A Gray and Grey world

Synopsis: What if adventurers are not as they seemed. In the tales of old, adventurers were the ones who vanquished the demons and beasts from the land, the ones who sealed the great evil away, the ones who saved the world from destruction and kept peace within the lands. But, what if that wasn’t really what happened?

What if adventurers are selfish, narcissicistic, and- depending on who you ask- evil. What if they weren’t the paragons of good that their history books show. As they say, it is the victors that write history.

In this world, this broken world, the true nature of adventurers will be told, unveiled to the masses. In this world, where history has yet to be written, the true heroes will be shown. Or- at least, that’s what should’ve happened.

But then again- heroes, villains-… everything is relative to the one who sees it. Everything changes depending on who’s perspective… Perhaps the heroes of this story- may not be the heroes that you might think.


Chapter List


Chapter 1 (v1c1)

Chapter 2 (c1v1)