Welcome to Har Har Translation.

Contrary to the name, this site does not have any association with pirates. The origin of the site name “HarHar” is based from my old username tag in video games. The intent of the name is to implicitly makes people laugh whenever others address me.

This translation site does not accept any free will donation, nor donation for bonus chapters. I intend to keep it as a hobby. Translating for the sake of monetary gain is counter productive for me, and would likely cause burn out in the long term. In addition, it wouldn’t be fair for me to profit from author’s original work.

Site owner/Translator: Aletx  

Hello, you may call me Al for short.

I started translation for two simple reasons. Firstly, I want to use this as an opportunity to cultivate improve my Chinese comprehension. Since I have been raised/ lived in Canada most of my life, one doesn’t have to imagine how rusty my Chinese has become. Secondly, I want to contribute back to the translation community. As a fan of Asian web novels/ light novels, I haven’t done much other than being a leeching freeloader. Thus, I want to enter the translation scene myself to better appreciate the work of others.

As a translation beginner, I would like to apologize beforehand for all inevitable translation/grammar mistakes. If you spotted anything amiss, please kindly leave a note on the comments, and I will do my best to correct the mistakes in a timely manner.

The best way to contact me on translation related matter is by starting a “private conversation” on my Novel Update Forum profile via the information tab.

Editor/ Author: Zerb

I am zerb.

Al: Because he can’t be bother with introduction, he’s the in house editor and author of the original work. Getting him to edit is super challenging, but if he actually commits to it, he finishes it super quickly. He’s currently trapped within the world of VR or playing some random video games. He still can’t find the option to logout. RIP