My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 72

Translated by Aletx

I am back from my trip. I hope everyone had a great new year. Here’s the first release of the year.



As Gong Jue’s mind was thinking like a frisky monkey and a cantering horse.1

His body gradually experienced an uncontrollable and unbearable heat.

The mental image of Gu Qi Qi opening her legs was too intense. So much so that he was seeing it right before his eyes. His body strained as it tried to displace the heated swelling.

He clenched his fist, and he took his cell phone with great difficulty.

Delete the message!

However, the text message content was completely beyond his expectation.

The message this time was not about the credit card consumption notice, but it was actually a refund notice.

Twenty-five million!

The money sent back to his card as if it had not been touched at the first place.

The exchange happened even before five minute had passed.

When Gong Jue saw the three words “national medicine hall” in the notice, his face darkened.

“Find out what she is doing at Bai Lang’s family pharmacy!” Gong Jue coldly ordered.

Stupid woman went as far as not daring to spend his money!

She spent and promptly returned a large sum of fortune. Isn’t that the same as toying with him, then dumping him afterward?

Hold on, that stupid woman actually had the nerve to toy with him?

If she wanted to mess him around, he would gladly mess her up!

As Gong Jue was thinking irritability, his lower half became hard.

He had the sudden urge to see that stupid woman right away, so that he can fiercely pressed her down and relieved himself on her body.

Adjutant left as soon as he received his order.

Not long afterward, he received the report from a subordinate in regard to the whole sequence of events.

Including on how Bai Lang tried to scheme against Gu Qi Qi, and how she successfully put Bai Lang and Qi Xue Xue in their places.

The corner of Adjutant’s mouth twitched as he tried to restrain himself from laughing. Then he reported the information back to Gong Jue……


At the Chu clan pharmacy.

Inside the VIP reception room.

An old store manager with grizzled white hair was looking at the five catty worth of aged donkey gelatin laid on the counter in a neat row.

The original dark ash color of donkey hide gelatin had faded away. Now it was revealing a golden honey color.

Although the texture was a bit brittle, it emitted a refreshing and rich fragrant.

Without a doubt, this peerless donkey hide gelatin had been aged for at least seventy years.

The old store manager gulped anxiously: “Young lady, please name your price.”

Gu Qi Qi narrowed her eyes: “Store manager, please make your offer first. I want to exam your sincerity.”

He pursed his lips and probed: “Five million……”

He originally planned to say five million for all of them. However, the moment when he noticed Gu Qi Qi’s wrinkled eyebrows and unsatisfied look, he forcibly changed his offer to——

“How about five million per catty?”

Five million per catty, that would be a grand total of twenty-five million for all five of them.

With such a high price offer, he was certain that it would sway this young lady.

Yet nobody could predict that Gu Qi Qi would got up and started to leave without a word.

Just only twenty-five million.

That won’t do. It still fell short for her younger brother’s medical expanse.

The old store manager rushed to block her way: “Young lady, please wait. Five million was the highest offer I could make under my authority. However, if you allow me to consult with our chairman, I am certain that we could give you a satisfying offer price.”


Inside the Chu clan household in the imperial capital.

Within the historic-looking large residence, countless precious medical ingredients could be seen in open display. The stairs handrail was even made of old bones connected to each other.

Chu Jun Mo, who was dressed in a cyan refined cheongsam2, was gazing at the remote monitoring screen with both hands folded and eyes narrowed like a red phoenix.

“Is that her?”

A smear of interest evoked within Chu Jun Mo.

Long time no see, little one.

From his back, Secretary Jiao warned: “Chairman, could she be trying to rip us off? Five million for a catty of donkey hide gelatin is far too expensive!”

His gaze fixed on her appearance. Her mature body was fully refined, the curved line was also exquisite. The most important aspect of all was her unyielding characteristic.

Chu Jun remained silent for a while, then ushered two words: “Not expensive.”

Before Secretary Jiao could say anything, Chu Jun Mo had already raised his hand and said in a decisive tone: “Whatever she wants, give it to her.”


The moment when the old store manager relayed the chairman’s message “give whatever she wants” to Gu Qi Qi—— his mind was shocked!

This will bleed a lot!

An imminent collapse!

However, Gu Qi Qi merely replied in an indifferent tone: “Since you’ve been acting in good faith, I won’t let you suffer significant losses. Thus I will only add a little one million extra.”

Six million per catty, that would be a total of thirty million for all five of them.

Which was exactly enough to cover the medical expense for Xiao Bei.

On the contrary, the old store manager’s heart was wrapped in tears.

“Add a little one million extra?”

Young lady, it was a sky-high price already.

However, no one had practically seen a seventy year aged donkey hide gelatin before. If it was reselled, they could easily earn millions in profit.

With that in mind, the old store manager was impressed by the chairman’s way of looking at things in a long term.

“But I have one condition.” Gu Qi Qi suddenly said.

“What condition?” The nerve of old store manager was electrified.

Gu Qi Qi smiled faintly: “Relax, it would be advantageous to you. Is it true that the Bai household’s national medical hall considered to be your business rival?”

“That’s……that’s right.”

The relationship between Bai and Chu household was more than just competitors. They were practically arch-nemesis to each other in the medical world.

The old store manager was uncertain to why this young lady would mention about the Bai household.

However, the little dirty turtle had guessed it correctly as it excitedly shouted in Gu Qi Qi’s mind: “Master! Are you planning to put that white suit freak in his place? Remember to be as ruthless as possible. We are going to be rich in lust point profit once again……”


1. [Frisky monkey and a cantering horse (心猿意馬) is an idiom to describe someone who is acting adventurous and uncontrollable. Alternatively, it can also be used as a term to someone who have ants in one’s pants figuratively.]

2. [Cheongsam (長衫) is a traditional Chinese long gown. 

Surprisingly, it also has a very interesting origin history. See wiki link for further details.]


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  1. It’s dangerous working against an agile mind like QiQi. She will take you down ….No prisoners . Especially those who try to harm her.


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