Character List

List of character that have appeared in the latest translated chapters thus far.

Gu Family Household

Gu Qi Qi (顧柒柒) – Main female protagonist, reborn 10 years to the past

Gu Xiao Bei (小北)– Blinded younger brother, cherished by Gu Qi Qi

Gu Xue Xue (顧雪雪)– Evil step-sister

Gu Mei Feng (顧美鳳)– Evil step-mom/ aunt?

Gu Qiu Shan (顧秋山)– Gu Qi Qi’s biological father, hospital board member


Gong Jue (宮爵) – Main male protagonist, tsundere military chief

Little Dumpling (小團子) – Gong Jue’s son (Little chief)

Adjutant (路副官)– subordinate of Gong Jue

Bai Lang (白浪)– Lecherous military doctor


Xiao Ning (蕭檸)– Female Friend of Gu Qi Qi

Director Zhu (朱油)– Hospital surgery director

Zhu Fen (朱芬)– evil daughter of Director Zhu

Chu Jun Mo (楚君墨) – “Beautiful sick man”, company president/