is!” Qi Jie, who was pressing down from the top, promptly got up and explained in a hurry.

Qi Ao, who was underneath, also uncomfortably got up with a blushed face.

“Little…little Jie……” Qi Yōu asked in a frown and pout face.

“Yes?” Qi Jie , who had already calmed down, responded.

“Do you like man?”


Wah……” Qi Yōu threw herself at Qi Ao’s naked chest, then turned her head around and fiercely scolded: “Little Jie! Even if you do like man, you shouldn’t lust after your brother! A rabbit should never eat the grass around its burrow!”3

“……” Qi Jie remained speechless……

“……” Qi Ao was also speechless……but with the beauty in his embrace, his evil instincts returned in an instant. He held Qi Yōu’s wasit by his arm as they walked out of the room together, then gently said: “It’s alright, don’t mind him. Let’s leave him alone so that he can reflect upon himself. Didn’t you say that you are searching for the bath towel?”

A minute later, a fiery snarl erupted from the room: “****! Qi Ao, help me clear the misunderstanding with mom! Qi Yōu! I am not a homosexual!”

Inside the bathroom, Qi Yōu’s head was tilted slightly, her eyes were blinking. She asked Qi Ao: “What did little Jie say?”

“It’s nothing. I reckon that he’s protesting. Hoping for your approval to his love preference for man.”

Qi Yōu, who only half-understood his explanation, nodded with a pout and teary face: “I should have persuade little Jie in entering economics. Now look, he turned into a homosexual after joining the army……”

Qi Ao gave a comforting hug to Qi Yōu: “It’s alright, I am sure he will think this through.”

“Hm, let’s hope for the best.”

Outside of the room, the eavesdropping Qi Xun shuddered by the whole scene. Big brother, you are truly a vicious one……

1. [Al could not comprehend this particular SFX in the raw. So just imagine people who were triggered. Something like this perhaps?


2. [TL Note: A friendly reminder that this series is not a Yaoi/ Boy Love.]

3. [A rabbit should never eat the grass around its burrow (兔子還不吃窩邊草) is an idiom saying that one should not mistreat or commit evil deeds to your close neighbor. Alternatively, grass acts as a camouflage for the rabbit burrow. So eating the grass could be detrimental to self. Therefore, mistreating your  neighbors who could potentially assist you in needs could be a bad idea.]


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