Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 12

I won't make any excuse, but Al is having a hard time translating this series. Perhaps I am still not used to the longer chapter workload/style? Or Al's school procrastination still lingered? Or I was too busy recently? Who knows. Enjoy.

My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 73

A question to everyone, what's your New Year resolution?   For this translation, while I would like to aim for faster release, it would be kinda hard to do so since I literally did all the TL/editing/ proof reading myself. So realistically speaking, I would like to try my best to improve the translation quality.  Again, I would like to remind everyone that feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. If you see any mistakes or room for improvement, point it out to me (in a nice way). I promise I won't chew you for it.  Thanks and enjoy.

Sons, Too Mensao Chapter 11

The war might be a little bit complicating now... Also a notice for everyone that I will be out of town for most of December. Since I don't have access to a keyboard and mouse in where I am staying, there will be no chapter release from the 9th until new years eve. So this is technically the last chapter release for the year. I will leave an absence note on the release schedule just in case. Thanks and enjoy.