My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 74

Translated by Aletx

Slightly busy this week, but Al is very happy with this release. The reason? No more donkey hide gelatin shenanigan!


PSA: I didn’t forget about Sons Too Mensao. I promise the next chapter will be finished soon.


Bai Lang bellowed with rage.

He indescribably felt that something very bad was going to happen.

The tradesman shivered with fear as his finger pointed toward outside of the pharmacy: “Reporting second young master, that young lady was buying an ice cream not far away……”

At the street, in front of an ice cream truck.

Gu Qi Qi was holding a chocolate ice cream cone while dressed in a simple school uniform. It created the impression that she was merely an adorable and harmless girl.

She turned around ,and she just happened to look at Bai Lang in the eyes.

She softly licked a mouthful of ice cream. A mocking smile could be seen from the corner of her lips.

Under the glistering sunlight, her tender lips slowly opened.

A willful display of arrogance.

Her appearance was both beautiful yet spoiled at the same time, that would drive anyone up the wall.

Bai Lang stared at her blankly.

He didn’t react after quite some time——

Judging from the movement of her mouth, that alluring woman clearly said three words:


That was the exact price as the extremely expensive donkey hide gelatin sold to his pharmacy. It also happened to be the same overbid price in her auction against Gu Xue Xue, which was orchestrated by him.

When she refunded the good, he not only lost twenty five million in sale profit, but he became a desperate fool in paying twenty five million to her.

Bai Lang’s blood pressure nearly boiled passed the limit of his body.

He fiercely pulled his delicate necktie, and tugged his white suit——

“Little alluring woman, you are probably thinking that you are so bright, but I can reassure you that my feud with you is far from over! Because of you, I was expelled to Africa by little Jue Jue. And now I have become a laughingstock to the Chu household! Humph, I am absolutely certain that you are being close to little Jue Jue side for ulterior reason! Don’t be too proud of yourself yet, I am telling you that the world is very small, we will be meeting each other soon enough! One day, I will expose your true color to little Jue Jue, and personally rip your bewitching skin off !”

As he fiercely spoke the proclamation, mixed feeling appeared in his thought.

Why would such an interesting little alluring woman be so fixated to an uninteresting bastard such as Gong Jue? Would she rather not be with the side of an exciting and wondrous candidate such as himself instead?


Inside the Chu household in the imperial capital.

Once Chu Jun Mo heard of Secretary Jiao’s report, his refined expression couldn’t help but loosen a bit.

“You said that she entrapped Bai Liang?”

That’s right! Chairman, there’s also another matter……”


“Lady Qi Qi recognized one of our men outside the pharmacy, the same person who delivered pregnancy test sticks and money to her.


“She took one hundred thousand from the sold medicine and insisted in handing it to him. She said that she was returning back your loan in twofold, emphasizing that she would not allow herself to be swayed by personal feelings, especially debt involved with kindness……that may sound too good to hear! What do you think? Is she a shrewd person, pretending to be mistreated after gaining favor? The money is originally ours to begin with……furthermore, she recognized that the pharmacy is under your name, could she be hinting something at us?”

Chu Jun Mo remained silent and declined to comment for a bit.

A moment later, he faintly replied: “Don’t you agree that the little one is quite interesting?”


At this moment, Gu Qi Qi was eating the chocolate ice cream cone while walking at the same time.

As someone who was given a second chance, the familiar sight of city streets and fresh air of freedom were something to be treasured of.

The most important of all was the “little” money in her pocket……

Her mood couldn’t get any better than this!

She was still unable to connect to Xiao Ning’s phone number, so she decided to take care of the nursery issue.

A phone call was made:

“Aunty Liu, I have prepared the three million for the expanses. Please provide the account number for the bank transfer.”

“Now you’re talking!”

“Please wait, let me have a few words with Xiao Bei.”

The nursery was located in an suburb forest far away.

While she couldn’t possibly fly over to see him in person, she still want to hear his voice.

“Make it quick, don’t waste my cell phone minutes.”

After a short period of wait.

On the other side of the phone call, the voice of a weak yet surprised boy could be heard:

“Big sister! I miss you!”

“Xiao Bei, I miss you too!”

Tears rushed forth from Gu Qi Qi’s eyes as she choked with sobs.

He was her only close relative.

The people from the Gu household were all ravenous beasts, who would not hesitate to swallow her alive.

Only Xiao Bei was truly considered to be her close relative!

“Please don’t cry. You won’t look pretty if you cry too much. Big sister, you are the most beautiful moonlight in my hearts, the brilliant one that filled the heavenly stars……even if I have yet seen the moonlight or stars……But big sister, you are the main reason why I would keep on living. So please don’t cry, otherwise I would be saddened.”1

“I am just…… very happy at the moment.”

Gu Qi Qi heart could barely control the bitter grief.

She closed her eyes. Her teary eyelashes were sparkling like crystals.

Very well, as long as Xiao Bei is alive, she too will keep on living.

“Xiao Bei, I promise you in this life time that you will see the light once again.” Gu Qi Qi clenched her fist and solemnly swore.

“Hm, then I looking forward in seeing how beautiful you are.”


“Big sister……”

The phone call was cut off.

Gu Qi Qi crouched on the side of the street, cheeks streaming with tears.

Without mercy, She could ruthlessly make her stand against people such as Bai lang and Gu Xue Xue.

However, against her little brother Xiao Bei, her heart was soften in an instant!


1. [TL Note: Many flags have been triggered.]


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3 thoughts on “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 74

  1. it seems that this story has 2 ML ? really confusing who I should root for
    For a smart man that Jue seems to be; he doesnt seem so bright ? I mena how could he not investigate right but seems to misunderstand her at every turn of events and words ? how come he doesnt know about her brother and how she is treated by that man called father and those ‘Three’ ?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe, there’s technically three ML.

      As for Jue, his continued misunderstanding would continue to worsen, to the point that the relationship between him and MC would eventually reach the “critical breaking point”. Then he will become proper ML status afterward. I know the misunderstanding/ mistreatment can be infuriating, but it will be delicious at the end.

      And yes, he didn’t know about her brother, which may or may not cause a flag.


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