Character List

List of named character that have appeared in the latest translated chapters thus far

Gu Family Household

Gu Qi Qi (顧柒柒) – The Main female protagonist, reborn 10 years to the past

Gu Xiao Bei (顧小北)– The MC’s sick younger brother. Born with blindness + heart illness

Gu Xue Xue (顧雪雪)– Evil step-sister

Gu Mei Feng (顧美鳳)– Evil step-mom

Gu Qiu Shan (顧秋山)– The MC’s father. Board member of Qingsheng hospital

Gu En Long (顧恩龍)– Distant relative. An education department official


Gong Jue (宮爵) – Main male lead, tsundere military chief who is allergic(?) to woman

Little Dumpling (小團子) – Gong Jue’s son. Frequently addressed as Little chief

Adjutant (路副官)– A nameless subordinate of Gong Jue with a bad fortune


Bai Lang (白浪)– Military doctor/ friend to Gong Jue. Also a self proclaimed god doctor

Xiao Ning (蕭檸)– A female friend of MC with her own set of trouble

Director Zhu (朱油)– Surgery director for Qingsheng hospital

Zhu Fen (朱芬)– A female friend to Gu Xue Xue, who is also evil

Chu Jun Mo (楚君墨) – Formerly known as “beautiful sick man”. An influential chairman.

Secretary Jiao (焦秘書)– Secretary to Chu Clan chairman

Little “Dirty” Turtle (小污龜) -MC’s turtle crystal necklace