My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 73

Translated by Aletx

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Since Chu clan and Bai household were business rivals in the medical world……

This would turn out to be quite interesting.

Gu Qi Qi pulled her smile back and said: “Put the information regarding the appearance of seventy year aged donkey hide gelatin to the market. Leak it out.”

The old store manager was dumbfounded.

However, he still had to take into consideration of the chairman’s order. He was obliged to satisfy whatever this young lady wanted.

So he compliantly carried out her request right away.

In the field of business, rivals would often send informants to opposing companies as a mean to gather intelligence.

The medical world was no exception to this.

Once the old store manager had announced the good news that they had recently purchased five catty worth of the finest donkey hide gelatin. At the corner of the pharmacy, a tradesman who was repairing the electric circuit caught the news with his sharp ears. Then he immediately lowered his head to relay the information……


Shortly afterward, the old store manager pleasantly returned and informed Gu Qi Qi: “We deliberately leak the information to a known informant from national medicine hall. Their store is in uproar once they heard of it. Their family’s son Bai Liang also happened to be at the store. He is repeatedly slapping the table, demanding to snatch the precious medicine from us at all cost……”

Gu Qi Qi nodded, her state of mind remained calm.

As if she was not surprised by this.

The old store manager was secretly appalled. Her future would be without limit if she was able to maintain such a state of tranquility at such young age.

He couldn’t help but flattered in front of Gu Qi Qi: “Even if they exert strength equivalent to eight immortals crossing the sea1, their efforts will not matter! Thankfully, you sold the precious seventy year aged donkey hide gelatin to us……It’s clear to me now. Young lady, are you trying to invoke envy to them, so that they will be burning with anxiety for many sleepless nights? Haha, this is truly satisfying!”

But who could ever imagine.

That Gu Qi Qi would unhurriedly said: “Let them snatch it.”

The old store manager was startled as he tightly embraced the cases of donkey hide gelatin close to his chest: “But……but we had a deal. You can’t be going back on your words young lady……”

Despite his old age, he was almost in tears.

The eyes of Gu Qi Qi winked: “I still have one catty remaining with me.”

“Oh? Young lady, you mean……”

“Continue to spread the information. Make the false claim that you bought five catty for twenty million each.”

The old store manager was struck dumb: “……!!!”

Lightning flashed in his mind.

He now finally understood.

This young lady was a hundred times more sinister than he ever imagined.

The rhythm of this scheme was designed for solely against Bai household.

She clearly sold the donkey hide gelatin to the Chu clan for six million a piece. Yet now she was proclaiming that it was for twenty million a piece instead.

A fifty year aged donkey hide gelatin was considered rare commodity in the market, but a seventy year aged one was something that can only be discovered but not sought for

Thus, the Bai household would be willing to pay a high price just to snatch it from their business rival.

This young lady deliberately raised the price to entrap the Bai household.

She knew how to take care of business like this.

The eyes of old store manager was filled with solemn respect. He admired those who were willing to go against the Bai household.


At the national medicine hall.

After Bai Lai had received the latest intelligence.

He raised his cross legs and acted like a nobility son that didn’t lack any money: “Snatch it! You have to snatch it! Forget about twenty million. You have to snatch it even if it cost an extra ten million! Our Bai household must not lose out against the Chu clan on purchased goods. In the business field, we can lose money but not our disposition!2 Understand?”

His subordinate immediately carried out the task as soon as instruction been received.


As expected.

As soon as Gu Qi Qi headed out of Chu clan pharmacy, a certain tradesman approached her in sincerity: “Please wait young lady……”

The little turtle turtle snorted with excitement: “Brilliant master! He is the Bai household informant spying in Chu clan. That Bai slag fall for it!”

Gu Qi Qi looked at the informant with a smile on her face.

The fish didn’t take long to take the bait. So she didn’t really the sense of accomplishment.


Ten minutes later.

The transaction was completed.

The tradesman bought one catty of donkey hide gelatin, then secretly returned back to national medicine hall.

Unable to contain his joy, he reported his achievement back to Bai Lang: “Second young master. I have obtained the seventy year aged good! The seller is just some young lady without any haggle experience. I sweet talk my way and able to take it for only twenty-five million, even managed to save five million in the process.”

Bai Lang nodded in satisfaction, but he suddenly felt something was amiss.

“What young lady? Where’s she?”

“She seem to be a senior high school student. Quite pretty looking with silklike skin……”

“I am asking you where the person is!!”


1. [Eight immortals crossing the sea (八仙過海) is a direct reference to the legendary immortals in the Chinese mythology. In summary, they are planning to attend conference across the sea. Rather than relying on their godly power/ cloud to cross the sea, they each instead rely on their skills/ wits/ courage to cross the sea. Thus, this idiom is used to reflect those who show off their skills/ expertise/ effort to achieve a common goal together.]

2. [We can lose money but not our disposition is actually a modified version of the original idiom  ‘can lose men but not our disposition’ (輸人不輸陣). This original idiom basically means that even if our army had suffered great losses/ defeat, we must put all our strength so that we don’t lose/betray our dignity. In other words, maintaining our disposition in the face of failure is important. I look up this idiom and couldn’t find a clearer explanation, so all of you are stuck with this half-ass version of mine.]


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